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In the World lighting technology LED is often jargoned as the invention of millennium. There are majorly two factors because of which it is called them same ; firstly it the most cost effective and energy saving lighting solution and secondly, the range of its offering is wide with the number of style, colors, shapes and sizes it is available in; it makes the variety endless.

The range and offering of myriad fixtures in the led lighting caters to both outdoor and indoors. However, in the recent times the usage of outdoor led lights is picking up its pace. We would like to throw some light on the ways of using the outdoor led lighting solutions

LED Outdoor Lighting for security purpose:
Perchance the utmost important usage of LED outdoor lighting is usage of the same in the outdoor area pertaining to security. The light help in keeping away trespassers, robbers and thieves; also it helps in warding off any accidents or incident because of low visibility. Keeping these things in mind the best option for such usage is the LED flood lights. Not only do they save on electricity consumption but they also are very light when it comes to their maintenance. LED bunker or special floodlights in a very cost effective manner gives the same results when it comes to the output of light. Along with these lights one can also add motion sensors which would make the security system more robust.

LED Lights for Deck Lighting:
The LED bunker or wall washer lights work superbly well when it comes to using them for lighting the deck. The deck light solves two issues in one go; not only does it adds a whole new outlook to your deck area also it makes the whole area secure. Your lights can be installed at regular interval, at places where visibility is needed. You would get amazing lighting output at minimum cost. You can use the same lights in indoors lighting for highlighting a particular area.

LED lights for Pathway and Gardens:
The fact that the energy consumption is minimum and output is optimum for that given place, makes it the perfect choice of lighting to be used in gardens and pathway. Given the same upside of the same they can be left on the whole night without bothering about the cost. LED has an offering for such issues; their high intensity reflector lamps and floodlights are high on output and low on bills; therefore it is the most chosen lighting solutions.

LED lights For Accent Lighting:
When used as indoor lighting or outdoor lighting solutions; their purpose is to make the place livelier and enhance that place’s beauty. In line with the same; the LED lighting solution provides myriad of offerings which can cover your any requirement be it enhance the beauty and visibility of any given place. The choice can confuse you from colorful spotlights to floor lights or blinkers the choice is endless.


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Customizing Outdoor Lighting for best Results

LED Outdoor Lighting Design for Home LightingExterior Home Lighting

There are so many ways to customize the exterior parts of your homes and offices with Brilliant and exceptionally glowing lighting and ornaments is one sure task you can’t afford to ignore. Outdoor lighting has a very enormous role to play in beautifying in every home, office building, hotel building, School blocks etc. There is no possible restriction in the number of places of locations where the use of outdoor lighting can be applied.

However, exterior outdoor lighting decorations demands proper brainstorming and right thinking to customize. You will have to settle for plans on how to optimize to the fullest, some major factors to bring into contemplation includes

The Types of Outdoor Lighting to Purchase: When mapping out plans on modifying the exterior view of your environment or household with lighting, you will need to firstly think about the kind of lighting to purchase. There are several types of exterior lighting out there made from high quality and up to standard materials. Some of these types of exterior lighting include the Fluorescent lighting, The Incandescent Lighting, the Compact Lighting, the LED lighting etc.

The Design: The design strictly focuses on the shape and the appearance of the lighting. Choices are often different at times; a style which Mr J loves so dearly might significantly differ for the choice of Mr B. So that is why it is typically advisable to invest your time in making research on the style which would motivate you into satisfaction and accomplishment once they’re installed in your domain.

The Locations: The location has to do with the positions of the Exterior Lighting, it is already sure that they are obviously going to be disseminated all around your surroundings to include your garden, swimming pool patio, fields etc. But taking your time to peruse through the shapes and designs of the lighting and its fixtures would help you to dictate what positions suites each of the categories. And this on the long run helps the shopper or house owner to scale through the quandary of not being comfortable with the positions of each lighting fixture at a later phase.

Benefits of Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is very beneficial in all capacity. They help in beautifying the whole environment and gardens especially if you have some nice and finely crafted open-air lighting installed.

Secondly, they serve as a protective shield to the house owner. When radiant and exquisite exterior outdoor lighting are mounted on several locations of the house, it helps in providing security to the neighborhood most especially at night times when the whole atmosphere would be so quiescent and calm.

