Make your Home outshine with LED Downlights


From reduced electricity bills to lower electricity consumption and lesser heat emission to superior quality of light; LED lights have made it a big time hit in the market. To satisfy the different lighting needs of humans, LED interior and exterior lights have come up in the market with different versions. There are bulbs, study lamps, table lamps, tubes and downlights which are used for different lighting purposes.

In this article, we will be focusing on LED downlights which are quite in huge popularity these days. So what basically these downlights are all about?

Well, these are the lights with flat or half sphere like surface and are completely different from ceiling lights. These lights are generally installed in garden areas, backyards, porches, display cabinets, etc. Other than  providing illumination, these lights are known to add aesthetic appeal to the space, especially during evening and night time. When used in cabinets and closets, these lights help in finding things much easily.

However, one can also use LED downlights in their interiors as well. From bath areas, to kitchens, people use these lights to enhance the decor and aura of their homes. So, by now you are clear with the idea of what these lights are and where these are used.

JPEG-15W ZEN COB LED Deep Oval Wall Washer

Next, we will be discussing about the benefits of using LED downlights, so that one should know why these lights are valuable lighting resource. Here we go!

  • These lights are ecologically friendly and have a longer life span
  • These are well designed and durable in quality
  • There is negligible ultraviolet emission which makes them safe for environment
  • Lesser replacement frequency and maintenance costs

If anyone is interested in buying superior LED lights, then the best way is to lookout and shop on an online store with reliable reputation. Start your search today and let your home shine with elegance!


Significance of LED Office Lighting Fixtures


Whether it is a small office space or a large corporate, having optimum lighting is important for seamless working and operations. And when it is about choosing an ideal lighting solution for your working space, the first thing that should be kept in mind is maintaining a balance between performance, quality and cost-effectiveness.

You cannot keep on changing bulbs and tubes every other day if you compromise on quality. Moreover, investing on exceptionally high cost lighting is a no wise decision as you need to keep things between your budget. Also, you need optimal quality of light so that daily office activities are done with ease and comfort.

Interestingly, LED lights are one of the most useful form of lighting which are being adapted and appreciated by people all over the world. The reason for this huge popularity is their superior quality light and lesser maintenance. However, LEDs are a little bit expensive than their standard counterparts.

However, when considered their tremendous benefits, they are completely worth the cost. Moreover, this initial investment provides you with a number of significant benefits in the long run. One is that you have to bear lesser electricity bills because these LED lights are much efficient in their working and consume less power. This is quite advantageous for commercial setups as they can get high quality illumination at reasonable costs.


In simple words, LEDs are reliable lighting alternatives to those traditional incandescent lights and can make a big different in the everyday life of a workplace. Moreover, LEDs offer options in colour of lighting as there are different shades available to choose from. The nature of these lights to emit lesser amount of heat makes them a must to have lighting at offices as it keeps the atmosphere cool. Not only offices but showroom lighting can be enhanced by using LED light bulbs and lamps.

One can easily find a number of designs in different shapes and sizes, so as to choose a light according to the event and occasion. So if you are looking for some reliable LED office lighting fixtures, then start your search online and get the best value for your money.

The Tremendous Benefits of LED Strips

While there are a number of lightings in the market, it is necessary for you to choose the one which best suits your needs. LED strips which are quite in huge trend these days, are one such option that are used by people for residential and commercial purposes.

Since these LED strip lights offer good illumination, and are thin and flexible in structure, these lights can be used in any room and corner. From garden area to kitchen cabinets, these strips can be easily used to brighten up a space.

Good lighting simply transforms a dull room to an interesting and attractive spot. Using LED strip lights that come in various colours, you can set the mood and theme of a room as per your convenience. As far as the efficiency of these light strips is concerned, majority of the electrical energy is converted into light energy (usually 90% of electricity is converted into light). When it comes to price, these light strips are quite reasonable and affordable. Considered their usefulness, functionality and quality of light, it is completely a true investment on your money.


For those who are concerned about the safety of these lights, especially when there are kids at home, then there is nothing to worry about. These lights are completely safe as they do not contain any harmful element and do not emit much heat that could cause skin burns. If you are looking forward to buy superior quality LED products, then the best way is to start your search on internet. This would help you save a lot of your precious time and money plus you would be able to come across a wide range of products with just a few mouse clicks.

