Save Energy Costs with Best Quality LED Lighting


Energy-Saving LED Lighting


Getting hold of the perfect and best quality LED lighting is very important for you where you have to make the best research. This would help you to get the right one for you that would also help a lot in making a good saving on your energy costs. You have to ensure that perfect steps are taken to look forward to the perfect one and for this you need to ensure that you look at its specifications that would help in getting the right idea about it. Make sure that you also try to look forward to its gallery that would help a lot in selecting the right one that would fulfill your expectations in the best way without any worry at all. Once you really get the perfect LED lighting equipments, it would help a lot in getting the ultimate satisfaction out of it.



Choose from the perfect quality LED lighting and LED fixtures for your use

40W LED Lumino-Surface (2’x2’)

It is possible for you to look forward to 40W LED Lumino- Surface (2’x2’) that comes with powder coated housing which is made of CRCA sheet. With a height of 52cm and outer diameter of 560560, it makes it very useful for its use that does not lead to any problem at all. It has got high lumen maintenance where it provides an output of 28-44V DC 800mA. When it comes to its installation, it can be installed with recessed mounting in false ceiling. When it comes to its colors, it is available in cool white, warm white and neutral white.

15W LED Downlight Panel Round

With slim, compact as well fashionable design, you can try to look forward to 15W LED Downlight Panel Round that provides high brightness SMD LED. With its aluminum housing and that too with heat sink, it consumes very less power thereby making it possible to save on your energy costs. It can be recessed mounting in false ceiling. With its soft and uniform light, it helps to fulfill your requirements in the best way. With an input of 240V and output of 24-44V dc 390 Ma, it proves to very useful.

12W Crystal LED Mirror Light

12W Crystal LED Mirror Light comes with powder coated CRCA body with a height and length of 60 and 580 respectively. It not only provides the best lighting but also help to save a lot on energy as well.  It also helps to look very stylish and unique as well.



Get Certified LED Lights from Best LED Manufacturers


 LED Lighting Manufacturers

Finding the best LED Manufacturers is possible for you when right attempts are made to perform a good research. It would prove to be the perfect one where it would not lead to any worry about getting the perfect products for you. So, you have to make your own good research that would help you to feel glad of your right selection. It is important to take some good steps so that it can help you to provide with genuine products that would not lead to any worry at all.

Look at the products: You have to ensure that you try to look at the different LED products that it offers to you so as to get the right idea. When you visit Compact Lighting it makes it possible for you to get the ultimate products that would suit all your requirements in the best way.

Check their testimonials: It is also important to ensure that right attempts are made by you to get some time to read their testimonials. This would help you to feel glad of your selection in the right way.  This would make it possible to get the right idea whether the particular manufacturers would be able to provide you with the perfect quality LED products that would add to your satisfaction out of it.

Select from the best range of different LED Lamps


When it comes to finding LED lamps, you can try to look forward to 7W LED Aura that helps to get the maximum advantage out of it. It has been estimated to lasts up to 17 years that comes with LED colours of warm white and cool white that makes it the best use without any problem at all. It is also found to be very light weight with higher reflectivity and provides uniform spread of light as well.  It is best to use at homes or hotels that serves very purposeful to you.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m

LED Strip lights White
You can also try to opt for the perfect LED Strip Light 3528 5m that features high brightness LED chip along with low working voltage as well. It arrives with flexible ribbon along with self adhesive back that makes it look very bright and beautiful at the same time.

In order to get all the perfect quality LED products and that too at the best price, make sure to look forward to visit Compact Lighting This would make it possible to get the perfect quality at the best rates.

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Get The Best Quality and Stylish LED Light Fixtures

Stylish LED Light Fixtures

LED Lighting Fixtures

Getting the best LED light fixtures for you is possible when you make your good research online in the best way. You have to put your best foot forward to ensure that right efforts are taken to look at whether you would really be able to get the perfect and branded one that would serve your purpose in the best way. For this you have to ensure that right amount of research is made to ensure that you try to look forward to the ultimate source where it can help you get it at the affordable price. COMPACT LIGHTING helps to make it possible to get the perfect LED lighting systems that help to get the perfect one that would add to your satisfaction.  We make sure that you look at its certifications so that it would not lead to get worried at all.  So, it thus makes it possible to get the perfect one adding to your satisfaction in the best way.  With a yearly production capacity of 25, 00,000 pcs p.a. we make sure that it provides the ultimate satisfaction from our best products at the right price.

