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Office Ceiling Lights

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We are one of the best home decor lightening product manufacturers. We have established with a motive to stand at the forefront position of lighting technology. We work on 5 lighting design patents.  The Two design patents are in LED. We are fully reliable and proficient in designing and manufacturing lighting product. We also offer unique decorative ceiling lights for home decor.  We are providing best quality products at affordable cost for all your lightning needs.  We work on latest technologies and design patents. We have successfully completed LED and t5 lighting projects with esteemed organizations like HCL and AmarUjala.

Get your dream lighting product from wide product range

We are proud to be one of the best lighting product companies in India. We have wide range of products that comprise of LED fixtures, LED Lamps, Commercial luminaries, consumer lighting. Our products work on the principle low power consumption with production of high quality of light. Some of our   products for decorative Ceiling lights for home decor are specified here.

12W Luna Led Ceiling Light Round

12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light Round This product is used for indoor only. It is mostly applied in hotel, home, kitchen and office. It is electronic LED Driver that has input voltage 240V and output voltage 40V.  The optical specification of this product is it emits cool white light with 800 systems Lumens and typical CRI is 70.  The dimensions of the product is L=123, H=85, OD =260. It has powder coated CRCA body with acrylic cover opal round. It has IP44 protection which protect from splashed water. It has II class of protection i.e. it is doubly insulated.



Use Our Ceiling Lights for Home Decor

12W Luna Led Ceiling Light Square

Interior Lights It is used in indoor only.  It is applied in hotel, home kitchen, and office. It has conformance to ISO 9001: 2008 for working on international quality standards.  It has electronic LED Driver with input voltage of 240V and output voltage of 40V. The optical specification for this product is that it has cool white Led color, the system Lumen is 800 Lumen with atypical CRI is 70. The dimension of the products is L=123, H=85, OD =260. It has powder coated CRCA body with PMMA acrylic cover opal round. It has IP44 protection that protects it from splashed water. It has II class of protection i.e. doubly installed.


LED Downlights Allow Proper Lights in Homes and Offices

Commercial DownlightsDownlights System

Whenever you have to choose for lighting system in your home or office, you have to consider about the exact amount of light you require in the room and the position, where you require maximum concentration of light. Individuals should always remember that light fixtures give tons of advantages to them provided they acquire and install them from good companies. Especially, you would end up with countless benefits if you prefer for LED Downlights offered by good companies. Best thing about LED down light systems are that they provide adequate amount of light, so that people could view everything without using huge amount of power.

Product Offers in LED Downlighting Systems

  • 5 Watts of LED Tiny Round Downlight
  • LED Downlight Panel in Round Shape of 15 Watts
  • 11 Watts of Downlight Panel in LEDs
  • LED Downlight Panel Square
  • Deep Diffuser of Element LED Light

Specialties and Options in Round Panel of LED Downlights

If you give your time in browsing the website involved in offering various types of LED lights, you would likely come to know about different types of options and specialties associated with LED Round Panel type of Commercial Downlights. Firstly, these types of lighting systems have LEDs with high brightness and highest possible maintenance of lumens. After this, most of the lights belonging to this category play significant role for optimum level of thermal management.

The reason for this is that the system has incorporated housing of aluminum in combination with proper heat sink. If this is not enough, LED downlights offered by reputable companies have elegant structure and simultaneously give uniform amount of light. Therefore, whether you want to have bright lights in your home or in any of your office area, you should definitely look for LED downlights.

LED Strip Lights and LED Strips Sold By Compact Are A Huge Hit These Days

All Types of LED Strip Lights India

LED Strip Lights

For all those looking for energy efficient and interesting looking lighting option LED Strip Lights and LED Strips are the ones to be considered. Not only these strip lights are easy to install but come with a life span that is much longer than the other variants being sold in the market. When it comes to buying these LED strip lights, it is to be known that a reliable seller is chosen and this is the reason Compact has been ruling the niche for years. Not only over here you are going to find all latest arrivals but the after sales support is also incredible, thus adding to the repute of the seller.

