Why Choose LED Lights India For Your Office Lighting?


If planning to design your office with LED lights, there is a lot that needs to be known before those fixtures are chosen. To begin with, home lighting and office lighting are not the same, not only the lighting needs differ but the expectations too and this is why it is always advisable to make a pick for a fixture that matches the needs to the fullest.

Do not take that lighting arrangement of the office as a mere necessity; take it as a perfect add-on that is going to create a work friendly environment. Do not miss on the fact that the fixtures that are chosen for office lighting are expected to last long without giving any maintenance hassles and this is yet another reason why going with LED lights is considered to be a great pick. Continue reading


Get the Ultimate Benefit of LED Lighting Strips


In recent times, all know about LED strip light. It is also known as LED tape or ribbon light that is a kind of flexible light with adhesive backing. LED strip light can be used in different applications like task light, accent light or as a decorative and attractive lighting solution. It can also be used commercially as well as in residential homes. Here you can get to know the benefits of LED strip lights. So go through it.

Figuratively and literally flexible:

These kinds of lights are quite flexible. In wide range of applications it can easily be used such as in home, in workplace, as decorations and much more. It offers bright or subtle lighting, depending on the actual level of lighting you need. LED lighting strips allow the strip to fit in any shape you like. And this unique and smart feature works very well if you are directing an event.

Energy effective:

Led lighting strips are amazingly energy efficient. Conventional lights not only suck up energy but also heat up the room which guides you to wasted energy that is translated in the electric bill of yours. LED light is far more efficient than regular bulb. It will easily light up any of your room without giving out here.


Eco- friendly:

This sort of lights are very much eco- friendly. Like incandescent lights fluorescent lights, LED strip lights do not contain any kind of toxic chemical than can harm the environment. They are completely recyclable that can contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Sets your mood:

Researches show that LED lighting strips eases the symptoms of SAD or seasonal affective disorder. If you want to set your mood instantly then the cool white light helps you to get that and allows you to become more productive and comfortable at the same time. In a residential setting, LED lights lower the utility cost, boost happiness and improves mood.

Light distribution:

If you want to get rid of insufficient lights then LED lighting strips are the best option for you. These LED bulbs emit adequate light in each and every direction. Not only this, it brightens those areas also where it was insufficient before.

Numerous Benefits offered by LED Downlights


Lighting offers a distinctive decor to any space. With its gleaming focus and highlighting capability it turns an ordinary room shine like a sparkling star. However, the quality and type of light used in a room largely determine its beauty and overall look and feel. In the modern time, LED downlights are being one of the most popular and widely used lightings for better brightness and aesthetic appeal.

You can see LED downlights being installed in places like museums where highlight on objects such as sculptures is required. Similarly in your home, you can create a wonderful cast on different objects using this type of illumination. These lightings helps you bring out the real beauty of the objects and thus enhances the beauty of the space in an altogether different way.


Further, you might not be aware with the fact that these LED downlights not only offer aesthetic value to a space, but also several other benefits. These are mentioned as below:

  • These lights operate by consuming lesser amount of energy as compared to other lighting sources.
  • With lesser energy being consumed, you get a significant reduction in the amount of electricity bills which means lot of savings.
  • Also, if we compare the quality of light, LED lights produce better quality brightness consuming minimum energy.
  • Traditional lighting sources often have the problem of frequent fluctuation and dimming, however LEDs do not posses any such problem.
  • The maintenance cost of LED interior lights is quite less as these do not need to be replaced any soon. These lights work for long lasting durations unlike those incandescent lights.

Clearly, LED lights are a far better option for perfect ambience lighting rather than spending on those traditional illumination sources. Share your experience with LED lights over here in the comments section.

Why and How LED Lighting is True Value for Money?


