Led Table Lamp Lets to Complete the Task without any Heat

LED Bulbs India

No doubt, we are hearing a lot about Led lights as they are highly promoted by the companies through TV and print advertisement. These LED lights are easily available in the market. You can easily find LED lighting from the market. However, only some of us are actually aware why LEDs are so significant or what they really are. Luckily, we are here to share some important information on LED lighting and LED table lamb.

LED implies for light emitting diode and has been utilized for quite a long time to make small sources of light for a selection of uses, such as art projects and small electronic equipment’s. Nowadays, they are widely use for several purposes, such as main source of light for rooms and work sites, and to make the glow in televisions.

One of the finest things related to the LEDs is that they do not heat up similar like the traditional bulbs do. When you spend hours working under a lamp having a bulb, you will definitely notice that it gets hot to hotter. On the other hand, Led table lamps don’t produce any sort of heat.

If you have a desk lamp made with LEDs technology, without any difficulty, you can carry on your job for hours. Even for students, studies become comfortable and easy. Moreover, if you hold a plant near your lamp, you will not have to be anxious about the plant overheating and sarcastic as a result.

LED lamps are even highly energy efficient as compared to the traditional lamps that include bulbs. This implies that they need comparatively less electricity to function, so it is possible to save cash on your electric bills by using them. At the same time, LED desk lamps are now offered in distinctive a wide range of styles and colors. There are many highly compact and contemporary Led tube lights that will fit nearly every place, while still creating a very brilliant light. You can also find lamps which spin and bend.


Save Energy with the LED Bulbs that Are Even the Eco-Friendly Option

LED Bulbs Online India

Save Energy with our Eco-friendly LED Bulbs

Getting worried about your electricity bill? Now, you can easily save energy using the LED bulbs without compromising with the quality. You can experience similar light reducing your electricity bill that’s the plus point installing LED bulbs. Using the normal incandescent bulbs you loss 90% of the energy that in turn represents the unnecessary wastage of money. Also incandescent bulbs are not reliable. One cannot guarantee the longevity of incandescent bulbs. LEDs on other hand last long. New LED bulbs are small, effective and cost efficient. Replacing incandescent or CFL bulbs with LEDs will no doubt help people to save lots of money.


LED Bulbs Price in India


When first introduced, LED was a single bulb mainly used in electronic appliances. As technology is advancing rapidly, LED bulbs are replacing CFLs or incandescent bulbs.

Comparing to the traditional bulbs, the energy saving LED bulbs for home have following advantages:

  • Energy consumption of LED bulbs are much less than the incandescent or CFL bulbs.
  • LED bulbs lasts much longer compared to any other bulbs.

A significant feature due to which the LED bulbs differ from other bulbs is the light produced by LED becomes concentrated unlike incandescent bulbs in which light spreads in all direction. LED bulbs costs much higher than other bulbs. But due to its longevity and reliability these bulbs are becoming first preference to the consumers.


  • Cost Efficient – with the increase in demand of LED bulbs all over the world, the cost of these bulbs are considerably reduced. Although initially LEDs were expensive and were not affordable to everyone but now they are easily available in markets at reasonable price.
  • Long Lasting – Since the energy saving LED bulbs for home take only a fraction of second to light up and as these bulbs do not contain filament, they are not prone to get damage. Hence LEDs are considered long lasting as compared to any other bulbs.
  • Efficiency – comparing to incandescent bulbs, which will consume much more wattage, LEDs consumes only one-tenth of what CFL or incandescent bulbs consumes.
  • Lighting in remite Ares – Since LED bulbs has less power requirements, these bulbs can be be in lighting purposes in villages and remote areas. Power generated by a small generator or solar panels can be easily used in power up LEDs.
  • Environment friendly – LED bulbs are also considered eco-friendly, as these bulbs do not produce dangerous gases other than that of CFLs, which results in emission of CO2 gas in atmosphere. LEDs are completely safe to use.

LEDs simply make our life much easier. Hence, it can be considered Energy Saving Bulbs for our homes.

If you are looking for energy saving LED Bulbs then call us on the given no.: +91-9312022588, or you can mail us your enquiry here: compact@compactlighting.net

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Always Go With Well Reputed LED manufacturers To Make A Wise Purchase!

