Few Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing Led Lights India


LED Lights are getting huge popularity among the buyers. You can look ahead with Led Lights India and give your space more energy.

LED lights help you to change your kitchen, wardrobe, or similar other units providing a wonderful and elegant look. Here are some important points to consider while looking for led lights India. Continue reading


Few Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing Led Lights India

LED Lights are getting huge popularity among the buyers. You can look ahead with Led Lights India and give your space more energy.

LED lights help you to change your kitchen, wardrobe, or similar other units providing a wonderful and elegant look. Here are some important points to consider while looking for led lights India.

Where you are planning to make use of the lights

The best thing with the lights is that you can utilize them in kitchen counter tops, banisters, bars, and similar other places. We can declare that the applications of the units are infinite. While, this is the prime reason, it’s fine to note that the lights come in various sizes. To avoid shopping that is too small or too big for your space, spend your time to determine the area that you are fascinated in placing the units. If you are searching to install the lights in some wet areas of your home which include kitchen and bathroom, it is better to go for the waterproof units.

Different sort of strip light that you wish

There are different kinds of strip lights available in the market that you can select as well. There are self-adhesive, encased, inflexible, aluminum and non-encased among others. Thus, we are different to various things. You should select the better ones that satisfy you the most. Also make sure that the Led Lighting you choose serves the job that you are fascinated in.

Quantity of light

As stated above, you can make use of the led lights in different applications. There are numbers of Led Lighting Manufacturers available in the market, it is essential to finalize your needs. If you are desirable for a task light near the source or even away from the source, there are several choices available that are particularly designed for this job. There are also lights planned for indirect lighting as well as signs. You can discuss with the experts to find the best lightings.

Light color

As LED bulbs, come in several colors that have different applications. For example, the daylight color is perfect for bathrooms as well as outdoor lighting. No doubt, white color is perfect for hallways and kitchens and soft white color perfect for living as well as bedrooms. You can select any color that pleases you.

The above mentioned points will definitely help to consider when buying LED lights in India. After buying the units make sure that they are installed by a specialized electrician. You can place order for the ideal LED light online.

Why Choose LED Lights India For Your Office Lighting?


If planning to design your office with LED lights, there is a lot that needs to be known before those fixtures are chosen. To begin with, home lighting and office lighting are not the same, not only the lighting needs differ but the expectations too and this is why it is always advisable to make a pick for a fixture that matches the needs to the fullest.

Do not take that lighting arrangement of the office as a mere necessity; take it as a perfect add-on that is going to create a work friendly environment. Do not miss on the fact that the fixtures that are chosen for office lighting are expected to last long without giving any maintenance hassles and this is yet another reason why going with LED lights is considered to be a great pick. Continue reading

LED Lights vs. CFL Lights: What You Need to Know


The range for selecting the best lighting solution for your house is huge. The choices vary from incandescent bulbs, CFLs, fluorescent bulbs, halogen lighting and LED bulbs. However prior to finalizing the lighting, one should look into many factors effecting the same. Whatever money you spend should spend wisely which insures cost savings in long run. A few questions to be answered before buying the bulbs would be What would be the placement of the bulb? What is the brightness one wants?  What is the budget you have for buying the bulbs? What is the operating cost involved? Does it do anything bad to environment? Is it children and pets friendly?

The concerns and priorities of the lighting solutions differs from person to person. Also all the lighting solutions in market are distinct from each other. One of the most commonly used lighting solution are CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) they claim to be environment friendly and efficient. But these CFLs are not that efficient as they claim to be and are poisonous in nature. The LED bulbs stars of today are very efficient and well as can help you increase your carbon credits.

Turn on Time
The LED bulbs ignite faster and brighter as compared to CFL bulbs when they are witched on, reason being CFL blub takes time to heat up and then it provides brightness. Most of the CFL take a minimum of 30 seconds before it lights up. Those 30 seconds are very important when you are climbing a flight of stairs or you hear noise in your backyard and want to check the same immediately to stop any intruder entering your house.

Energy Efficiency
The amount of energy used by a bulb is determined by the consumption of kilowatts by the bulb in an hour. An LED bulb would consume around 6-8 watts where as a CFL would take around 13-15 watts. This clearly shows that if we use LED bulbs we will end up saving upto 50% on the electricity bill.