Make your best selection of different LED lights from Compact Lighting

4.5W-LED Tiny Round 3 LED 0f 1W each

4.5W-LED Tiny Square 3 LED 0f 1W each
You can try to look forward to the best 4.5W-LED Tiny Round 3 LED 0f 1W each that makes it the perfect choice that delivers the best power and also helps to reduce the cost of energy bills as well. It can prove to be the best use for home, office, hotel, showroom and so on that makes it the perfect choice for you without having to worry about any sort of high power consumption as well.


It is also possible to get 15W LED DOWNLIGHT PANEL Round that are available in cool white, neutral white and warm white. It also arrives with aluminum housing and features slim, compact as well as fashionable design as well. So, you can try to get it for you that serves to be of the best purpose to you.

In order to get the best LED light fixtures you have to visit COMPACT LIGHTING where it would help you to save your pocket with its best price without any problem at all.

Have a Look Our Latest Launched LED Showroom Lighting

Latest Launched LED Showroom Lighting

Latest Launched LED Showroom Lighting

If you want to have the best lighting equipments, then it is essential for you to make your best research. There are many professional service providers out there that uses the best lighting products with up to date technological innovation and developers to make it wonderful, cost-effective one which resolves all your issues and make your home more wonderful and bright as well. To have the best lighting for your home as well as for your workplace you should make sure that you get the best service provider that is available for it where it would not make you get tensed at all.  Initiatives should be taken by you also to look at the types of lights available with them and choose the best one for you. You should get in touch with them so that you can get all your doubts clarified about the lighting products that it provides to you in the best possible way. Once you manage to find the perfect LED showroom lighting, it would be able to cater to all your requirements.

Look For The Perfect Quality

Finding the best showroom lighting is very much possible for you where it would prove to be very useful as well. It is done not only to beautify your showroom but also for the protection of the same. That’s why it is essential that you have a good look at its excellent features that would prove to be very useful to you. You can assess their great quality by getting the best quality and by looking at their specifications and also their cost but it is strongly suggested to go for the best in the company. You choose from the type of different LED lights which comes as 10w, 20w, 30w…etc or you can have other power as per your specifications. The best supplier will have a extensive assortment to choose from and which will help you in your exterior illumination control. They will also help you to set up the  lighting and place them as per specifications that would prove to be very useful to you.

Check Their Price

Pricing is another essential aspect for which you have to focus on it that would help you get the right one. With the best reasonable costs, it would also lead to feel great of your own choice. Thus it is your own analysis that can really help you to get the best one that would not make you spend a lot of your cash.  Make sure that you also do not forget to check out for the wide range of different featured products that would help you to suit all your requirements in the best way. So, it depends on how you manage to find the right LED showroom lighting that would prove to be the perfect one.

Get Yourself The Best LED Fixtures Online at Discount

LED Fixtures India

LED Fixtures

Nothing revives the look of your house like new LED fixtures. This Diwali,You can brighten your home with a hanging design compact lights which are available at special prices in our online store. If you want a good service provider who will give you the best compact light then do go for services provided by which carry a complete line of lighting products that can help make your home safe and attractive. At the same time you have to find some good time that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction without any sort of worry at all. So, you have to ensure that you try to find the best service provider that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction from their services that would bring a big smile to your face as well

Look for The Best Seller

To make shopping easier you can search through many LED light fixtures which are available with them. This will give you quick information about them and their services. If you have questions or need to enquire about selected products for your home then you can call them for helping you. A good service provider can also help you with all your home lighting management and design needs for every room in your home.

Look for Energy Efficient Products

You can save a lot of electricity by using LED light fixtures at home. You can put LED lights both indoors and outdoors and you can find the energy proficient lighting solutions you need at low prices with the best service provider. LED is an innovative and long-lasting technology which will transform your home and make it more colorful, bright and stylish. These wonderful, long-lasting LED’s are the future of lighting. A good service provider offers a wide range of modern designs and types to fit completely in any home. Let them take care of all of your lighting needs in a professional manner and make your house more beautiful.

