LED Lighting: The Best Way to Spread Light

Led lighting India

LEDs are nowadays most advance solution for power consuming standard lighting systems. LEDs have record breaking energy efficiency and durability compared to anything else. So as to save more and more power for the country, we are encouraging people to adapt LED lighting, LED Lamps, especially in India.

Advantages for using LED lighting India:

  1.  Efficiency: The standard bulbs that we are using, have an efficiency of 20% only. That means, the electricity that is entering the bulb, only 20% of it is being used to illuminate the bulb and the rest 80% is being used to produce other forms of energy such as heat. We can even say that the electricity bills we are paying, only 20% of it is being spent to produce light and 80% is to heat the room. But using LEDs gives us, 80% efficiency constantly. So if we were paying ₹100 a year for a standard bulb then we will be paying only ₹20 for the LED ones.
  2. Durability: LED bulbs have a tremendous durability as they have a duty cycle of 100,000 hours. Which means average 11 years of constant operation or as good as 22 years at 50% operation. So if you willing to light a LED bulb for 8 hours a day then you have to change it after 20 years. So investing for LED bulbs are very worthy in that case.
  3. Works fine at low voltage: There are places in India where electricity supply is limited and unfortunately when it is available the incoming voltage being very low which makes no use for the traditional light bulbs. But in case of LED bulbs, they are able to run at very little voltage as they have a low output range. So we can use the LED bulbs where the voltage comes very low or if we can attach solar panels, then LED street lights are the perfect match for them.

Having all these significant abilities, LED lighting in India are the best solution for the recent extremely power consuming Indian Community as the 70-80% of total generated electricity is being wasted by producing pure heat but no light. So to build a better India tomorrow we have to start from today by replacing all those older world’s light fixtures with the LED ones, as they are the ruling ones and they really worth the pride.


Save Energy with the LED Bulbs that Are Even the Eco-Friendly Option

LED Bulbs Online India

Save Energy with our Eco-friendly LED Bulbs

Getting worried about your electricity bill? Now, you can easily save energy using the LED bulbs without compromising with the quality. You can experience similar light reducing your electricity bill that’s the plus point installing LED bulbs. Using the normal incandescent bulbs you loss 90% of the energy that in turn represents the unnecessary wastage of money. Also incandescent bulbs are not reliable. One cannot guarantee the longevity of incandescent bulbs. LEDs on other hand last long. New LED bulbs are small, effective and cost efficient. Replacing incandescent or CFL bulbs with LEDs will no doubt help people to save lots of money.


LED Bulbs Price in India


When first introduced, LED was a single bulb mainly used in electronic appliances. As technology is advancing rapidly, LED bulbs are replacing CFLs or incandescent bulbs.

Comparing to the traditional bulbs, the energy saving LED bulbs for home have following advantages:

  • Energy consumption of LED bulbs are much less than the incandescent or CFL bulbs.
  • LED bulbs lasts much longer compared to any other bulbs.

A significant feature due to which the LED bulbs differ from other bulbs is the light produced by LED becomes concentrated unlike incandescent bulbs in which light spreads in all direction. LED bulbs costs much higher than other bulbs. But due to its longevity and reliability these bulbs are becoming first preference to the consumers.


  • Cost Efficient – with the increase in demand of LED bulbs all over the world, the cost of these bulbs are considerably reduced. Although initially LEDs were expensive and were not affordable to everyone but now they are easily available in markets at reasonable price.
  • Long Lasting – Since the energy saving LED bulbs for home take only a fraction of second to light up and as these bulbs do not contain filament, they are not prone to get damage. Hence LEDs are considered long lasting as compared to any other bulbs.
  • Efficiency – comparing to incandescent bulbs, which will consume much more wattage, LEDs consumes only one-tenth of what CFL or incandescent bulbs consumes.
  • Lighting in remite Ares – Since LED bulbs has less power requirements, these bulbs can be be in lighting purposes in villages and remote areas. Power generated by a small generator or solar panels can be easily used in power up LEDs.
  • Environment friendly – LED bulbs are also considered eco-friendly, as these bulbs do not produce dangerous gases other than that of CFLs, which results in emission of CO2 gas in atmosphere. LEDs are completely safe to use.