For the modern commercial sector, the lighting options need to smart and efficient. These days the buzzing trend of LED lightings is grabbing lot of appreciation from the consumers. The reason behind this is not just one but many. Let’s take a look:

  • LEDs do not contain poisonous mercury as compared to other light sources, so it is completely safe for the living beings.
  • The life of lights lasts more than 25000 hours which is quite high as compared to those traditional incandescent lights with maximum of 5000 hours of working life span.
  • LEDs by nature are unidirectional sources of energy, thus they produce more focused light which brings more brightness.
  • These lighting sources do not cause heat buildup which means they do not increase the room temperature as other lights do. With this, it also makes an earth-friendly option.
  • The efficiency of LED lights is quite higher than fluorescent lights as these consume less electrical energy and produce more light. In simple words, these produce more brightness per watt of electricity.
  • However, cost is one crucial factor for most of the consumers. As these lights are a bit expensive than the regular ones but keeping in mind the efficiency and several other benefits, they are completely worth the value.

If you are looking for LED tube lights at affordable rates, then going online would be the best possible for your as many online service providers are now selling reliable products at fair rates. You just need to browse and buy the desired product keeping in view the suitability of usage and budget.

Have you installed commercial LED lightings at home and office? Let us know how is your experience using them? Which sources do you trust for genuine products online? Share your words now!

LED Bulbs India

Brighten Your World with LED bulbs

LED Bulbs India

LED lights brings revolution:
In recent years, LED lights are believed to be one of the latest and finest inventions of the scientist because it eradicates the negative effects of the traditional lights. They are the most exciting and ultimate technological advancement in the industry of lighting. LED bulbs are solid and small light bulbs that are truly long lasting and energy efficient. LEDs work in a different way than the conventional luminous light bulbs. This helps in making LEDs far more durable and rugged than conventional light bulbs. Not only this, LED technology provides many other benefits like, low maintenance cost, higher safety, low energy consumption, long lasting feature etc. Well, let’s have a look why LED bulbs have attained huge popularity in decorating house, office, showrooms and hotels.

Durable and workable: In recent years, LED bulbs are being used hugely in decorating house, office and hotels because it is very much durable and workable than the traditional lights. These type of bulbs hardly break as it is made of epoxy case. Apart from this, LEDs never use breakable materials like glass or filaments and that is why they are quite capable enough to bear extreme temperature, vibration and even shock.

Safety: LED bulbs generate no heat so they are really cool to touch and can also be left on for long time without any kind of consequences or incident if touched. LEDs minimize the potential for the safety risks like fires and burns.


Low Maintenance: The long lasting LED decreases the requirement to change the failed lamps which leads you to significant saving. In this way, you can be able to enjoy maximum light in low maintenance charges.

Eco- friendly: Like other traditional bulbs, LEDs never emit any kind of poisonous gas. As these LEDs are completely environment friendly which is why they do not contaminate the environment. They are actually made from the non-toxic components. Apart from this, they are recyclable too.

Cost effective: LEDs are quite cost effective. If you want to make your house or office brighter then LED bulbs price give you the ultimate relief as they are not highly expensive.

Conclusion: If you want to purchase LED lights then you can easily get LED bulbs online in affordable price. You will just have to choose lights according to your needs and affordability and experience the awesomeness of LED bulbs.

Led lighting India

Led Table Lamp Lets to Complete the Task without any Heat

LED Bulbs India

No doubt, we are hearing a lot about Led lights as they are highly promoted by the companies through TV and print advertisement. These LED lights are easily available in the market. You can easily find LED lighting from the market. However, only some of us are actually aware why LEDs are so significant or what they really are. Luckily, we are here to share some important information on LED lighting and LED table lamb.

LED implies for light emitting diode and has been utilized for quite a long time to make small sources of light for a selection of uses, such as art projects and small electronic equipment’s. Nowadays, they are widely use for several purposes, such as main source of light for rooms and work sites, and to make the glow in televisions.

One of the finest things related to the LEDs is that they do not heat up similar like the traditional bulbs do. When you spend hours working under a lamp having a bulb, you will definitely notice that it gets hot to hotter. On the other hand, Led table lamps don’t produce any sort of heat.