Comparing products on web stores by different LED lights manufacturers in India, you can get the one that is most suitable in terms of price and quality. Let us know how you go about purchasing LED lights for your home. We would love to hear your views, suggestions and experiences here.

Why and How LED Lighting is True Value for Money?


For the modern commercial sector, the lighting options need to smart and efficient. These days the buzzing trend of LED lightings is grabbing lot of appreciation from the consumers. The reason behind this is not just one but many. Let’s take a look:

  • LEDs do not contain poisonous mercury as compared to other light sources, so it is completely safe for the living beings.
  • The life of lights lasts more than 25000 hours which is quite high as compared to those traditional incandescent lights with maximum of 5000 hours of working life span.
  • LEDs by nature are unidirectional sources of energy, thus they produce more focused light which brings more brightness.
  • These lighting sources do not cause heat buildup which means they do not increase the room temperature as other lights do. With this, it also makes an earth-friendly option.
  • The efficiency of LED lights is quite higher than fluorescent lights as these consume less electrical energy and produce more light. In simple words, these produce more brightness per watt of electricity.
  • However, cost is one crucial factor for most of the consumers. As these lights are a bit expensive than the regular ones but keeping in mind the efficiency and several other benefits, they are completely worth the value.

If you are looking for LED tube lights at affordable rates, then going online would be the best possible for your as many online service providers are now selling reliable products at fair rates. You just need to browse and buy the desired product keeping in view the suitability of usage and budget.

Have you installed commercial LED lightings at home and office? Let us know how is your experience using them? Which sources do you trust for genuine products online? Share your words now!

LED Bulbs India

Reap the Benefits by Installing LED Home Lighting


Every home demands an efficient lighting solution. With the growing problem of higher consumption of electricity and bills, consumers are now looking for lightings that are cost-effective and earth-friendly as well.

These days, there has been a lot of buzz about LED lights and panels and everyone’s appreciating the use of these solutions in homes and offices. The reason for such growing popularity is not one but many. Let’s have a look:

  • Due to their long lifetime as compared to incandescent lamps, LEDs offers its users the privilege of low maintenance cost as these are not needed to replaced frequently.
  • Exceeding the energy efficiency of its traditional counterparts, the LED home lighting with their directional nature offers more energy efficiency and thus more savings.
  • They also contribute in saving the environment from global warming by emitting less heat radiations in contrast to those halogen and incandescent lights.
  • When it comes to cost, these products give you the added advantage of being less expensive than other sources of lighting for home and offices. This is because with their ability to deliver more output makes them cost-friendly.
  • The colour range of LED extends to a large count. You have access to saturated colours which helps you choose beyond the traditional white and yellow hues.
  • When it comes to design, these lights come into a range of fashion variants that not only illuminates but acts as a beautiful decor accessories for residential and commercial areas.

When search for LED ceiling lights on the Internet, you will find a number of stores offering the product from different brands. Therefore, it is advisable to check reviews and other information such as warranty period of the product before you make the final purchase. Share your experiences as well in the comments section.


Illuminate worriless with best Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures

Office Lighting

Office Lighting Fixtures


With offices and workplaces getting innovative and modernized every day, lighting are indeed a significant part of designing that not only decorates the ambiences but also enables the companies to benefit in a lot ways. Some of the luring features of the Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures from Compact Lighting are that these lighting options they are very reliable in services, heart luring in aesthetics and immensely saves energy.

Some of the product ranges in their interior lighting fixtures are as follows:

  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • LED Sparkle Lights
  • CFL based interior Lights
  • FTL based lights, etc.

The best part about these Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures is they play a significant role in cost reduction in electricity bills by deliberately energy saving. Besides the price tags are completely reasonable when compared to the benefits they extend towards the users.

Lighten up interiors with best lighting fixtures

Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures from Compact Lighting Groups has been a boon to the users as these products have deliberately commenced solving a lot of issues. As compared to conventional lightings, these lighting solutions are better in every possible way. From longevity tenure, aesthetics to illumination and energy saving, these products are simply the best.

LED Office Lighting Fixtures

Being solely dedicated to better the lives of their end-users, every product from Compact Lighting Groups are results of rigorous researches top ensure immense product quality. Besides the materials utilized in the making of the same are even accepted from trusted vendors and suppliers. In order to cope with the technological advancements, their products are always incorporated with latest technologies to ensure that energy is always saved without compromising on the illumination and performance of the products. In addition to it, the after sales services and warranties from them are also up to the mark.


