Numerous Benefits offered by LED Downlights


Lighting offers a distinctive decor to any space. With its gleaming focus and highlighting capability it turns an ordinary room shine like a sparkling star. However, the quality and type of light used in a room largely determine its beauty and overall look and feel. In the modern time, LED downlights are being one of the most popular and widely used lightings for better brightness and aesthetic appeal.

You can see LED downlights being installed in places like museums where highlight on objects such as sculptures is required. Similarly in your home, you can create a wonderful cast on different objects using this type of illumination. These lightings helps you bring out the real beauty of the objects and thus enhances the beauty of the space in an altogether different way.


Further, you might not be aware with the fact that these LED downlights not only offer aesthetic value to a space, but also several other benefits. These are mentioned as below:

  • These lights operate by consuming lesser amount of energy as compared to other lighting sources.
  • With lesser energy being consumed, you get a significant reduction in the amount of electricity bills which means lot of savings.
  • Also, if we compare the quality of light, LED lights produce better quality brightness consuming minimum energy.
  • Traditional lighting sources often have the problem of frequent fluctuation and dimming, however LEDs do not posses any such problem.
  • The maintenance cost of LED interior lights is quite less as these do not need to be replaced any soon. These lights work for long lasting durations unlike those incandescent lights.

Clearly, LED lights are a far better option for perfect ambience lighting rather than spending on those traditional illumination sources. Share your experience with LED lights over here in the comments section.


Make your Home outshine with LED Downlights


From reduced electricity bills to lower electricity consumption and lesser heat emission to superior quality of light; LED lights have made it a big time hit in the market. To satisfy the different lighting needs of humans, LED interior and exterior lights have come up in the market with different versions. There are bulbs, study lamps, table lamps, tubes and downlights which are used for different lighting purposes.

In this article, we will be focusing on LED downlights which are quite in huge popularity these days. So what basically these downlights are all about?

Well, these are the lights with flat or half sphere like surface and are completely different from ceiling lights. These lights are generally installed in garden areas, backyards, porches, display cabinets, etc. Other than  providing illumination, these lights are known to add aesthetic appeal to the space, especially during evening and night time. When used in cabinets and closets, these lights help in finding things much easily.

However, one can also use LED downlights in their interiors as well. From bath areas, to kitchens, people use these lights to enhance the decor and aura of their homes. So, by now you are clear with the idea of what these lights are and where these are used.

JPEG-15W ZEN COB LED Deep Oval Wall Washer

Next, we will be discussing about the benefits of using LED downlights, so that one should know why these lights are valuable lighting resource. Here we go!

  • These lights are ecologically friendly and have a longer life span
  • These are well designed and durable in quality
  • There is negligible ultraviolet emission which makes them safe for environment
  • Lesser replacement frequency and maintenance costs

If anyone is interested in buying superior LED lights, then the best way is to lookout and shop on an online store with reliable reputation. Start your search today and let your home shine with elegance!

How to make decision for choosing LED Downlights for home and office places

We are equipped with top manufacturing facilities which are spread across 2 units in North India that cover more than 6000 Sq Yards.  We are credible to offer best designing and manufacturing lighting products. We develop ourselves from on-going policy of investment in resources and totally committed to premier standards of quality. We have our plant accredited and approved to ISO 9001: 2000 by Det Norskey Veritas.  We are the specialist manufacturer of LED Downlights for home. We have strong network of dealers cover more than 500 cities. Our yearly production capacity is more than25000 pieces. We have 25 years of experience in manufacturing & marketing lighting products.

12W Element LED deep diffuser

12W Element LED deep diffuser

It is the product comes in category of LED Downlights for home, office and other needs. It uses input voltage 240V and output voltage 8V-15V. It is connected to 4 high power LED source of 3 W each with high Lumen maintenance.  It has aluminum housing which work for optimal thermal management of LED source. It is installed using with 2 no.s string with spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It has attached reflector and push fit diffuser.

18W Delta Led Square

18W DELTA LED Square

It is a LED Downlight LED product with input driver voltage 240V. It is a high brightness SMD LED 5630 source with high Lumen maintenance. It has aluminum housing with sink for optimal thermal management. It is installed by recessed mounting with the help of two no.s spring. 18w Delta Led square is a product of LED Downlights for home, office and showrooms etc.

6W Omega Cob LED Round


It uses 5W High Power LED COB with high Lumen maintenance. It has die cast aluminum housing with heat sink for optimal thermal management of LED source. It emits even spot light with cob light source. It has attached aluminum reflector with reflective efficiency greater than 95%. It is installed with 2 no.s spring loaded clamp in false ceiling.