LED Lighting Manufacturers

LED Lighting Manufacturers

Now that LEDs are replacing CFLs and other lighting fixtures, one thing has become clear; this is the option that is here to stay. There are more than enough LED suppliers, but it would be a safe bet to go with the LED manufacturers who have been there for long making quality products. Settling in for the best manufacturer is not that hard as you might consider, it is just that you have to go with the one who has been developing quality products and selling these at an affordable price tag. Although this might seem as a deadly combination to find, but will little exploration you would definitely find one. LED New Products Go with the LED manufacturers who have a good market share as this gives you a direct hint that the products being made are being bought in large volumes as compared to the other brands. Another important factor to consider is the warranty support, most of the reputed manufacturers are giving a comprehensive coverage of warranty on the LEDs as this is what makes the buyer opt in for something that promises to last long and that too without giving any hassles as far as the maintenance is concerned. LED Lighting Feature Products Customer support is another important factor to consider when carrying out a thorough comparison amongst different LED manufacturers. You can visit the websites and look out for the feedback and ratings; this will give you an idea of how reachable and responsive the support team is. There are many manufacturers who are still going in for those traditional manufacturing techniques; you have to go with the one who is adapting the latest one as with this the end product developed would be future ready. If you make the right pick, your decision of investing in LED would act as a safe one, so give it some time.

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Check Out 3 Most Demanded Office Lighting Products

Demanded Office Lighting Fixtures

Our Demanded Office Lighting Fixtures

We offer cost effective solution for lighting needs of your home and office. We offer state of the art lighting products. We have 5 designing patent in which two are in LED. We have successfully developed open type electromagnetic ballast which is known as COMPACT Choke. We are the first company to develop LED based Lighting through In-house developed Electronic circuitry. We are constantly serving our customers since 25 years. We are renowned lighting product manufacturing company with high customer satisfaction. We relentlessly believe in investment in our resources to get high value output. We offer best office lighting solutions.

12W Delta LED Round

12W DELTA LED Round It has electronic LED driver with input voltage 240V and output voltage 18V-24V. It has high brightness LED Source. It is used in house and office lighting. It has very high Lumen maintenance. It is aluminum housing with heat sink for optimal thermal management of LED source. It is installed with the help of 2 no.s spring loaded by clamps in false ceiling. It is energy efficient.

60W LED LUMINO-Armstrong (2’ x 2’)

60W LED LUMINO-Armstrong ( 2' X 2' ) It is low energy consuming product with cost efficiency. It is a SMD LED with high power. It is a source of high Lumen Maintenance. It has powder coated housing which is made from CRCA Sheet. It has an electronic driver with output voltage 28-44DC.  It is recessed mounted in false ceiling.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m It has high brightness LED chip. It uses DC12 V power supply to light up. It needs low input voltage to operate. It emit even light with viewing angle greater than 120 degree. It has flexible ribbon with adhesive back. It has LED strip available with or without electronic driver. It is used in office Lighting and mall Lighting etc.

6W Omega COB LED Round

6W_OMEGA_COB_LED_Round It emit even light. It has Aluminum reflector with reflection efficiency greater than 95%. It is has die cast Aluminum housing with heat sink for optimum thermal management of Led source. It is a 5W LED source with high Lumen maintenance. It is also applied as a solution for office lighting need.   Originally Posted on: http://compactlightingstore.blogspot.in/2015/02/check-out-3-most-demanded-office-lighting-products.html

Find best Lighting solution with LED Bulbs & Lamps equipment for your daily needs

LED Bulb - LED Lights - LED Lamps

LED Bulbs and Lamps

We are major lighting product manufacturing and selling company in India. We have established with a vision to provide quality products to our customers with timely delivery of the product. Our client category list is too long which comprise of retail, hospital, healthcare, office and commercial lighting applications. Our aesthetically designed led bulbs and lamps equipment are energy efficient and long life. We have developed electronic circuit for CFL and fluorescent fittings tube. Our Compact electronic ballast has been graded as most energy efficient.

Get sparkling aura with Led Lamps and bulbs

Led is the biggest achievement in light industry by the time it has been invented. It has long life of about 20 years. We have latest products in Led Lamps and bulb category. These LED bulbs & lamps are sustained, smart and functional choice. Some of our lamp and bulbs are specified here.

Deco Led Lamp B-22

Deco LED Lamp B-22
It is energy efficient, environment with extra long life. It has been fitted in to Lamp holder B-22; it is designed to change zero watt bulbs. Deco Led Lamp B-22 has 50 to 100 time’s longer life. It is highly efficient. It has long life 50000 burning hours. It is free from UV and IR. It is applied in night lamps, domestic interiors, decorative lighting, and restaurants.

5W Led Lamp B22

It is also energy efficient. It is available in three categories 3W, 5W, and 7W. It emits cool white and warm light. It has average life of 17 years. It is applied in hotels homes showroom, kitchen office. 5W Led Lamp B22 has been designed by taking care for International standards of quality. These bulbs are available in different prices.

Get Certified LED Lights from Best LED Manufacturers


 LED Lighting Manufacturers

Finding the best LED Manufacturers is possible for you when right attempts are made to perform a good research. It would prove to be the perfect one where it would not lead to any worry about getting the perfect products for you. So, you have to make your own good research that would help you to feel glad of your right selection. It is important to take some good steps so that it can help you to provide with genuine products that would not lead to any worry at all.