LEDs simply make our life much easier. Hence, it can be considered Energy Saving Bulbs for our homes.

If you are looking for energy saving LED Bulbs then call us on the given no.: +91-9312022588, or you can mail us your enquiry here: compact@compactlighting.net

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Customizing your company with High Quality Lighting

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Industrial LED Lighting


Most Construction companies and firms do consider and often believe that lighting and powering up a construction site with the best Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures is the best and first step towards a successful construction and building experience. It is often very devastating and aggravating finding out that you have employed the services of inferior and incapable lighting and Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures for your construction zone and territory.

That is indeed the reason why you are always sure to have wondered so much about the reason why so many construction sites and zones live on very exhaustive and lavishly powered sites. That is if you have ever spared or invested your time to have observed this, or perhaps been opportune to have been in a site where construction works are been undertaken or in progress.

There are so many motives and grounds for such practices; research shows that construction sites are one of the most dangerous places and zones where there is high risk of either getting injured or incurring terrible wounds.

Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures in constructions sites

Like we had discussed earlier, there are several benefits and advantages of having the best Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures optimized within around your construction site.

Industrial Lighting

Some of those benefits include:

  • Security: The optimization and appropriate positioning and location of Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures could be very beneficial to a construction site. It provides the site with such a very irresistible and fabulous security. Especially if it happens to be the products and brands in the market, brands like the LED and some other notable ones out there. The reason is why such site sure to be boasting of one of the best security presence atmosphere is because of the glowing and 24/7 lighting and power availability that will be presence in such a site, and within it surrounding environs.
  • Support: This is indeed another very awesome and wonderful one, Support is what virtually every existing or living thing should be proud to have at all times. The presence of Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures is very uncompromising, reason because It Provides maximum support and sustenance to the Jobber men and laborers working on the site ground. We all know the benefits of a copiously sophisticated electricity supply to a construction site or ground, this is simultaneously the same thing as to be applied to the presence of Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures.
  • Swiftness of Activity: The availability and presence of better Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures would always promote and increase the speed of the job and activities in the site by encouraging the laborers and job men to work harder. Especially with stable electricity, they can always work both night and day in order to meet up with a required target or timeline.

Illuminate Interior with High Quality Office LED Fixtures that Consume Low Energy


Office Lighting Fixtures


LED Lighting Technology

LED is Light Emitting Diode which is a two lead semiconductor lighting device. It is similar to P-N Junction diode. After applying certain amount of Voltage the electron integrate with the holes in the device that in turn discharge energy as photons.  This process of releasing photons from the metal surface is known as electro-luminescence. The energy band gap specifies the color of the light produced. We are renowned manufacturer of LED lighting products.
Our vast range of products comprise of Solar LED street light, Outdoor lights, Shop lighting, office Led fixtures, Home Lighting.  We are approved and accredited by ISO 9001:2008. We aspire to provide you high quality lighting products at affordable prices with low energy consumption.


Our Office LED Fixture product category has many options for the consumer

Our Office LED fixture product provides excellent protection from eye strain. They are low glare rating, low light pollution. They are best used in office, malls and hospitals.

15 Watt Element LED Deep Diffuser

It is a high brightness LED with 3 watt each with high Lumen maintenance. It is an electronic LED driver with input voltage 240V and output voltage 12N- 22V. This product is available in white color with cost price RS 2400.  The white color of the LED gives a cooling effect to hanged place. The process of installation is very simple. It should be mounted at a height with the help of spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is recessed down light with high-brightness and energy efficiency. This product come in to this category of office LED Fixture you can buy online from our store.

22 Watt LED Down Light Panel Square

It is a high brightness SMD with high Lumen maintenance. It is an office LED fixture and can be purchased online from out outlets and can be used at any place home and office. It is available in white color with cost price Rs 3500. Main features of this product are slim, compact, smart design, low power consumption, stylish structure design to disperse heat, soft continuous light, consume less power. It has electronic LED driver that has input voltage 240 V and output 28 to 44V. The installation takes very less time. It can be recessed mounting with the help of two spring loaded clamps with false ceiling.