Checkout our most demanded 3 Outdoor Lighting Products

led outdoor lights india

LED Outdoor Lights

Largest manufacturers of LED lighting product

We are established 25 years back with specialty in lighting product manufacturing. Our wide range of products fulfills your changing needs. Our dealer network is widespread all over the country with strength of 1000 in 500 cities. We are designers and manufacturers of lighting products. We provide total commitment of standard and quality. We have long clientele list that includes Banks, Hospitals, corporate, reality and government sectors. We feel pleasure to say that we successfully completed LED and t5 projects in renowned organizations. Our product range encompasses from LED lighting, Solar Led street light, led Outdoor lighting, shop lighting, office lighting and Home lighting.

Benefit in buying from us

  • We use latent technology and patented products
  • We have large product manufacturing capacity
  • Our  products are available online
  • Reasonable prices of our product

Key features of our products

We at compact are continuously trying to improve our products in terms of products, service and delivery. We work on the principle of lower consumption of energy and high bright white light. We have highly developed electronic circuit for fluorescent and CFL fittings. We are pioneer of developing highly advanced electronic circuit. We are the winner of Udhyog patra award which is presented by ministry of affairs government of India. Our led outdoor lighting products are mostly use throughout the country.

30W sapphire LED flood light


It is a high power chip on board device with high lumen maintenance. It is a led outdoor lighting product with an input voltage 240 V and output voltage 30V. The cost price of the product is Rs 3600. The color of LED Outdoor light is cool white with a beam angle 120. The high H=120, L=225, B=185. Important property it is dust proof and water proof. Installation is quiet simple. The surface mounted with heavy-gauge steel bracket.



It is also high power chip on board device with high lumen maintenance. It is a led outdoor lighting product. The electronic driver voltage with 240 V as input voltage. The light produced is dustproof and water proof. The dimensions of this product are height 120, length 270 and breadth 200. This is Quiet easy to install.  The surface of the product is mounted by heavy gauge steel bracket. The cost price of the product is Rs 6000.

50W Sapphire LED Flood Light


It is also high power chip on board device with high Lumen maintenance. It is dust proof and water proof. The electronic driver voltage is 240V. The dimension of this product is height 80 length 260 breadths 220. The surface is of the product mounted by heavy gauge steel bracket. The cost price of this led lighting product is Rs. 5000.

You can buy all these products from our online website compactlighting.net or contact us on this no. 09312022588

Select The Most Energy Efficient Outdoor Lights for Exterior Lighting

Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor Lighting Solution

In this world of high inflation, it is very essential to save both money as well as energy. In terms of exterior lighting for both commercial as well as residential purpose, you need to search out extensively for the most energy efficient outdoor lights. It is not really a difficult job to search for the cost effective as well as energy efficient exterior lights to serve the purpose. A complete range of effective and efficient lighting systems for the exterior designing are available in the market. You can easily compare and try the most suitable one for your purpose.

Prefer the LED Outdoor Lights

At present, huge variety of LED outdoor lights are available in the market to serve different purposes which are also energy efficient. Being made up of advanced technology, these lights spread brightness in every individual’s life by ensuring more and more saving.

You can try the following LED outdoor lights according to your requirement.

  • 20 W LED sapphire flood light.
  • 30 W LED sapphire flood light.
  • 10 W LED sapphire flood light.
  • 10 W LED sapphire flood light with color changing technology.
  • 50 W LED topaz flood light.
  • 25 W Stellar LED Street light.

Feel the magnificence of 50 W LED topaz flood light

LED Outdoor Lighting- Outdoor Lighting Solution
One of the best suitable and efficient examples of innovation for Outdoor lights is 50 W LED topaz flood light. This is a water proof and dust proof exterior light built by the chip on the board technology. This technology helps in saving huge amount of energy as well as money.

LED Outdoor Lights- A Buying Guide That Would Help You Pick The Best

LED Outdoor LightingLED Outdoor Lights

It has been some years these LED outdoor lights have started to replace those fluorescent lights and that too for good. With the arrival of these LED lights not only the power bills have gone down but the kind of light that one gets is far better than that emitted by the other lighting fixtures. When we say of buying led lights, it is to be known that a renowned seller such as Compact has to be chosen as then only you can be sure of investing in a product that is really worth.

Now with the LED outdoor lights easily seen in homes, offices and even on roads, lot many variants have hit the market and it is the buyer who has to decide on the one that seems perfect. Before jumping to a conclusion, one need to learn how each variant is different from the other and which one will be able to take care of the lighting needs of a particular premise. For all those who want to just go ahead and make a purchase, some of the hot sellers can be considered.