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How to Improve Interior LED Lighting Systems

Interior Lights


If you have been using the normal light bulbs in your house then you’re possibly contented through the lighting that it offers. However, if you visit a house that utilizes interior LED lights then you’ll definitely notice the dissimilarity. Lighting gives extra illumination than the old outdated lighting stuff inside your house. If you’ve decided to improve the lighting in your residence to interior decoration then you don’t now go to store and purchase a car load of light bulbs. You require to preparation how you’ll improve the lighting in your house to interior decoration.

Interior Lights

One important thing that you must identify is that interior LED lights are more costly than the normal light bulbs that you’ve been using in your residence The price of the LED lights shouldn’t dissuade you from continuing through the improve because the first cost of purchasing the LED lights may be more costly but in the long run you’ll be saving some money. This is because; interior decoration is power efficient hence you can save big amounts of money through your electricity bills in the monthly to come.

Interior LED lights are also very strong and are established to at least ten years that means you don’t have to spend additional money on substitute bulbs every year. When you improve to interior decoration, the greatest approach to perform it would be to implement it by segment. It would be extremely costly to purchase LED lights for your complete home all at once. To aid you choose where to start, you have to determine which exact light in your house is used frequently. If you spend extra time duration in the living-room after that you can start there. You will immediately obtain savings your electricity bill there because still if you disappear the lights on every time, the interior decoration will consume less energy.

Make ultimate quality Downlights COB and Delta Lights

Downlights COB and Delta Lights


Downlights COB & Delta Lights


If you are willing to look forward to get the perfect quality Downlights COB and Delta Lights, then you have to look forward to the best research that help you in getting the right one. In this case, steps should also be taken to ensure that right efforts are taken to get hold of Compact Lighting where it makes it possible to get the perfect certified products. We help you to get the perfect products that have got the best certifications making your stay on a much profitable place as well. We also make it possible to provide the ultimate satisfaction that brings a big smile to the face without any worry at all.

Choose from a wide range of Downlights COB and Delta Lights

  • 12W Delta LED Square
  • 12W Delta LED Round
  • 18W Delta LED Square
  • 18W Delta LED Round
  • Surface Downlight
  • Recessed D/L Regular
  • ACER Spot Lamp Mini Spiral  CFL




Get The Perfect Surface Downlight

It can prove to be your best choice to look forward to the perfect Surface Downlight where it proves to be very useful to you.  With metallised high quality reflector and that too with 99.99% pure aluminum coating, it proves to be very useful where you can get the ultimate one. Make sure that you visit Compact Lighting that makes it the perfect choice. It also goes a long way ahead in saving a lot of energy out of it.  So, it does not lead to any worry at all that makes it the perfect choice without any sort of problem at all. Thus it can prove to be the right one that would lead to get the perfect lighting products and that too at the best price.

Office Lighting Fixtures | Compact Lighting | LED Manufacturers

Office Lighting Manufacturers India


Finding the best top quality LED lighting for you is very essential when you try to make your perfect selection. You have to make sure that right attempts are made by you to find the best one that would provide you with the best satisfaction out of it. So, it is important to make sure that right steps are taken to find out the perfect lighting manufacturers that would not only make you get the right quality ones for you but also save your pocket providing the best discounts and offers as well.



Get In Touch

Surface Mirror Optic Paralite Square
By getting the best lighting manufacturers, you should also try to get in touch so that it helps you to feel good and knowledgeable finding the perfect products at the best price. It would also add to your satisfaction where you would yourself feel glad for being able to select the right one that meets your specification in the right way.  This would also help you to select from a wide range of different lighting products that would not lead to any sort of problem. It is also important to make sure that you get certified products that would prove to be very safe for you.  Unless you really make some good and serious initiatives, it would be very challenging to get the right one that would only make you lose your cash as well.

Save On Your Energy Bills

It is important to find out as to whether the office lighting that you choose helps to save on your energy bills as well. This would make you stay tensed free as you can expect to get the maximum good benefits saving on your energy getting the perfect office lighting for you. Therefore you have to put your best foot forward that would help you to get the right one without being tensed at all. So, you have to make sure that good steps are taken by you to find the right manufacturers to stay on a much safer and profitable side at the same time.

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