We are Proficient in Production of High Quality LED Strip Lights

All Types of LED Strip Lights India

The LED products are popular for their flexibility and high brightness

We are the world wide electric appliance producer and seller. Our products are energy saving and an ultimate option for use in office, home, hospital and malls. Our products have highly developed electromagnetic circuit. Our products are developed using LED lighting. We are constantly changing our designing patterns and continuously involved into improving our policy of investment in resources. We are fully committed to provide best product at reasonable prices to our honorable customers. We have some design patents as Wall Light: Patent no.166818, Mini Light: Patent no.185300, Slim Light: Patent no.187135, Universal Led Light: Patent no.215420, Spot Led Light: Patent no.215419. We are among the top strip light manufacturers in India.

The LED strip light fixtures demand is growing every day

The circuit used in strip light is multi-stage circuit. The strip light is also known as fixtures. They are made of line of lamps. One strip light manufactured by wiring three or four circuit. The designer lenses are used to create an effect of colored light. The strip lights area frequently used for coloring cyclorama.  There are different types of strip lights available in our company.

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m

LED Strip lights White

It is developed using high brightness LED chip. The voltage required is 12V for lighting this product. It works on the principle of low working voltage. The light emitted by this instrument is greater than 120 degree viewing angle. It has elastic ribbon with adhesive back. This Led strip is obtainable with or without electronic driver.

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m

LED_Strip_Light_3528_5_m(Yellow Color)

The main features of this product are it is a high brightness Led chip that requires voltage of DC12 V which is again low working voltage. The light is dispersed with a viewing angle i.e. greater than 120 degree. It has stretchy ribbon with self-adhesive back. The electronic driver is not important with this product.

LED strip light 5050

LED Strip Light 5050

It has important features as high brightness Led chip. It is light up with a voltage of 12V which is very low operable voltage. The light is emitted with a viewing angle which is greater than 120 degree. It has flexible ribbon with self-adhesive back. The electronic driver is not necessary for Led strip.

LED strip light 5050 5 m

LED Strip Light 5050 5 m(Blue Color)

It is a flexible SMD led light strip.  SMD Led is the products that consume low energy higher brightness. This product is used in restaurants and bars. The light emitted is produced at an angle greater than 120 degree.  The light dispersed is multicolor in nature.

LED Fixtures

Large Varieties of LED fixtures are available in market that range from simple to unique designs. The fixture can have integral driver or it can have separate driver. The fixtures that have separate driver are more convenient and flexible to use.

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LED Strip Lights With High Brightness From Compact Need To Be Your End Pick

All Types of LED Strip Lights India

LED Strip Lights

LED tape lights or to be precise LED strip lights with high brightness are finding millions of sellers across the globe making them a huge hit. Not only these are easy to install but come with a life span that is going to last for many years to come. Another important reason that has been adding to the ever increasing popularity of Led strips is that these can be used practically anywhere, whether in home or at office as the amount of light dissipated is quite good.

There are no instructions that you need to follow when it comes to installing these or carrying out regular maintenance and this is why they have become a preferred illumination option. Available in so many interesting options at Compact you are surely going to have a tough deciding on which one to consider and which one to leave. However, if you are not willing to give this search process a lot of time.

You can blindly go with the below mentioned variants:

  • LED Strip Light 3528 5 M: With the presence of a highly powerful LED chip, this is indeed one of the most effective of all LED strip lights with high brightness. This LED strip light works at a low voltage of as low as 12V and this means that it is not going to contribute much towards the electricity bills. Another interesting characteristic of this LED strip light is that it comes with an electronic driver that makes it easy for you to operate it in an effectual way.

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m

  • LED Strip Light 5050 5 M: Giving you high amount of light or brightness, this is the LED strip light that is idyllic for the places that required illumination spanning over an area. This LED strip light is going to spread light evenly and this makes you enjoy better illumination wherever installed.  The light is spread out in a specific viewing angle and this is the reason that is making it a future driven product.