  • 20W Sapphire LED Flood Light: Coming to you in an amazing shape and a sturdy aluminum casing, this is the option to go with if you want to invest in something that runs long and long. The overall construction of this LED outdoor light is such that it comes out to be practically dust and water proof, indeed a trait that adds to the life.
  • 10W Sapphire LED Flood Light Color: For the ones who do not want to go with those monotone colors, this is the variant to pick. This is the LED light that comes with a chip and you are the one who is going to decide on the color you want. Another interesting feature of this light is its high lumen maintenance support.

  • 50W Topaz LED Flood Light: For the ones who are looking for something that looks huge and gives a good amount of light, this is the option to go with. Coming with an aluminum casing and a heat sink that helps manage the thermal output, this is the pick for all those who have energy efficiency in mind.

With all these variants, you will be able to enjoy the benefits coming out from LED outdoor lights to the fullest. Using these will not only give you the kind of illumination you want but would also ensure that you do not burn your pocket while making the purchase. With a long shelf life, this is the investment that you might not need to make again and again.

Get The Best Outdoor Lighting for You

Outdoor Lighting Online

Outdoor Lighting

If you want to have the best outdoor lighting for your house or your workplace then it is important for you to make the best research. There are many expert service provides out  that uses the best skilled persons, modern technology and designers to make beautiful, affordable and bright lights which solves all your problems and make your house more beautiful and bright after the sun set.  To have the best lighting for your home as well as for your office you should make sure that you get the best service provider available for lighting services. Efforts should be made by you also to look at the varieties of lights available with them and select the best one for you. Once you get the best services, you should make contact with them so that you can get all your doubts cleared about the lighting solutions which they offer to you.

Look For The Perfect Quality

Outdoor lighting is very necessary especially if your house is in a very big property. It is done not only to decorate your house and premises but also for the security of your house. That’s why it is very important that you put very good qualities, high power lights in your property. You can judge their quality by getting the best brand of lights, their size and durability and also their price but it is highly recommended to go for the best in the business. You choose from the category of flood lights which comes as 10w, 20w, 30w…etc or you can have stellar street LED lights as per your requirements the perfect seller will have a wide range of products to choose from and which will help you in your outdoor lighting management. They will also help you to set up the lights and position them as per requirements.

Check Their Price

LED Price List, 2014

LED Price List, 2014

Pricing is another important factor for which you have to concentrate on it that would help you get the right one. With the best affordable prices, it would also make you feel good of your own selection. Thus it is your own research that can really help you to get the perfect one that would not lead to burn a hole in your pocket at all. If you manage to make your own research and you get the perfect manufacturer then it would be possible for you to get it at a much discounted price that would help you to get the maximum satisfaction out of it. You also have to make sure that you try to get in touch with the perfect one where you can have a good look at the quality of the lighting products that you wish to buy online for you.

Do you want to buy Quality Outdoor Lights from Lighting Manufacturer?

Compact Lighting: Leading Manufacturer for LED lights

Quality is an important factor for every field. Everyone wants to buy a good product at suitable market price. We are going to talk about the lighting industry which plays an essential role because light is a need of our life which can we get from lighting products in night time. Now, the point is how we can save the energy which is lost by conventional bulbs and tubes. These are non-renewable which can pollute the environment.

If you want to reduce the pressure of high electricity bills and save your energy then you can come to our shop. We are leading lighting manufacturer in India for LED’s which are much better than incandescent lamps. All our lights are renewable with low power consumption and long life-span.

LED Lighting India
Did you ever buy our highly energy-saving LEDs which are most demanded?

  • 12W LUNA Ceiling Light Square
  • 22W LUMINO (1’X1′) Surface
  • 10W ZOOM COB Downlight
  • 10W SOLITAIRE COB  Downlight Round
  • 9W Element deep diffuser
  • 4.5W Tiny Round 3 LED 0f 1W each

Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lights:

Outdoor LightsWe have been manufacturing water and dust proof led outdoor lights with our advance lighting techniques. We are getting the good response from our customers who have been continuously purchasing from us which give strength to give better quality products. We are recently launched some new products for outdoor purpose such as 10W SAPPHIRE FLOOD LIGHT Colour Changing and 30W SAPPHIRE FLOOD LIGHT. We have many other products at the best price. You can enquire about them to call us at 9312022588.

