What to look before purchasing LED Light Fixtures

LED Lights India

LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lighting is gaining popularity and the lighting technology has become the first choice for homes and businesses. They are safe, cheaper and energy efficient than any other lighting source. Some common LED fixtures include LED light panels, garden lighting, office lighting and rope lighting. Some other examples include LED scanner, tube lighting, spotlight and displays.

Choosing Right LED Light Fixtures

There are so many options available in light fixtures that can light up your home colorfully. The first thing you must consider is to match a light bulb for lighting fixture with right wattage amount. The wattage amount range from 40watts of 120 watts. You can choose a light bulb with wattage less than what your fixture ask for. You must then give attention to the lumens and higher the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb is. You must first check the fixture and purchase LED bulb that fits perfectly in it. Some light fixtures require specifically shaped bulb.

LED Fixtures for Outdoor Light and Indoor Light

A few LED fixtures for indoor area includes junction box, 12W LUNA LED ceiling light round, 12W crystal LED mirror light, 18W LED sparkle and 12W LUNA LED ceiling light square. The ABS base designed junction box has a long life span and can burn 50,000 hours. It is fitted with high brightness LED and apply them in bedrooms, restaurant and path lighting. Few outdoor lighting fixtures include 20W LED sapphire flood light, 25W LED Stellar street light, LED flood light color changing and 50W Topaz LED flood light. The LED fixtures can benefit both exterior and interior of the home.


Get Yourself The Best LED Fixtures Online at Discount

LED Fixtures India

LED Fixtures

Nothing revives the look of your house like new LED fixtures. This Diwali,You can brighten your home with a hanging design compact lights which are available at special prices in our online store. If you want a good service provider who will give you the best compact light then do go for services provided by http://www.compactlighting.net which carry a complete line of lighting products that can help make your home safe and attractive. At the same time you have to find some good time that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction without any sort of worry at all. So, you have to ensure that you try to find the best service provider that would make you get the ultimate satisfaction from their services that would bring a big smile to your face as well

Look for The Best Seller

To make shopping easier you can search through many LED light fixtures which are available with them. This will give you quick information about them and their services. If you have questions or need to enquire about selected products for your home then you can call them for helping you. A good service provider can also help you with all your home lighting management and design needs for every room in your home.

Look for Energy Efficient Products

You can save a lot of electricity by using LED light fixtures at home. You can put LED lights both indoors and outdoors and you can find the energy proficient lighting solutions you need at low prices with the best service provider. LED is an innovative and long-lasting technology which will transform your home and make it more colorful, bright and stylish. These wonderful, long-lasting LED’s are the future of lighting. A good service provider offers a wide range of modern designs and types to fit completely in any home. Let them take care of all of your lighting needs in a professional manner and make your house more beautiful.

Check for The Best Design and Price

LED light fixtures and compact lights are not only energy efficient but are very beautiful too. Many top brands use cutting edge LED technology and creative designers to make and design these lights. So don’t hesitate to go for it and save energy and money with innovative compact light which will be all over in the future. Both gorgeous and proficient, these lights are Eco-friendly and last up to 50,000 hours. You just need to make sure to contact the right service provider who will give you the best possible solution and the most affordable deals. You also have to concentrate on the price that would help you to get the perfect idea whether it would prove to be the perfect one for you.  Thus you need to research in the best way that would make you feel glad of your selection.

Get the High Quality Led lighting with Low Energy Consumption!

Led lighting: Gift of Advance Light Technology:

LED is like a pn-junction diode which produces the lights in the form of photons. It is a semiconductor which gives energy only when the current is passed. This is produced to overcome the limitations of incandescent tubes. This was launched with the help of advance techniques to give the better solution than the traditional bulbs. Traditional lights were available in limited size and color. Now, advance technology using company such as compact lighting producing high quality varieties of led lighting in different design and colors.


LED Lighting Manufacturers Delhi, Noida, India

You can find from us a good combination of led down lights, fixtures, interior lights and commercial luminaries. Our main motto is to give the high quality lighting products which can consume the good light energy.

50W TOPAZ FLOOD LIGHT: Get this light with 30W High Power COB and high capacity of light energy-saving. We have manufactured 50W TOPAZ flood LIGHT to give the dust and water proof lighting products for our customers. The installation is very easy by heavy-gauge steel bracket. The input of 240V AC 50Hz produces the brightness of 30V DC 900 mA. This is present in cool and warm white colors at Rs 5,000.

12W LUNA Ceiling Light Square: This light we have manufactured with the Powder coated CRCA body and double insulation which has high capacity to minimize the loss of heat energy. This light contains electronic driver of input 240V (160-275) AC 50 Hz capable of producing the Output: 40V DC 350mA. This provides the features of protection against splashed water. You can get this highly efficient light at Rs 1,540.

6W HERO LED DOWNLIGHT: We are offering the good reduction on our highly selling products. 6W HERO is one of our most demanded downlights which produce high brightness. Produce soft light with low power consumption is the main feature of this product. You can buy from us at only Rs 1,050/-.

40W LUMINO-Surface (2’ X 2’): We have launched this LUMINO-Surface with High Lumen maintenance. This is made up of CRCA sheet and contains electronic driver of producing the output of 28-44V DC 800 mA. We are presenting this product in three different colors cool, neutral and warm colors. The installation is suitable with GRP, TRA modular ceiling system and Gypsum.

10W ZOOM COB LED Downlight: Now we are presenting the led lighting which is completely different in look. This product has high reflective efficiency and working efficiently on constant current supply. You will save your high energy bills with the easy installation of these types of down lights.

We are not new in this field. We have achieved the great success for the manufacture of amazing low consumptions lights for homes, factories, industries and hotels. We have led interior lights, lighting fixtures, powerspot, commercial luminaries and consumer lighting products. You will get the good warranty, long lifespan, high efficiency and low power consumption features which gives you the benefits of light energy saving. You can reach us via call at +919312022588 or via mail at compact@compactlighting.net