If you have a desk lamp made with LEDs technology, without any difficulty, you can carry on your job for hours. Even for students, studies become comfortable and easy. Moreover, if you hold a plant near your lamp, you will not have to be anxious about the plant overheating and sarcastic as a result.

LED lamps are even highly energy efficient as compared to the traditional lamps that include bulbs. This implies that they need comparatively less electricity to function, so it is possible to save cash on your electric bills by using them. At the same time, LED desk lamps are now offered in distinctive a wide range of styles and colors. There are many highly compact and contemporary Led tube lights that will fit nearly every place, while still creating a very brilliant light. You can also find lamps which spin and bend.

Decorative LED Lighting Fixture Building up a Great Ambiance

Decorative LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most energy efficient and cost effective technology available in the market, which are retrofitting the traditional lighting such as CFLs and fluorescent lamps.

Compact lighting provides it customers with a wide range of encompassing LED retrofit kits like LED panels, Flood lights, mirror optics fixtures which are proved to be cost effective and of improved quality of light. Since the company’s establishment compact lighting have positioned itself as a leading light manufacturing and marketing company.

About the product

There is a difference between lights used for decoration purpose and lights used for household applications. A consumer needs to be very precise about the products they are buying. Compact lighting however offers both decorative as well as functional lights. Versatile and resilient LED lighting can be implemented in any application. The products, which the company provides have capability to adopt to any type of LED fixtures.

12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light Round12W and 15W decorative LED lights are available at compact lighting forums. These lights are cost effective and can be used in decorating roof tops and ceilings of an office or home. LED interior lights which are though small in size produce high quality light. Lights such as 12W luna LED ceiling light, crystal LED mirror lights are available here at compact lighting. These lighting will surely help office look good and will add up a corporate look to the office.

Many business firms have already started investing in their lighting structure due to its great look and low power consumption. As it is easily adjustable to traditional lighting system, they are now widely used. Compact lighting however provides you with best quality of LED lights at much cheaper rate that usually last long as compared to traditional light bulbs. The technology of LED lighting has developed. This company provides you with the latest technology over a wide range, both decorative as well as functional under same roof.

If you are looking for LED Lights to decorate your Ambiance then call us on the given no.: +91-9312022588, or you can mail us your enquiry here: compact@compactlighting.net

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Give your Place a New Identity with the Exclusive Showroom/Commercial Lights

LED Showroom Lighting FixturesLED Showroom Lighting

Nowadays, the energy saving LED lights come out as the exclusive products that make our life easier. As the technology has developed so does the concept of lighting also improved coming out with the sophisticated stuffs. LED’s provide with great option to save energy and money both at a sane time. Compact lighting is a famous company who are into this business for a long time and has been able to produce excellent high quality showroom and commercial lighting since then.

The company has introduced a new lighting project for particularly showrooms and commercial places. The new LED lighting will have great advantage over traditional lighting. Easy installation and dynamic effects makes LED lights best choice of these palaces. The variation of colors of LED will obviously create a different environment and comfort level for people.

Products Launched

The major advantage of LED light is that, they are easy to maintain to make the work place a comfortable environment to work in, many lights are required to brighten the place whether it be an office or a showroom. Hence, to use a conventional source of lighting such as bulbs or tubes are quite expensive. Beside increasing the bills it is also power consuming. It is always better to install colorful LED to save energy.

Compact lighting has introduced some new cost effective, cheap products for your office and showrooms such as:

  • Compact- 8W ELT
  • Compact – D10W
  • Surface mirror optic paralite
  • White reflector

Energy saving showroom and commercial lighting   are much needed and are mostly recommended. As these light bulbs are cheaper and produce high quality light, these lights are now being used everywhere. An average energy saving showroom lighting or commercial lighting is much more efficient than any other type of lighting bulb. Compact lighting provides you with diverse range of showroom lighting bulb as well as commercial lighting bulb at a much cheaper rate. It is often advisable to take a proper care and concern while selecting a lighting bulb of your own choice.

If you are looking for energy saving LED Bulbs then call us on the given no.: +91-9312022588, or you can mail us your enquiry here: compact@compactlighting.net

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Considering LED Showroom Lighting- Go With Products From Compact!

