Find Advance LED Panel and Light Fixtures with Low Power Consumption


Looking for energy-saving lighting products?

If you are looking for the solution of your huge electricity bills, then you can come to us. We have a best solution for you in the form of highly energy-saving light fixtures. We have unlimited numbers of LED’s for your homes, hotels and street. We have designed these with high tech tools and give the fashionable to give your room a better look. We are offering the cheapest way for saving your high electricity bills. Second thing, we have all products Eco-friendly which are safe for the people as well as for environment. We have many options for you from which you can select with your choice and cost.

Our new launching LED Panel Products available at your budget:

  • 30W LUMINO-RECESSED ( 1′ X 1′ )
  • 60W LUMINO-Armstrong ( 2′ X 2′ )
  • 12w PANEL Square

    What features we are giving you with our light fixtures and panel?

    Compact Lighting is famous for quality of products. We have been delivering the best lighting solution in the form of energy-saving lights to meet the requirement of our valuable clients. Our products are available with lower power consumption with high brightness. We have recently launched our advance light-saving LED panel with slim and fashionable design. High lumen maintenance and low cost of installation are the additional features of our lighting components. Overall, you will get the better satisfaction from these fixtures rather than incandescent bulbs and tubes.



Compact Lighting Proves the Best Led Manufacturer:

Still, many people don’t believe in new techniques. They always have fear to purchase the new launching products. They don’t believe in quality. Similarly in the case of LED’s, lots of people are still using conventional lights because they don’t believe the quality of light emitting diode. But compact lighting proves that this is wrong. We have established this company to meet the lighting needs of people who want a product which can save-energy.

We are happy to tell that we are successful in meeting the quality and standard that our customers expect from us. Our customers are continuously purchasing our LED downlights which are less energy utilization and long-term running capability.

Here, we are giving the name of some of our new Led Downlights which are made up of new techniques:

  • 15W Element deep diffuser
  • 15W PANEL Square
  • 4.5W Tiny Round 3 LED of 1W each
  • 12W DELTA Square
  • 18W Element deep diffuser
  • 6W OMEGA COB Round
  • 6WX2 SOLITAIRE COB LED Downlight (Twin With Lens)

What are the advantages which compact lighting providing on purchasing

We were started simple lighting products which was energy-efficient. Now, we are innovated our techniques to provides down lights, fixtures, commercial luminaries and many more with lighting emitting diode with more advance features. All these are Eco-friendly with extra energy-saving and water proofing capability. We also improve the efficiency and running time to provide more benefits for our users.

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