11W LED Down Light Round Panel

It is a high brightness SMD LED with high Lumen maintenance. It is available in cool white color with cost price Rs 1900. The dimension height is 22, CO is 134, and OD is 140. The electronic LED driver has input 240V and output18-24 W. Best qualities of this product are slim, compact fashionable design, consume lower energy, elegant structure design to dissipate energy, Soft and uniform light. It is mounted with two spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is safe and easy to install with long lasting nature. It is an office LED fixture.

You can buy online LED light Fixture from our website compactlighting.net and contact on phone no. 09312022588

Illuminate worriless with best Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures

Office Lighting

Office Lighting Fixtures


With offices and workplaces getting innovative and modernized every day, lighting are indeed a significant part of designing that not only decorates the ambiences but also enables the companies to benefit in a lot ways. Some of the luring features of the Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures from Compact Lighting are that these lighting options they are very reliable in services, heart luring in aesthetics and immensely saves energy.

Some of the product ranges in their interior lighting fixtures are as follows:

  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • LED Sparkle Lights
  • CFL based interior Lights
  • FTL based lights, etc.

The best part about these Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures is they play a significant role in cost reduction in electricity bills by deliberately energy saving. Besides the price tags are completely reasonable when compared to the benefits they extend towards the users.

Lighten up interiors with best lighting fixtures

Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures from Compact Lighting Groups has been a boon to the users as these products have deliberately commenced solving a lot of issues. As compared to conventional lightings, these lighting solutions are better in every possible way. From longevity tenure, aesthetics to illumination and energy saving, these products are simply the best.

LED Office Lighting Fixtures

Being solely dedicated to better the lives of their end-users, every product from Compact Lighting Groups are results of rigorous researches top ensure immense product quality. Besides the materials utilized in the making of the same are even accepted from trusted vendors and suppliers. In order to cope with the technological advancements, their products are always incorporated with latest technologies to ensure that energy is always saved without compromising on the illumination and performance of the products. In addition to it, the after sales services and warranties from them are also up to the mark.


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LED Strip Lights and LED Strips Sold By Compact Are A Huge Hit These Days

All Types of LED Strip Lights India

LED Strip Lights

For all those looking for energy efficient and interesting looking lighting option LED Strip Lights and LED Strips are the ones to be considered. Not only these strip lights are easy to install but come with a life span that is much longer than the other variants being sold in the market. When it comes to buying these LED strip lights, it is to be known that a reliable seller is chosen and this is the reason Compact has been ruling the niche for years. Not only over here you are going to find all latest arrivals but the after sales support is also incredible, thus adding to the repute of the seller.

It has been seen that the options are practically endless when we talk of buying LED strip lights, but the buyer has to make sure that something that comes from a reputed brand has to be picked as that is the product that is going to stand the test of time. Make sure that you opt in for these LED strips for only those places where a strip of light would suffice. Decide on the place where you want these to be placed and then go ahead with the shopping spree. Explore all the interesting options coming your way and then go ahead with the one that rules your preferences and budget.

The areas where these LED Strip Lights and LED Strips would look perfectly placed and give away a good amount of light are:

  • Bathroom or kitchen cabinets
  • Ceiling covers
  • Bar counters
  • Display cases
  • Driveways
  • Garden area
  • Under the roof soffits

An important thing that needs to be known at this point is that the color variants and size choices are many; it is advisable to make a pick for the one that would go well with the place where installation has to take place.

The variants that are being considered by many people looking for that perfect lighting are:

LED Strip Light 5050: Coming at a cost of Rs 500, this is indeed a pocket friendly option to go with. Coming loaded with a LED chip, the amount of energy that it is going to dissipate is surely going to work well in all the areas.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m: This is the alternative meant for a high buyer at it comes at a cost of Rs 1,500. The features are pretty interesting and these include low working voltage and even light spread at a viewing angle.

All these options are in stock and one just needs to check out for availability of volume.