Showroom Lighting Design

Image credit: nexia.es

Showroom Lighting

To keep your showroom illuminating you need to have the right lighting in place and this is why going in for the products coming from Compact is strongly recommended. In the past, showrooms used to have those bulky looking lights that not only appeared boring but added a lot to the power bills too and this is one big reason that the focus shifted to LED lights. These are available in all shapes, sizes and wattage capacity and showroom owners can easily settle in for the most suitable one looking the features and price tag.

The LED Showroom Lighting products coming from Compact that are in great demand are:

12W Element LED Deep Diffuser: With 4 high power LED present in this fixture it has a good illumination output. Installing this fixture is also easy as one just needs to fix in the spring clamps in the false ceiling.

12 W Luna LED Ceiling Light Square: If looking for a stylish looking LED Showroom Lighting, this is the one to go with.  The powder coated CRCA body and the PMAA Acrylic cover promise a long life and also make the fixture look pricey where installed.

7W Hero LED Downlight: This elegant looking LED fixture is going to add to the overall appeal of your showroom and at the same time provide you with enough amount of light. It gives away soft white light that will make the overall ambiance appeal well lit.

LED Showroom Lighting fixtures coming from Compact comes with a comprehensive warranty support and is easy to install and maintain. Looking at the lighting requirements that you have and the budget allocated, you can consider any of these options and make your showroom stay well lit without any heat management issues. Once installed these lighting fixtures would keep on giving you light for years to come.

Characteristics of Energy Saving Showroom Lighting and their benefits

Showroom Lighting Design

Image credit: stevebisgrove.com

Showroom Lighting

Energy Saving Showroom Lighting are most needed and always recommended due to the immense benefit and advantages which these lighting have. It is often very cheaper and sagacious when less is invested to get higher and more advanced results and outcome. Do you hope to start up or embark on a large or very big construction project as soon as possible? Why not hire the services of an expert in Home and Offices lighting or perhaps a consultant who will put you through with the hassles and the misfortune of expending huge sums of money on electrifying your showroom or company that might possibly have no good and satisfactory end results.

Energy Saving Showroom Lighting are often known for their abundance beneficial characteristic and advantages, that is why there is an uncompetitive and continuous flow of sales and patronage of all the Energy Saving Showroom Lighting products to include both bulbs and its fixtures.

Some of these characteristics are further shortlisted below:

1. Energy Saving Showroom Lighting is often very EFFICIENT: Efficiency is the first thing which customers and the innumerable number of patrons and consumers who shop for this Energy Saving Showroom Lighting bulbs and lighting care to know. Efficiency in the sense that a great percentage of electricity is often conserved in order to deliver its high quality and ever incomparable lighting to you the consumer. An average Energy Saving Showroom Lighting bulb is three to ten times better than any other type or category of lighting you might ever know of, and this is the most important and core valuable benefit of all Energy Saving Showroom lighting channel.

Showroom Lighting Fixtures Online

2.  They are very Bright and Glowing: When you come in contact with any Energy Saving Showroom Lighting source there is every probability that you will detect it. Reason is because there are several causes and reasons for you to know. Every Energy Saving Showroom Lighting is often known to be very bright and glow; they emit more clear light than other fluorescent and luminous lighting sources and bulbs etc.

Amazing Showroom Lighting Design

3.  They often very Cost EFFECTIVE: Effectiveness in cost does not just mean that you can afford to buy just one piece of Energy Saving Showroom Lighting bulb at a giveaway price. No, reason rather being because the total summation and cost of one or two pieces of the Energy Saving Showroom Lighting is going to serve you far more better and longer than any other category or type of lighting.

4.  Durability: Durability is one of the most important aspects which cannot be compromised when discussing about the Energy Saving Showroom Lighting. Showroom lighting are often known to be simplistically amazing in both design, shape and style. And last but not the list be these qualities best describes the Energy Saving Showroom Lighting. You can decide to give it a trial and see how it works.


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