Top 5 Energy Saving LED Fixtures for Office

Cool Office Lighting Fixtures Design

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Office Lighting Fixtures Design


Planning and mapping out strategies and common lighting techniques for your offices does not just involve buying lighting and bulbs and fixtures of all sorts based on their types, designs and shapes. Sometimes people often dive into purchasing the wrong fixtures because they were persuaded by the retailer or the wholesaler into buying.

There are so many disadvantages and downsides of purchasing a wrong lighting fixture and no one would definitely like to subscribe to being a victim of it.


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Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Purchasing Low Quality Lightning Fixtures
  • Lesser emission, Greater consumption
  • Wasted Money
  • Not reliable
  • Not Durable


5 Energy saving LED Fixtures You Need For Your Office

Purchasing original and genuine Lighting fixtures give joy and Happiness to a consumer, regardless of how much he or she spends on buying the product. So many people often face the challenge on which Office Lighting fixture could be the best for them, I will strongly say, it is better and preferable to go for the LED Lighting fixtures. The LED lighting Fixtures are often very cheap and affordable while also having the capability to save approximately 50% of electricity current.


Examples of these LED Fixtures may include:

  • 50W TOPAZ LED FLOOD LIGHT: The “50W topaz led flood light” is a powerful Door post lighting which has the tendency to capture a very wide range of area. There are no limits to the number of places where the 50W topaz led flood light can be mounted or located at, you may choose to mount it at the office door entrance and exit, or perhaps outside the office balcony or patio. It all depends on the choice of the owner.


  • 18W Element LED deep diffuser: This LED Deep diffuser lighting is presented in the form of a downlight; it is a grand office lighting fixture to use if you are indeed cautious about your electricity consumption. It is better when positioned inside the office or possibly the inner resting room of the office.

18W Element LED deep diffuser

  • Junction Box: When discussing the issue of Power or energy conservation, there is every need to remember the Junction Box lighting fixture. Because it is more like the paramount energy saver amongst all the LED lights. The Junction Box does not really emit so much light, but it gently emanates it easy flowing light towards a project direction or surface when fully organized and channeled.

Junction Box

  • 18 Watts LED Sparkle: The sparkle apparently looks like the fluorescent lighting fixture; it is frequently presented in a long tube-like shape. The 18 Watts LED Sparkle is an ideal lighting fixture for office receptions and dining halls.


  • 16 Watts LED marina: The wonderful and unique thing about the 16 Watts LED marina fixture is its appalling sleek shape and appearance. Though quite looks like a long fluorescent tube, but it has some unique features which really made it look very pleasing and superb to the eyes.



Check Out 3 Most Demanded Office Lighting Products

Demanded Office Lighting Fixtures

Our Demanded Office Lighting Fixtures

We offer cost effective solution for lighting needs of your home and office. We offer state of the art lighting products. We have 5 designing patent in which two are in LED. We have successfully developed open type electromagnetic ballast which is known as COMPACT Choke. We are the first company to develop LED based Lighting through In-house developed Electronic circuitry. We are constantly serving our customers since 25 years. We are renowned lighting product manufacturing company with high customer satisfaction. We relentlessly believe in investment in our resources to get high value output. We offer best office lighting solutions.

12W Delta LED Round

12W DELTA LED Round It has electronic LED driver with input voltage 240V and output voltage 18V-24V. It has high brightness LED Source. It is used in house and office lighting. It has very high Lumen maintenance. It is aluminum housing with heat sink for optimal thermal management of LED source. It is installed with the help of 2 no.s spring loaded by clamps in false ceiling. It is energy efficient.

60W LED LUMINO-Armstrong (2’ x 2’)

60W LED LUMINO-Armstrong ( 2' X 2' ) It is low energy consuming product with cost efficiency. It is a SMD LED with high power. It is a source of high Lumen Maintenance. It has powder coated housing which is made from CRCA Sheet. It has an electronic driver with output voltage 28-44DC.  It is recessed mounted in false ceiling.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m It has high brightness LED chip. It uses DC12 V power supply to light up. It needs low input voltage to operate. It emit even light with viewing angle greater than 120 degree. It has flexible ribbon with adhesive back. It has LED strip available with or without electronic driver. It is used in office Lighting and mall Lighting etc.