Check for The Best Design and Price

LED light fixtures and compact lights are not only energy efficient but are very beautiful too. Many top brands use cutting edge LED technology and creative designers to make and design these lights. So don’t hesitate to go for it and save energy and money with innovative compact light which will be all over in the future. Both gorgeous and proficient, these lights are Eco-friendly and last up to 50,000 hours. You just need to make sure to contact the right service provider who will give you the best possible solution and the most affordable deals. You also have to concentrate on the price that would help you to get the perfect idea whether it would prove to be the perfect one for you.  Thus you need to research in the best way that would make you feel glad of your selection.

Get the High Quality Led lighting with Low Energy Consumption!

Led lighting: Gift of Advance Light Technology:

LED is like a pn-junction diode which produces the lights in the form of photons. It is a semiconductor which gives energy only when the current is passed. This is produced to overcome the limitations of incandescent tubes. This was launched with the help of advance techniques to give the better solution than the traditional bulbs. Traditional lights were available in limited size and color. Now, advance technology using company such as compact lighting producing high quality varieties of led lighting in different design and colors.


LED Lighting Manufacturers Delhi, Noida, India

You can find from us a good combination of led down lights, fixtures, interior lights and commercial luminaries. Our main motto is to give the high quality lighting products which can consume the good light energy.

50W TOPAZ FLOOD LIGHT: Get this light with 30W High Power COB and high capacity of light energy-saving. We have manufactured 50W TOPAZ flood LIGHT to give the dust and water proof lighting products for our customers. The installation is very easy by heavy-gauge steel bracket. The input of 240V AC 50Hz produces the brightness of 30V DC 900 mA. This is present in cool and warm white colors at Rs 5,000.

12W LUNA Ceiling Light Square: This light we have manufactured with the Powder coated CRCA body and double insulation which has high capacity to minimize the loss of heat energy. This light contains electronic driver of input 240V (160-275) AC 50 Hz capable of producing the Output: 40V DC 350mA. This provides the features of protection against splashed water. You can get this highly efficient light at Rs 1,540.

6W HERO LED DOWNLIGHT: We are offering the good reduction on our highly selling products. 6W HERO is one of our most demanded downlights which produce high brightness. Produce soft light with low power consumption is the main feature of this product. You can buy from us at only Rs 1,050/-.

40W LUMINO-Surface (2’ X 2’): We have launched this LUMINO-Surface with High Lumen maintenance. This is made up of CRCA sheet and contains electronic driver of producing the output of 28-44V DC 800 mA. We are presenting this product in three different colors cool, neutral and warm colors. The installation is suitable with GRP, TRA modular ceiling system and Gypsum.

10W ZOOM COB LED Downlight: Now we are presenting the led lighting which is completely different in look. This product has high reflective efficiency and working efficiently on constant current supply. You will save your high energy bills with the easy installation of these types of down lights.

We are not new in this field. We have achieved the great success for the manufacture of amazing low consumptions lights for homes, factories, industries and hotels. We have led interior lights, lighting fixtures, powerspot, commercial luminaries and consumer lighting products. You will get the good warranty, long lifespan, high efficiency and low power consumption features which gives you the benefits of light energy saving. You can reach us via call at +919312022588 or via mail at

Take the long-time benefits of our LED Interior Lights at Affordable Price

Know about the Advantages of Advance LED Interior Lights:

There is a great change can be seen in the technology such as lighting technology which allows the manufacturers to design the unbreakable led lights. In past time, traditional bulbs were common. But, these have several disadvantages such as high installation cost, maintenance cost and absorb large amount of heat. That is why; manufactures adopted a new technique for the improvement in lighting products.

Led interiors lights launched with the features of high efficiency, energy-saving capability and long-term benefits. These are durable and save your cost of installation and maintenance with high efficiency.

advance led interior lights


Brighten your room with these affordable lights with the low maintenance and installation cost:

  • 12W LUNA Ceiling Light Round
  • 12W LUNA Ceiling Light-Flower
  • 18W T5 SPARKLE 4 feet
  • 12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light Square
  • 10W T5 SPARKLE 2 feet

Compact Lighting- Leading LED’s Manufacturing Company:

Compact lighting products are sophisticated with the advance features to satisfy our customers. With the help of our advance techniques, we have made different types of commercial luminaries and led interior lighting which should be flickers and consumed no energy when turned off.  We are famous for the production of trustworthy lighting products which cannot absorb high amount of heat energy. We always made Eco-friendly products to make the environment pollution-free.

