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LED Showroom Lighting FixturesLED Showroom Lighting

Nowadays, the energy saving LED lights come out as the exclusive products that make our life easier. As the technology has developed so does the concept of lighting also improved coming out with the sophisticated stuffs. LED’s provide with great option to save energy and money both at a sane time. Compact lighting is a famous company who are into this business for a long time and has been able to produce excellent high quality showroom and commercial lighting since then.

The company has introduced a new lighting project for particularly showrooms and commercial places. The new LED lighting will have great advantage over traditional lighting. Easy installation and dynamic effects makes LED lights best choice of these palaces. The variation of colors of LED will obviously create a different environment and comfort level for people.

Products Launched

The major advantage of LED light is that, they are easy to maintain to make the work place a comfortable environment to work in, many lights are required to brighten the place whether it be an office or a showroom. Hence, to use a conventional source of lighting such as bulbs or tubes are quite expensive. Beside increasing the bills it is also power consuming. It is always better to install colorful LED to save energy.

Compact lighting has introduced some new cost effective, cheap products for your office and showrooms such as:

  • Compact- 8W ELT
  • Compact – D10W
  • Surface mirror optic paralite
  • White reflector

Energy saving showroom and commercial lighting   are much needed and are mostly recommended. As these light bulbs are cheaper and produce high quality light, these lights are now being used everywhere. An average energy saving showroom lighting or commercial lighting is much more efficient than any other type of lighting bulb. Compact lighting provides you with diverse range of showroom lighting bulb as well as commercial lighting bulb at a much cheaper rate. It is often advisable to take a proper care and concern while selecting a lighting bulb of your own choice.

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Inspirational Showroom Lighting Products Manufacturers


Showroom Lighting


We have been established 25 years back with an aim for meeting growing needs of the clients in lighting products. We have designed five lighting patents for manufacturing lighting products. We are specialized in making LED Downlight, LED Panels, LED Lamps, LED Flood Lights, Mirror optics fixtures, Down lights, Low Glare Modular Lights, showroom Lighting. We have originated open type electromagnetic ballast which is also known as Compact choke know. We have huge production capacity of 25, 00,000 pieces per year. We are committed to use cost effective solutions which help in developing quality with customer satisfaction.

Exclusive Showroom Lighting

We have made variety of showroom Lighting products, and have proved to be better solution for the customers who are looking for the lighting products for their shops and offices. We have been awarded with Udhyog patra award in year 2007 for producing energy saving products by ministry of corporate affairs. We make in bulk showroom Lighting products.

11W- Power spot LED Round 9 L.E.D of 1W each

11W-Power spot LED Round 9 LED of 1W each

It is used as showroom lighting fixture, based on the principle of low energy consumption. It has 6 high power LED source with 1watt each. It has aluminum housing with heat sink used for optimum thermal management for LED Source. It has electronic driver with input voltage 240 watt and 24-36 Watt output voltage.

15W Element LED deep diffuser

15W Element LED deep diffuser

It is a down light diffuser which is applied as showroom lighting fixture. It is high power LED source of 3W each which maintain high luminescence. It is loaded with 2 number spring clamps in false ceiling. It is made up of aluminum housing with heat sink for optimal thermal management of LED source.

4w Button Cob LED Downlight Round

4W BUTTON COB LED Downlight Round

It is a high power LED Cob Source which is used as high Lumen maintenance. It is a LED sources which have die cast aluminum housing with heat sink for optimal thermal management. It emits even spot light. It has attached aluminum reflector with reflective efficiency greater than 95%. It has high efficiency with constant current power supply. It is also applied as showroom lighting fixture.


Get The Perfect Quality Decorative Showroom Lighting for You


Showroom Lighting

Getting the perfect quality decorative showroom lighting is possible for you provided you make the best research. It is important to look forward to the specifications so that it can help you to satisfy your requirement in the perfect way. By getting hold of certified lighting products from a genuine source, it makes it possible for you to get the right satisfaction out of it. It can help you to stay yourself on a much profitable position where you can save a lot of money on energy costs as well.  So, it depends on how you manage to find the best source that would help in a lot of ways to get the perfect quality lighting at the best and affordable price as well.

You can try to choose from the best range of different lighting products for you

  • Compact-S 9W
  • Compact-S 11W
  • Ballast unit (Open)
  • Surface Mirror Optic Paralite
  • Surface Mirror Optic Paralite Square
  • Surface Mirror Optic 2 x 28w T-5
  • Surface Mirror Optic 2 x 18w CFL
  • Mirror Optic 1X36w CFL


Choose the best Surface Mirror Optic 2 x 18w CFL



It can be your perfect choice when you try to opt for Surface Mirror Optic 2x18w CFL that proves to be the best one for you. With a length of 225mm, breadth of 255mm as well as with a height of 64mm, it not only looks the best but also helps to save a lot on your energy bills as well.  With its best specification and perfect price, it makes it possible for you to get the right one for you. So, you can try to look forward to the perfect lighting that would help you to feel the best for your ultimate choice without any worry at all.

Check Our Products here: LED Showroom Lighting

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Have a Look Our Latest Launched LED Showroom Lighting

Latest Launched LED Showroom Lighting

Latest Launched LED Showroom Lighting

If you want to have the best lighting equipments, then it is essential for you to make your best research. There are many professional service providers out there that uses the best lighting products with up to date technological innovation and developers to make it wonderful, cost-effective one which resolves all your issues and make your home more wonderful and bright as well. To have the best lighting for your home as well as for your workplace you should make sure that you get the best service provider that is available for it where it would not make you get tensed at all.  Initiatives should be taken by you also to look at the types of lights available with them and choose the best one for you. You should get in touch with them so that you can get all your doubts clarified about the lighting products that it provides to you in the best possible way. Once you manage to find the perfect LED showroom lighting, it would be able to cater to all your requirements.

Look For The Perfect Quality

Finding the best showroom lighting is very much possible for you where it would prove to be very useful as well. It is done not only to beautify your showroom but also for the protection of the same. That’s why it is essential that you have a good look at its excellent features that would prove to be very useful to you. You can assess their great quality by getting the best quality and by looking at their specifications and also their cost but it is strongly suggested to go for the best in the company. You choose from the type of different LED lights which comes as 10w, 20w, 30w…etc or you can have other power as per your specifications. The best supplier will have a extensive assortment to choose from and which will help you in your exterior illumination control. They will also help you to set up the  lighting and place them as per specifications that would prove to be very useful to you.

Check Their Price

Pricing is another essential aspect for which you have to focus on it that would help you get the right one. With the best reasonable costs, it would also lead to feel great of your own choice. Thus it is your own analysis that can really help you to get the best one that would not make you spend a lot of your cash.  Make sure that you also do not forget to check out for the wide range of different featured products that would help you to suit all your requirements in the best way. So, it depends on how you manage to find the right LED showroom lighting that would prove to be the perfect one.