6W Omega COB LED Round

6W_OMEGA_COB_LED_Round It emit even light. It has Aluminum reflector with reflection efficiency greater than 95%. It is has die cast Aluminum housing with heat sink for optimum thermal management of Led source. It is a 5W LED source with high Lumen maintenance. It is also applied as a solution for office lighting need.   Originally Posted on:

Illuminate Interior with High Quality Office LED Fixtures that Consume Low Energy


Office Lighting Fixtures


LED Lighting Technology

LED is Light Emitting Diode which is a two lead semiconductor lighting device. It is similar to P-N Junction diode. After applying certain amount of Voltage the electron integrate with the holes in the device that in turn discharge energy as photons.  This process of releasing photons from the metal surface is known as electro-luminescence. The energy band gap specifies the color of the light produced. We are renowned manufacturer of LED lighting products.
Our vast range of products comprise of Solar LED street light, Outdoor lights, Shop lighting, office Led fixtures, Home Lighting.  We are approved and accredited by ISO 9001:2008. We aspire to provide you high quality lighting products at affordable prices with low energy consumption.


Our Office LED Fixture product category has many options for the consumer

Our Office LED fixture product provides excellent protection from eye strain. They are low glare rating, low light pollution. They are best used in office, malls and hospitals.

15 Watt Element LED Deep Diffuser

It is a high brightness LED with 3 watt each with high Lumen maintenance. It is an electronic LED driver with input voltage 240V and output voltage 12N- 22V. This product is available in white color with cost price RS 2400.  The white color of the LED gives a cooling effect to hanged place. The process of installation is very simple. It should be mounted at a height with the help of spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is recessed down light with high-brightness and energy efficiency. This product come in to this category of office LED Fixture you can buy online from our store.

22 Watt LED Down Light Panel Square

It is a high brightness SMD with high Lumen maintenance. It is an office LED fixture and can be purchased online from out outlets and can be used at any place home and office. It is available in white color with cost price Rs 3500. Main features of this product are slim, compact, smart design, low power consumption, stylish structure design to disperse heat, soft continuous light, consume less power. It has electronic LED driver that has input voltage 240 V and output 28 to 44V. The installation takes very less time. It can be recessed mounting with the help of two spring loaded clamps with false ceiling.

11W LED Down Light Round Panel

It is a high brightness SMD LED with high Lumen maintenance. It is available in cool white color with cost price Rs 1900. The dimension height is 22, CO is 134, and OD is 140. The electronic LED driver has input 240V and output18-24 W. Best qualities of this product are slim, compact fashionable design, consume lower energy, elegant structure design to dissipate energy, Soft and uniform light. It is mounted with two spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is safe and easy to install with long lasting nature. It is an office LED fixture.

You can buy online LED light Fixture from our website and contact on phone no. 09312022588

What to look before purchasing LED Light Fixtures

LED Lights India

LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lighting is gaining popularity and the lighting technology has become the first choice for homes and businesses. They are safe, cheaper and energy efficient than any other lighting source. Some common LED fixtures include LED light panels, garden lighting, office lighting and rope lighting. Some other examples include LED scanner, tube lighting, spotlight and displays.

Choosing Right LED Light Fixtures

There are so many options available in light fixtures that can light up your home colorfully. The first thing you must consider is to match a light bulb for lighting fixture with right wattage amount. The wattage amount range from 40watts of 120 watts. You can choose a light bulb with wattage less than what your fixture ask for. You must then give attention to the lumens and higher the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb is. You must first check the fixture and purchase LED bulb that fits perfectly in it. Some light fixtures require specifically shaped bulb.

LED Fixtures for Outdoor Light and Indoor Light

A few LED fixtures for indoor area includes junction box, 12W LUNA LED ceiling light round, 12W crystal LED mirror light, 18W LED sparkle and 12W LUNA LED ceiling light square. The ABS base designed junction box has a long life span and can burn 50,000 hours. It is fitted with high brightness LED and apply them in bedrooms, restaurant and path lighting. Few outdoor lighting fixtures include 20W LED sapphire flood light, 25W LED Stellar street light, LED flood light color changing and 50W Topaz LED flood light. The LED fixtures can benefit both exterior and interior of the home.

LED Lighting Fixtures From Compact Are Perfect Ones For Your Home

LED lights are in due to more than one reason, not only these look good but save you a lot of money as far as the electricity bill is concerned. For all those who want to make a smart purchase, it is highly advisable to go for the LED lighting fixtures coming from Compact as these are the ones that fit all places and suit all budgets. Now that you too are deciding to replace CFLs with LED lights, it gets imperative to have a quick glance at the variants available at Compact.

  • LED PowerSpot: Available in three different colors, Cool white, neutral white and Warm white, this is the fixture that promises to provide you with a good amount of light. With aluminum casing and an electronic driver, both installing and using this LED fixture is easy and convenient.


  • LED Downlights: As the name suggests, these are the LED fixtures used at the areas where light has to be dissipated downwards in a wide area. Available in the panel and other formats, LED downlights are indeed a fashionable option to go with. The overall structure is quite elegant, making these perfect to be placed even in the dining area or guest room.