You can install our led lighting in your homes, hotels, restaurants, and industries. If you want to get the better solution than your fluorescent bulbs then come to us. We will give you 100% satisfaction with the saving of your electricity bills. Feel free to contact us at 9312022588 or mail us at


Compact Lighting Proves the Best Led Manufacturer:

Still, many people don’t believe in new techniques. They always have fear to purchase the new launching products. They don’t believe in quality. Similarly in the case of LED’s, lots of people are still using conventional lights because they don’t believe the quality of light emitting diode. But compact lighting proves that this is wrong. We have established this company to meet the lighting needs of people who want a product which can save-energy.

We are happy to tell that we are successful in meeting the quality and standard that our customers expect from us. Our customers are continuously purchasing our LED downlights which are less energy utilization and long-term running capability.

Here, we are giving the name of some of our new Led Downlights which are made up of new techniques:

  • 15W Element deep diffuser
  • 15W PANEL Square
  • 4.5W Tiny Round 3 LED of 1W each
  • 12W DELTA Square
  • 18W Element deep diffuser
  • 6W OMEGA COB Round
  • 6WX2 SOLITAIRE COB LED Downlight (Twin With Lens)

What are the advantages which compact lighting providing on purchasing

We were started simple lighting products which was energy-efficient. Now, we are innovated our techniques to provides down lights, fixtures, commercial luminaries and many more with lighting emitting diode with more advance features. All these are Eco-friendly with extra energy-saving and water proofing capability. We also improve the efficiency and running time to provide more benefits for our users.

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Buy Ultimate Led Home Lighting Products from Compact Lighting

What type of led lighting provided by compact lighting manufacturer?

Large numbers of people are now moving from conventional bulbs to led products because these are extremely energy-efficient. These are advantageous over Incandescent tubes which highly power consumable. The only disadvantage was with the uses of light emitting diode, they were used in applications like electronics and more indoor and outdoor Christmas lights. But, now manufacturers is removed this disadvantage with the products of portable and energy efficient led home lighting.

Compact lighting is the famous brand which offering the unlimited led’s for home, kitchens, hotels and industries. We have commercial luminaries and several types of decorative lights for indoor and outdoor purpose which can give better results for our customers as compare to the conventional tubes.

New Products of Lighting Manufacturer

You can buy led lighting products and can save your huge electricity bills:-

  • Powerspot
  • Downlights
  • Interior and outdoor lights
  • Mirror Optics
  • Low Glare
  • Industrial Type
  • FTL Based lamps
  • LED Lamp B22/E27
  • LED Tube
  • LED MR16
  • LED Night Lamp
  • Table Lamp/Emergency Light
  • LED Striplight

We are working for our customers; we always try to meet their expectations. If you want led home lighting according to your requirement then you can also contact us. We have unlimited varieties of striplights and downlights for indoor and outdoor purpose. Save your environment with our Eco-friendly lighting products. We are always trying to launch our products at reasonable costs to give our customers best and cheapest shopping experience.

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Compact Lighting: India’s Leading Brand for Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Lights


Buy outdoor and home led lights with Good Warranty:

Today, we can see the great improvement in our techniques including lighting products. There are many brand which famous for the supply of different types of conventional bulbs and tubes. The main disadvantages of these lights are high consuming power and harmful for environment. Now compact lighting is offering the varieties of LED lights which are beneficial to save light energy and completely safe for environment.  With the several years experience of delivering the best lighting products make us the leading brand. We are famous for providing the LED lights for home, outdoor, kitchens, hotels, and showrooms. All our products meet the international quality standards of ISO 9001:2008.

These are some of our best led home lighting products:

  • Junction Box
  • 12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light Round
  • 5W LED Table Lamp
  • Deco LED Lamp B-22
  • Rechargeable Emergency LED Light
  • 4.5W-Power spot LED Module 3 LED 0f 1W each

We also have many outdoor led lights with advance features:

  • 10W SAPPHIRE LED FLOOD LIGHT Colour Changing

If you want to save your high light energy bills then install these led lights. You can review our home and outdoor led lights from our website .