LED Strip Light 5050 5 m(Blue Color)
There is no denial to the basic fact that these LED strip lights with high brightness are here to stay, it is just that one has to make the right pick. Going with the variants coming from Compact is going to give you a surety that you have invested in something that would last long and give you enough amount of light much more than other fixtures available in the market.

For all those people who have been hunting for energy efficient and low on bill lighting fixtures, LED lights would turn out to be the best pick. The choices are numerous and you are to decide on the one you want.

LED Strip Lights and LED Strips Sold By Compact Are A Huge Hit These Days

All Types of LED Strip Lights India

LED Strip Lights

For all those looking for energy efficient and interesting looking lighting option LED Strip Lights and LED Strips are the ones to be considered. Not only these strip lights are easy to install but come with a life span that is much longer than the other variants being sold in the market. When it comes to buying these LED strip lights, it is to be known that a reliable seller is chosen and this is the reason Compact has been ruling the niche for years. Not only over here you are going to find all latest arrivals but the after sales support is also incredible, thus adding to the repute of the seller.

It has been seen that the options are practically endless when we talk of buying LED strip lights, but the buyer has to make sure that something that comes from a reputed brand has to be picked as that is the product that is going to stand the test of time. Make sure that you opt in for these LED strips for only those places where a strip of light would suffice. Decide on the place where you want these to be placed and then go ahead with the shopping spree. Explore all the interesting options coming your way and then go ahead with the one that rules your preferences and budget.

The areas where these LED Strip Lights and LED Strips would look perfectly placed and give away a good amount of light are:

  • Bathroom or kitchen cabinets
  • Ceiling covers
  • Bar counters
  • Display cases
  • Driveways
  • Garden area
  • Under the roof soffits

An important thing that needs to be known at this point is that the color variants and size choices are many; it is advisable to make a pick for the one that would go well with the place where installation has to take place.

The variants that are being considered by many people looking for that perfect lighting are:

LED Strip Light 5050: Coming at a cost of Rs 500, this is indeed a pocket friendly option to go with. Coming loaded with a LED chip, the amount of energy that it is going to dissipate is surely going to work well in all the areas.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m: This is the alternative meant for a high buyer at it comes at a cost of Rs 1,500. The features are pretty interesting and these include low working voltage and even light spread at a viewing angle.

All these options are in stock and one just needs to check out for availability of volume.

LED Strip Lights- Choices Are Many- You Are To Make The Right Pick

All Types of LED Strip Lights India


LED lights have become a huge hit in the market, all thanks to the energy efficiency that they deliver. In the past few years, the demand of LED strip lights has increased manifold as they have become a hit for the areas such as passages and walk through that do not have enough space. Available in the strip form, these LED lights easily fit into the places that are congested and provided ample amount of required lighting up the entire area.
Depending on the area where these are to be placed and the usage intensity, one has to pick the LED strip light that suits best. The variants for which buyers are going in for these days are:

  • Coated LED strip lights
  • LED ropes or flexible LED lights that comes with an encasement
  • LED ribbons or the non encased ones
  • Aluminum LED strip lights
  • Self adhesive lights
  • LED bars

It is to be known that the strip lights present at compact are amongst the best in the industry and this is why the selection here needs to be considered while making that final purchase.

The hot sellers that can be considered by the ones who want to purchase quality and affordable LED strip lights are:

  • LED Strip Light 3528 5m:   One of the most interesting feature of this LED strip light is the amount of brightness it offers. The LED chip present promises to lighten the entire premise without consuming much power. Available in the 12V DC mode, this light does not require much voltage input and can thus work well when it’s low. There are two variants available; one with the electronic driver and the other without, the buyers can consider one they want to go with.

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m(White Color)

  • LED strip light 5050 5m: This is the LED strip light meant to give away ample amount of light and that too a low voltage. This can be idyllically placed at the bathrooms, balconies and passage areas as the amount of light given would be enough.