  • LED Interior lights: These are the ones that are to be installed in your house and are going to give you enough light. The interior lights are quite easy to mount on the walls or even on the ceiling as they are both sleek and light weight.

Interior Lights banner

  • LED Panels: Panel lights in both round and square shape are in these, especially when it comes to lighting a commercial area. Not only these look stylish, but the amount of energy consumed is quite less as compared to other LED lighting fixtures. These are the fixtures that give away warm and soft light, making these perfect for all those places that need uniform light.


  • LED Outdoor Lighting: Coming with a solid capacity to give away massive amount of light, LED outdoor lighting is indeed one of biggest and heaviest one. With a rugged construction as a solid casing, this is the fixture that is going to stay in a workable condition for long. These are quite easy to install as one just needs to mount these by using a heavy gauge steel bracket.

Outdoor LED Lighting India

With so many LED fixtures out there one is bound to get confused, it is advisable to look into ones needs and budget and then make the final purchase. Going in for the ones being sold at Compact will give you a peace of mind that you have invested in something worth and this is why this is the name to go with.

Get Perfect Quality Office Lighting Fixtures at Reasonable Rates

LED Office Lighting Fixtures

LED Office Lighting Fixtures

If you have been looking for ward to buy excellent and wonderful office fixtures for you, then good actions need to be made if you wish to get keep of the best one, You have to make sure that right attempts are also made to find out whether it would really be possible to get the top quality products as well as services that would last for a long period of time. With the best and fashionable lighting it would help to match your specifications where you also have to create sure to look at its certification. It relies on how you make an effort to create your ideal analysis which would help you to experience the best for your best choice made by you. It is also important to look at whether it would also really be possible to find the best one that would not lead to get any sort of worry or tension at all. So, you have to make sure that right attempts are taken to look ahead to the perfect one that would confirm to be the best one making it possible to save a lot of your cash.

Look For The Best and Cost-Effective Price

Steps are also very essential to make sure that you do not have to spend a whole amount of cash that would make it very cost-effective for you without any worry.  Do try to make sure that you also look ahead to the best service provider that would provide you with warranty as well that would prove to be very useful for you without having to get worried at all.  So you have to analyze in the best way that would help you to get the right lighting for your home or office that would not cause to fear for you. Make sure that you get in contact so that it would help you to bring a big smile to your face as well. You also have to look at the collection that would help you get the right concept about it and get the best lighting that would prove to be very useful to you.

Look For The Perfect and Nearest Dealer

You also have to make sure that it becomes much easier to get the perfect and nearest dealer that would prove to be very important. Unless you manage to make your own attempt to research online, it would be very difficult to get the perfect quality products. With the best choice for office lighting it would help to get the right one according to your requirements. So planning in the best way can help you to get the perfect lighting products for you. Thus it is your own perfect planning to find the nearest lighting dealer for you.

Get Yourself The Best LED Fixtures Online at Discount

LED Fixtures India

LED Fixtures

Nothing revives the look of your house like new LED fixtures. This Diwali,You can brighten your home with a hanging design compact lights which are available at special prices in our online store. If you want a good service provider who will give you the best compact light then do go for services provided by which carry a complete line of lighting products that can help make your home safe and attractive. At the same time you have to find some good time that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction without any sort of worry at all. So, you have to ensure that you try to find the best service provider that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction from their services that would bring a big smile to your face as well

Look for The Best Seller

To make shopping easier you can search through many LED light fixtures which are available with them. This will give you quick information about them and their services. If you have questions or need to enquire about selected products for your home then you can call them for helping you. A good service provider can also help you with all your home lighting management and design needs for every room in your home.

Look for Energy Efficient Products

You can save a lot of electricity by using LED light fixtures at home. You can put LED lights both indoors and outdoors and you can find the energy proficient lighting solutions you need at low prices with the best service provider. LED is an innovative and long-lasting technology which will transform your home and make it more colorful, bright and stylish. These wonderful, long-lasting LED’s are the future of lighting. A good service provider offers a wide range of modern designs and types to fit completely in any home. Let them take care of all of your lighting needs in a professional manner and make your house more beautiful.

Check for The Best Design and Price

LED light fixtures and compact lights are not only energy efficient but are very beautiful too. Many top brands use cutting edge LED technology and creative designers to make and design these lights. So don’t hesitate to go for it and save energy and money with innovative compact light which will be all over in the future. Both gorgeous and proficient, these lights are Eco-friendly and last up to 50,000 hours. You just need to make sure to contact the right service provider who will give you the best possible solution and the most affordable deals. You also have to concentrate on the price that would help you to get the perfect idea whether it would prove to be the perfect one for you.  Thus you need to research in the best way that would make you feel glad of your selection.