Look at the products: You have to ensure that you try to look at the different LED products that it offers to you so as to get the right idea. When you visit Compact Lighting it makes it possible for you to get the ultimate products that would suit all your requirements in the best way.

Check their testimonials: It is also important to ensure that right attempts are made by you to get some time to read their testimonials. This would help you to feel glad of your selection in the right way.  This would make it possible to get the right idea whether the particular manufacturers would be able to provide you with the perfect quality LED products that would add to your satisfaction out of it.

Select from the best range of different LED Lamps


When it comes to finding LED lamps, you can try to look forward to 7W LED Aura that helps to get the maximum advantage out of it. It has been estimated to lasts up to 17 years that comes with LED colours of warm white and cool white that makes it the best use without any problem at all. It is also found to be very light weight with higher reflectivity and provides uniform spread of light as well.  It is best to use at homes or hotels that serves very purposeful to you.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m

LED Strip lights White
You can also try to opt for the perfect LED Strip Light 3528 5m that features high brightness LED chip along with low working voltage as well. It arrives with flexible ribbon along with self adhesive back that makes it look very bright and beautiful at the same time.

In order to get all the perfect quality LED products and that too at the best price, make sure to look forward to visit Compact Lighting This would make it possible to get the perfect quality at the best rates.

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Get The Best Quality and Stylish LED Light Fixtures

Stylish LED Light Fixtures

LED Lighting Fixtures

Getting the best LED light fixtures for you is possible when you make your good research online in the best way. You have to put your best foot forward to ensure that right efforts are taken to look at whether you would really be able to get the perfect and branded one that would serve your purpose in the best way. For this you have to ensure that right amount of research is made to ensure that you try to look forward to the ultimate source where it can help you get it at the affordable price. COMPACT LIGHTING helps to make it possible to get the perfect LED lighting systems that help to get the perfect one that would add to your satisfaction.  We make sure that you look at its certifications so that it would not lead to get worried at all.  So, it thus makes it possible to get the perfect one adding to your satisfaction in the best way.  With a yearly production capacity of 25, 00,000 pcs p.a. we make sure that it provides the ultimate satisfaction from our best products at the right price.

Make your best selection of different LED lights from Compact Lighting

4.5W-LED Tiny Round 3 LED 0f 1W each

4.5W-LED Tiny Square 3 LED 0f 1W each
You can try to look forward to the best 4.5W-LED Tiny Round 3 LED 0f 1W each that makes it the perfect choice that delivers the best power and also helps to reduce the cost of energy bills as well. It can prove to be the best use for home, office, hotel, showroom and so on that makes it the perfect choice for you without having to worry about any sort of high power consumption as well.


It is also possible to get 15W LED DOWNLIGHT PANEL Round that are available in cool white, neutral white and warm white. It also arrives with aluminum housing and features slim, compact as well as fashionable design as well. So, you can try to get it for you that serves to be of the best purpose to you.

In order to get the best LED light fixtures you have to visit COMPACT LIGHTING where it would help you to save your pocket with its best price without any problem at all.

Get Yourself The Best LED Fixtures Online at Discount

LED Fixtures India

LED Fixtures

Nothing revives the look of your house like new LED fixtures. This Diwali,You can brighten your home with a hanging design compact lights which are available at special prices in our online store. If you want a good service provider who will give you the best compact light then do go for services provided by http://www.compactlighting.net which carry a complete line of lighting products that can help make your home safe and attractive. At the same time you have to find some good time that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction without any sort of worry at all. So, you have to ensure that you try to find the best service provider that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction from their services that would bring a big smile to your face as well

Look for The Best Seller

To make shopping easier you can search through many LED light fixtures which are available with them. This will give you quick information about them and their services. If you have questions or need to enquire about selected products for your home then you can call them for helping you. A good service provider can also help you with all your home lighting management and design needs for every room in your home.

Look for Energy Efficient Products

You can save a lot of electricity by using LED light fixtures at home. You can put LED lights both indoors and outdoors and you can find the energy proficient lighting solutions you need at low prices with the best service provider. LED is an innovative and long-lasting technology which will transform your home and make it more colorful, bright and stylish. These wonderful, long-lasting LED’s are the future of lighting. A good service provider offers a wide range of modern designs and types to fit completely in any home. Let them take care of all of your lighting needs in a professional manner and make your house more beautiful.

Check for The Best Design and Price

LED light fixtures and compact lights are not only energy efficient but are very beautiful too. Many top brands use cutting edge LED technology and creative designers to make and design these lights. So don’t hesitate to go for it and save energy and money with innovative compact light which will be all over in the future. Both gorgeous and proficient, these lights are Eco-friendly and last up to 50,000 hours. You just need to make sure to contact the right service provider who will give you the best possible solution and the most affordable deals. You also have to concentrate on the price that would help you to get the perfect idea whether it would prove to be the perfect one for you.  Thus you need to research in the best way that would make you feel glad of your selection.