LED Strip Light 5050 5 m(Blue Color)

It is always advisable to check out for the length of the strip as with this it is going to get easy to purchase the light that would produce spot lighting that covers bigger area as compared to that line that covers less. Brightness is yet another important factor to be considered while making that final purchase; it has to be bright and should spread out easily.

With so many variants being sold in the market, one has to go with the one that suits ones needs to the fullest. Check out for color, brightness and voltage support of various LED strip lights and then make that final decision.

Get The Perfect And The Best Quality Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED Lights

Making the right efforts to get good quality LED lights is important for which good research needs to be made online. When you try to get the best one for your outdoor use, you have to make sure that proper research is made to ensure of getting the right and the best quality. This would help you to stay tensed free as you do not have to worry at all for the maximum benefits that you get out of it. It is also important to get the right information on whether you would get warranty on the LED lights that you try to purchase from a particular source. Efforts should also be made to find whether it would be possible to get replacement in case of any defect in the product. So, when you try to look forward to get LED strip light you need to ensure that you are able to get the perfect one with the best quality making it possible to save your pocket to get it for you. So, this would also help you to feel good for your ultimate choice you have made for yourself to research and purchase the ultimate quality LED lights for your use.

Look at the gallery

If you are able to make your own choice and look at the gallery then this would help you to choose the ultimate LED light for you. In this case you also need to ensure that it helps to meet all your requirements making it possible to get the right quality one. Unless you really manage to get the perfect source and you are serious in making the best research, it would be very difficult to get the right one for you. So, it is your own step that you need to make which would help you to get the maximum advantage out of it. This would make you feel yourself proud for the ultimate decision that you have been able to make for yourself. With the best outdoor LED lights, you would also be able to save good money as it makes possible to save on energy.

Outdoor LED Lighting India

Look at the testimonials

With so many different manufacturers of LED lighting, it sometimes makes it difficult to get the perfect idea whether it would really be able to provide you with the best product for you. So, in this case you have to concentrate on the client appreciation that would help you to ensure of getting the ultimate information.  So, when you try to buy LED lighting, you have to make sure that right attempts are made to look at whether it has got the best certifications that would help you to get the right idea and make you stay knowledgeable when you try to buy it. So, with all the ultimate research made by you, it would help you to bring a big smile to your face for getting the ultimate LED lighting without any sort of problem at all. Do not forget to contact them in case of any sort of doubts so that it does not lead to any worry getting the best LED light for you.

Buy Ultimate Led Home Lighting Products from Compact Lighting

What type of led lighting provided by compact lighting manufacturer?

Large numbers of people are now moving from conventional bulbs to led products because these are extremely energy-efficient. These are advantageous over Incandescent tubes which highly power consumable. The only disadvantage was with the uses of light emitting diode, they were used in applications like electronics and more indoor and outdoor Christmas lights. But, now manufacturers is removed this disadvantage with the products of portable and energy efficient led home lighting.

Compact lighting is the famous brand which offering the unlimited led’s for home, kitchens, hotels and industries. We have commercial luminaries and several types of decorative lights for indoor and outdoor purpose which can give better results for our customers as compare to the conventional tubes.

New Products of Lighting Manufacturer

You can buy led lighting products and can save your huge electricity bills:-

  • Powerspot
  • Downlights
  • Interior and outdoor lights
  • Mirror Optics
  • Low Glare
  • Industrial Type
  • FTL Based lamps
  • LED Lamp B22/E27
  • LED Tube
  • LED MR16
  • LED Night Lamp
  • Table Lamp/Emergency Light
  • LED Striplight

We are working for our customers; we always try to meet their expectations. If you want led home lighting according to your requirement then you can also contact us. We have unlimited varieties of striplights and downlights for indoor and outdoor purpose. Save your environment with our Eco-friendly lighting products. We are always trying to launch our products at reasonable costs to give our customers best and cheapest shopping experience.

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