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LED Downlights Allow Proper Lights in Homes and Offices

Commercial DownlightsDownlights System

Whenever you have to choose for lighting system in your home or office, you have to consider about the exact amount of light you require in the room and the position, where you require maximum concentration of light. Individuals should always remember that light fixtures give tons of advantages to them provided they acquire and install them from good companies. Especially, you would end up with countless benefits if you prefer for LED Downlights offered by good companies. Best thing about LED down light systems are that they provide adequate amount of light, so that people could view everything without using huge amount of power.

Product Offers in LED Downlighting Systems

  • 5 Watts of LED Tiny Round Downlight
  • LED Downlight Panel in Round Shape of 15 Watts
  • 11 Watts of Downlight Panel in LEDs
  • LED Downlight Panel Square
  • Deep Diffuser of Element LED Light

Specialties and Options in Round Panel of LED Downlights

If you give your time in browsing the website involved in offering various types of LED lights, you would likely come to know about different types of options and specialties associated with LED Round Panel type of Commercial Downlights. Firstly, these types of lighting systems have LEDs with high brightness and highest possible maintenance of lumens. After this, most of the lights belonging to this category play significant role for optimum level of thermal management.

The reason for this is that the system has incorporated housing of aluminum in combination with proper heat sink. If this is not enough, LED downlights offered by reputable companies have elegant structure and simultaneously give uniform amount of light. Therefore, whether you want to have bright lights in your home or in any of your office area, you should definitely look for LED downlights.

Perfect Lighting for all needs with LED Downlights COB Lights





Standing on the verge of 21st century where energy saving has been a significant criterions these days, one of the services extended towards a better future is by Compact Lightings Group. Speaking of the best products, LED Downlights COB Lights are the best products from their side. These lights are not only the ones having outstanding aesthetics but also their longevity tenure is also immensely high as compared to normal lighting bulbs. Besides, their wide range of varieties caters needs of every sort.

The best part about LED Downlights COB Lights is that they consume least amount of energy being on operations in spite of the fact that their brightness and illumination is much higher in comparison to conventional lightings. Coming to the price tags, these LED lamps are very reasonably priced in contrast to the services and longevity of the products

Opt for the best LED lamps for higher energy saving


LED Downlights COB Lights Delhi,India
As compared to all the LED brands in the market, Compact Lighting LED Downlights COB Lights are simply the best. Commencing from the aesthetics, illuminations to longevity of the product and the energy consumption, these products having topping all sectors. Being very committed towards customer satisfaction, the manufacturer has been very focused in extending the best services from warranty of the products to product quality and other services. Besides their wide range of products stays dedicated solely to meet all customers’ need.

From kitchens to living rooms, these LED Downlights COB Lights have been providing lighting solutions for all domestics and office needs. They being very dedicated towards a better future, the brand always strives to employ efficient technologies in their products. The fact that makes them favored by more customers is that their immensely low energy consumptions.


Commercial Downlights- If Carefully Chosen Can Offer Better Illumination


Commercial LED Downlights

Replacing those bulbs, LED downlights are becoming a huge hit especially in the commercial zones. Not only these look good where placed, but provide with a better lighting as compared to other options available. For all those who have been on the lookout for a fixture that produces better light and generates less heat, commercial downlights are the ones that are to be considered. Not only these give better light than fluorescent lights, but come with a shelf life that is much longer than the other available options.

Commercial downlights are to be installed into a hole and they would start giving light in the downwards direction. The light that comes out spreads easily and thus covers a good amount of area. One can go in for different color and size options, looking into the amount of money that one wishes to spend. For the ones who are looking for the options that would really end up being effective, the below mentioned ones can be given a try.

  • Recessed D/L GLS Round: This commercial downlight comes with a metalized reflector containing 99% aluminum coating. When used along with an incandescent bulb, this downlight would give amazing results.

  • Recessed D/L CDMT Round: This fixture comes with a die cast housing that adds to the life span and provide with a better lighting. This downlight is heat resistant and contains a toughened semi frosted glass casing that makes it look really appealing.

  • Recessed D/L Metal Halide: This downlight is sand blasted with a high quality reflector that makes it emit a good amount of light. The swivel design is the trait that makes this commercial downlight a great hit.

  • Recessed D/L Halogen: The casing of this fixture is such that the heat of the lamp is absorbed within and is not emitted in the air. Fixing the lamp is quite easy as one just needs to press a button.

  • Surface Downlight: Coming with a CRCA powder coated housing; this is the downlight that would surely stand out. Pure aluminum coating is what adds to the overall life of this fixture.

  • Recessed D/L Horizontal Glass Square Square: With such an impressive design and sturdy casing, this is indeed one of the best commercial downlights. One just need to push the glass top and it would get fixed and more so this is the fixture that does not require much maintenance.