It has been seen that the options are practically endless when we talk of buying LED strip lights, but the buyer has to make sure that something that comes from a reputed brand has to be picked as that is the product that is going to stand the test of time. Make sure that you opt in for these LED strips for only those places where a strip of light would suffice. Decide on the place where you want these to be placed and then go ahead with the shopping spree. Explore all the interesting options coming your way and then go ahead with the one that rules your preferences and budget.

The areas where these LED Strip Lights and LED Strips would look perfectly placed and give away a good amount of light are:

  • Bathroom or kitchen cabinets
  • Ceiling covers
  • Bar counters
  • Display cases
  • Driveways
  • Garden area
  • Under the roof soffits

An important thing that needs to be known at this point is that the color variants and size choices are many; it is advisable to make a pick for the one that would go well with the place where installation has to take place.

The variants that are being considered by many people looking for that perfect lighting are:

LED Strip Light 5050: Coming at a cost of Rs 500, this is indeed a pocket friendly option to go with. Coming loaded with a LED chip, the amount of energy that it is going to dissipate is surely going to work well in all the areas.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m: This is the alternative meant for a high buyer at it comes at a cost of Rs 1,500. The features are pretty interesting and these include low working voltage and even light spread at a viewing angle.

All these options are in stock and one just needs to check out for availability of volume.

Choose The Ultimate Office Lighting for You

Office Lighting

Office Lighting

It is very important for you to make the best efforts when you try to look forward to the perfect office lighting. In this case you have to ensure that right attempts are made to look at whether you would really be able to find the right one that would add to your satisfaction in the right way. If you do not make your best decision to get the right one for you, it would not be possible for you to find the right one for you. So, for this you need to look forward to visit Compact Lighting that would help you to get the genuine and best quality ones that would bring a big smile to your face. It makes it possible for you to get the perfect lighting products that would suit your requirement in the best way. With certified lighting products, it also helps a lot in saving your money on energy bills. So, it can be the best purchase that proves to be the ultimate one for you.

Get the perfect office lighting for you by choosing from a wide range of different products

Hi-Lux Reflector

Hi-Lux Reflector(Office Lighting) You can try to look forward to get Hi-Lux Reflector where it helps in saving a lot on your energy bills. Being powder coated with aluminum anodized parabolic reflector, it makes it very useful for its use. It is best suited for the use in garments industry that provides the best lighting. You can try to get it for you without any problem by ordering it that does not take a lot of your time as well.

Aluminum Reflector

Aluminium Reflector With high quality aluminum imported from ALANOD, it can be the best choice to opt for Aluminum Reflector that makes it possible to save good electricity. Being affordable, it also makes it possible for you to save good amount of cash as well. Moreover it helps a lot in providing a total reflection ranging between 86% to 98% that happens to be of the best use. It also helps a lot in getting the ultimate satisfaction out of it in the best way. So, it proves to be of the best use where it does not lead to any sort of problem in getting the ultimate benefits out of it without any worry at all.   Find Our Some other articles:

In order to purchase these lighting products along with others, you need to ensure that you try to look forward to visit the site led manufacturers where you can get it at the best and affordable price as well.

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Compact Lighting- Buy Online Energy-Saving Commercial LED Lighting Conveniently

Commercial LED Lighting

About Compact Lighting:

Compact Lighting is a leading manufacturer of huge varieties of LED lights which are much better than incandescent lamps. We have been manufacturing light emitting diode from several years. We have thousands of clients which are continuously purchasing our products and attain satisfaction. Most of the people think why we should have to use Led if we have an option of conventional lights. The answer is that because these are energy-saving and environment friendly. We are making eco-friendly lighting which is 100% free from any kind of harm.

Commercial Led Lighting

These are also best option for the power consumption. If you want to have lights for decoration which should be energy efficient then compact lighting can be your best destination.

Review about some of the led home lighting:

  • 20W OMEGA COB LED Downlight Round
  • 12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light Round
  • 10W SOLITAIRE COB LED Downlight Round
  • 18W LED TUBE T8
  • Junction Box
  • 12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light-Flower

Buy commercial led lighting at affordable cost:

Decorate your home with our energy-efficient Led fixtures, lamps, commercial luminaries and consumer lighting. We are selling our Eco-friendly products with heavy discount. You can visit our site compactlighting.net to review our different types of LED lighting. You can contact us via call at +91- 9312022588 or via email at compact@compactlighting.net