Whenever you buy a bulb; you look at its usage life span in terms of usage. Buying a cheap quality or wrong type would only add up to the expense. So rather than buying something low cost and keep on changing it again and again it would be rather better to buy something which would last long.  Led bulbs have a very long life.

Proper lightening in the living space is very important for all the people. Places like kitchen, dark corridors, gardens, and staircase and store rooms are the lighted properly. Less light and unclear vision could lead to catastrophe which could cost us more than just a bulb. Led bulbs are very quick to light up along with that they are very efficient, where as CFL takes time to light up and in efficiency they are not up to the mark to led bulbs.

Health and Environmental Concerns
Whenever a person brings product to its home there are many safety pints it has to consider. If you have children and pets at home these concerns increases. The LED bulbs are safer than the CFL. The CFL becomes hot when it is being used whereas LED bulbs don’t have any change in temperature. Because of heath the CFL could break or by touching one could get hurt. These kind of concerns are absent in LED which makes it a safer choice.  One of the biggest concern with CFL is the dangerous Mercury Vapor; this could be life threatening and take almost 84 hours to disperse. On the upside the LED bulbs don’t have any such safety and health haphazard issues.

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LED Lighting: The Best Way to Spread Light

Led lighting India

LEDs are nowadays most advance solution for power consuming standard lighting systems. LEDs have record breaking energy efficiency and durability compared to anything else. So as to save more and more power for the country, we are encouraging people to adapt LED lighting, LED Lamps, especially in India.

Advantages for using LED lighting India:

  1.  Efficiency: The standard bulbs that we are using, have an efficiency of 20% only. That means, the electricity that is entering the bulb, only 20% of it is being used to illuminate the bulb and the rest 80% is being used to produce other forms of energy such as heat. We can even say that the electricity bills we are paying, only 20% of it is being spent to produce light and 80% is to heat the room. But using LEDs gives us, 80% efficiency constantly. So if we were paying ₹100 a year for a standard bulb then we will be paying only ₹20 for the LED ones.
  2. Durability: LED bulbs have a tremendous durability as they have a duty cycle of 100,000 hours. Which means average 11 years of constant operation or as good as 22 years at 50% operation. So if you willing to light a LED bulb for 8 hours a day then you have to change it after 20 years. So investing for LED bulbs are very worthy in that case.
  3. Works fine at low voltage: There are places in India where electricity supply is limited and unfortunately when it is available the incoming voltage being very low which makes no use for the traditional light bulbs. But in case of LED bulbs, they are able to run at very little voltage as they have a low output range. So we can use the LED bulbs where the voltage comes very low or if we can attach solar panels, then LED street lights are the perfect match for them.

Having all these significant abilities, LED lighting in India are the best solution for the recent extremely power consuming Indian Community as the 70-80% of total generated electricity is being wasted by producing pure heat but no light. So to build a better India tomorrow we have to start from today by replacing all those older world’s light fixtures with the LED ones, as they are the ruling ones and they really worth the pride.

Led Lighting Strips – Amazing Lighting Choice for Buyers

When it turns to selecting lighting, you may own trying to find out which options are the best to meet up your special requirements. You will discover that 24v LED strips can offer you with an outstanding lighting as well as versatile solution for residence and office use.

The top thing you will discover is that these LED strips are long lasting and remains efficient for many years. This is the prime reason, why they are right choice of homeowner throughout the world. When you consider the cost of strips and then work it out over twenty years or even more, then you can watch how much you save when selecting the particular lighting services for your home and even office.

LED strips are remarkably durable as well as flexible. You can easily use them anywhere in your house with absolute confidence, whether you desire to create mood lighting in the bedroom or you desire to illumine your cabinetry, making it friendly to put sure mementos on display for friends and guests to watch.

Additionally, you will discover that the Led lighting strips offers off no UV emissions, which is forever an advantage and certainly something to take into thought as you look at the lighting choices offered to find out which one is the best match according to your special lighting requirements.

One of the several reasons you may desire to think this sort of lighting for your home or office is that it can control with simplicity in any temperature. No matter whether you are living in a colder climate or even a hot climate, these strips will managed with ease and without any sort of disruption. One can easily put them in your kitchen where it is uncovered to hot temperatures or in your garage, which is possibly considerably cooler without worry.

Led strips offers amazing fantastic light expense, which allows you to reduce the number of lighting strips you require to light a special area.