Get The Perfect And The Best Quality Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED Lights

Making the right efforts to get good quality LED lights is important for which good research needs to be made online. When you try to get the best one for your outdoor use, you have to make sure that proper research is made to ensure of getting the right and the best quality. This would help you to stay tensed free as you do not have to worry at all for the maximum benefits that you get out of it. It is also important to get the right information on whether you would get warranty on the LED lights that you try to purchase from a particular source. Efforts should also be made to find whether it would be possible to get replacement in case of any defect in the product. So, when you try to look forward to get LED strip light you need to ensure that you are able to get the perfect one with the best quality making it possible to save your pocket to get it for you. So, this would also help you to feel good for your ultimate choice you have made for yourself to research and purchase the ultimate quality LED lights for your use.

Look at the gallery

If you are able to make your own choice and look at the gallery then this would help you to choose the ultimate LED light for you. In this case you also need to ensure that it helps to meet all your requirements making it possible to get the right quality one. Unless you really manage to get the perfect source and you are serious in making the best research, it would be very difficult to get the right one for you. So, it is your own step that you need to make which would help you to get the maximum advantage out of it. This would make you feel yourself proud for the ultimate decision that you have been able to make for yourself. With the best outdoor LED lights, you would also be able to save good money as it makes possible to save on energy.

Outdoor LED Lighting India

Look at the testimonials

With so many different manufacturers of LED lighting, it sometimes makes it difficult to get the perfect idea whether it would really be able to provide you with the best product for you. So, in this case you have to concentrate on the client appreciation that would help you to ensure of getting the ultimate information.  So, when you try to buy LED lighting, you have to make sure that right attempts are made to look at whether it has got the best certifications that would help you to get the right idea and make you stay knowledgeable when you try to buy it. So, with all the ultimate research made by you, it would help you to bring a big smile to your face for getting the ultimate LED lighting without any sort of problem at all. Do not forget to contact them in case of any sort of doubts so that it does not lead to any worry getting the best LED light for you.

The Advantages of LED Outdoor lights over Traditional Lamps

Led Home Lighting Products:

Today, we can see that how fast people adopting led lights in place of incandescent lamps and tubes because of many advantages. Traditional bulbs and tubes are non-renewable which are harmful for environment. They have highly power consumption which provides the huge energy bills. That is why; compact lighting is established to provide the advance lighting products with special features.  We are providing the portable, highly efficient and the Eco-friendly lights to give you the benefits over your traditional lights. You can bright your lights with our decorative home lights of different colors and sizes.

Advantages of outdoor led lights:

  • 80% efficiency
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Long operational life
  • Environment-friendly
  • Save light energy
  • Save energy bills
  • Cost-effective
  • Renewable

LED Outdoor lightsBuy led outdoor lights affordably from India’s leading brand:

Compact Lighting is famous for the varieties of led outdoor lights with different design and longtime running warranty. We are leading in the manufacturing of eco-friendly and renewable indoor, outdoor and commercial lights which gives you the best solution to overcome high energy bills.

You can buy these our outdoor and led home lighting products at less cost:

  • 10W SAPPHIRE FLOOD LIGHT Colour Changing
  • 40W LED LUMINO-Surface ( 2′ X 2′ )
  • 18W DELTA Round

Blog Resource : http://compactlightingstore.blogspot.in/2014/06/why-led-outdoor-lights-are-more.html

Compact Lighting: India’s Leading Brand for Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Lights


Buy outdoor and home led lights with Good Warranty:

Today, we can see the great improvement in our techniques including lighting products. There are many brand which famous for the supply of different types of conventional bulbs and tubes. The main disadvantages of these lights are high consuming power and harmful for environment. Now compact lighting is offering the varieties of LED lights which are beneficial to save light energy and completely safe for environment.  With the several years experience of delivering the best lighting products make us the leading brand. We are famous for providing the LED lights for home, outdoor, kitchens, hotels, and showrooms. All our products meet the international quality standards of ISO 9001:2008.

These are some of our best led home lighting products:

  • Junction Box
  • 12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light Round
  • 5W LED Table Lamp
  • Deco LED Lamp B-22
  • Rechargeable Emergency LED Light
  • 4.5W-Power spot LED Module 3 LED 0f 1W each

We also have many outdoor led lights with advance features:

  • 10W SAPPHIRE LED FLOOD LIGHT Colour Changing

If you want to save your high light energy bills then install these led lights. You can review our home and outdoor led lights from our website compactlighting.net .