With so many variants of commercial downlights, surely the end pick would be tough, but one just has to go by the budget and the one that seems best has to be chosen. Always make sure that you are buying it from someone that offers complete warranty as a good amount of money goes into the purchase.

Make ultimate quality Downlights COB and Delta Lights

Downlights COB and Delta Lights


Downlights COB & Delta Lights


If you are willing to look forward to get the perfect quality Downlights COB and Delta Lights, then you have to look forward to the best research that help you in getting the right one. In this case, steps should also be taken to ensure that right efforts are taken to get hold of Compact Lighting where it makes it possible to get the perfect certified products. We help you to get the perfect products that have got the best certifications making your stay on a much profitable place as well. We also make it possible to provide the ultimate satisfaction that brings a big smile to the face without any worry at all.

Choose from a wide range of Downlights COB and Delta Lights

  • 12W Delta LED Square
  • 12W Delta LED Round
  • 18W Delta LED Square
  • 18W Delta LED Round
  • Surface Downlight
  • Recessed D/L Regular
  • ACER Spot Lamp Mini Spiral  CFL




Get The Perfect Surface Downlight

It can prove to be your best choice to look forward to the perfect Surface Downlight where it proves to be very useful to you.  With metallised high quality reflector and that too with 99.99% pure aluminum coating, it proves to be very useful where you can get the ultimate one. Make sure that you visit Compact Lighting that makes it the perfect choice. It also goes a long way ahead in saving a lot of energy out of it.  So, it does not lead to any worry at all that makes it the perfect choice without any sort of problem at all. Thus it can prove to be the right one that would lead to get the perfect lighting products and that too at the best price.

How To Make Good Search For The Perfect LED Downlights?

COB LED Downlights

There are important steps that need to be taken when you try to look forward to find the perfect LED Downlights and that too from the best source. In order to get the ultimate lighting products for you, it is important to ensure that you also try to make your best attempt that would help you to feel glad of your selection. If you have found a good company that offers the best quality lighting products then you should definitely try to get in touch with them that would prove to be very useful to you. It is therefore your own important decisions that needs to be taken by you if your really wish to find the right one. You also have to look forward to the price lists that would prove to be very useful to you making you get the perfect satisfaction out of it.


LED COB Downlights India
Look For The Original and Best Quality

Right steps have to be taken to ensure that you are able to get different lighting products that would help you to get the perfect satisfaction that would prove to be the ultimate one. This would also help you to remain sure of remaining yourself much tensed free as well. So, you have to ensure that good attempts are taken to find out the perfect LED lights for various purposes according to your requirements in the best way. So, this is why you have to ensure that you try to get the right one that would also make it possible to provide you with warranty as well. Do try to look at the different shapes and sizes of the LED lights that would make you get the best satisfaction without any worry at all. Once you find the best lights for your purpose, it would not be possible to find the perfect one.

Check Its Certifications

It is also important to make sure that perfect attempts are made to look at its certifications that would really make it very easy to find the best one. With the help of the best Downlights COB lights, it would really be able to meet your expectations that would in turn help you to feel good of your ultimate steps taken by you.  Planning in the right way to get the right idea by looking at all the specifications would really help you to bring a big smile of satisfaction in the best way,. You can also try to ensure of getting in touch either through phone call or email that would help you to get the best one for you.  Thus it is your perfect selection which is very important if you really wish to get the ultimate LED lights and that too at affordable rates as well.

Advantages of Using LED Downlight and Lighting Fixtures

You hear about the benefits of installing the LED lights over traditional bulbs. It is true because these are energy-efficient and power saving. There are different varieties of energy-saving tubes are launching by different manufactures. But, if you are the user of led downlights then you can see the difference how these are better than that. This is the revolution of lighting fixtures introducing by leading manufacturers Compact Lighting with more advance features and smart-solutions.

If you want to get the Eco-friendly lighting products then LED’s will be best for you. These are normal digital lights but have many advantages over other traditional lighting.

Advantages of using LED Downlights Over Traditional Lighting Products:

  • Outstanding operational life time
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Design Flexibility
  • Light Dispersement
  • Power-saving
  • Frequent Switching

We are designing the new downlight and lighting fixtures which you can install in rooms, hotels and restaurants. We mainly focus on giving you high brightness with less power consumption. If you want to know more about our LED’s then feel free to contact us at 9312022588. We are known for delivering the quality lighting products across India. We provide the warranty for longtime running without any fault.

Review our some of the best products:

  • 4.5W-LED Tiny Round 3 LED 0f 1W each
  • 4W OMEGA COB LED Downlight Round
  • 18W DELTA LED Round