Expect Full Satisfaction From The Perfect Office Lighting


Getting hold of the right office lighting can help you to fulfill your expectations. It can help in the right way to save on your energy bills in the perfect manner.

You might be searching for the right lighting for your office that would never make you find tensed. It is important for you to make sure of getting hold of all the right information whether it would be able to feel glad of your own choice.

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Why Choose LED Lights India For Your Office Lighting?


If planning to design your office with LED lights, there is a lot that needs to be known before those fixtures are chosen. To begin with, home lighting and office lighting are not the same, not only the lighting needs differ but the expectations too and this is why it is always advisable to make a pick for a fixture that matches the needs to the fullest.

Do not take that lighting arrangement of the office as a mere necessity; take it as a perfect add-on that is going to create a work friendly environment. Do not miss on the fact that the fixtures that are chosen for office lighting are expected to last long without giving any maintenance hassles and this is yet another reason why going with LED lights is considered to be a great pick. Continue reading

Lighting Manufacturers Clears the Energy Consumed Beforehand

LED Strip lights WhiteLooking for a trustworthy LED flood light company can be quite an annoying task at times, particularly if you don’t really be familiar with what to search for. Broad research required to done, therefore, if you desire to find the best results. Lighting manufactures understand the need of energy efficiency and manufacture products accordingly. Compact Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturing and marketing companies providing services in India. The wide range of products includes LED Lighting, Solar LED Street light, Outdoor Lights, Shop Lighting, Office Lighting and Home Lighting.

  • Lighting technology has collected huge appreciation in the few years, with LED lighting are considered as extremely energy efficient and long-lasting lighting.
  • The lighting can be used for anything started from landscape lighting to interior lighting; the reasons are ample to switch to LED lights.
  • Additionally, with the increasing demand, the form factor of LED lights has immensely modified to look more similar to the light bulbs that we are presently familiar with.
  • You should give more preference to more efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs. If you are simply changing the bulbs out with your own, you need to follow up a simple process. It is important to replace fixtures; alternatively, it may disburse to have a specialized electrician come provide you a hand.
  • Most LED light manufacturers clearly provide information on their light bulbs with both the real wattage rating and an assessment to the incandescent bulbs that most of us grew up with. This implies that the LED packaging will speak that the 3W LED that you are planning is equivalent to the light productivity of a 45-watt incandescent.


Led Strip Lights India is collecting huge appreciation from the users. At the first time, they are supposed to be expensive but remain pocket friendly after the installation. They ultimately cut the electricity bills to a great extent. Buy quality one now!

Top 5 Energy Saving LED Fixtures for Office

Cool Office Lighting Fixtures Design

Photo credit: ikastari.com

Office Lighting Fixtures Design


Planning and mapping out strategies and common lighting techniques for your offices does not just involve buying lighting and bulbs and fixtures of all sorts based on their types, designs and shapes. Sometimes people often dive into purchasing the wrong fixtures because they were persuaded by the retailer or the wholesaler into buying.

There are so many disadvantages and downsides of purchasing a wrong lighting fixture and no one would definitely like to subscribe to being a victim of it.


Office Lighting

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Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Purchasing Low Quality Lightning Fixtures
  • Lesser emission, Greater consumption
  • Wasted Money
  • Not reliable
  • Not Durable


5 Energy saving LED Fixtures You Need For Your Office

Purchasing original and genuine Lighting fixtures give joy and Happiness to a consumer, regardless of how much he or she spends on buying the product. So many people often face the challenge on which Office Lighting fixture could be the best for them, I will strongly say, it is better and preferable to go for the LED Lighting fixtures. The LED lighting Fixtures are often very cheap and affordable while also having the capability to save approximately 50% of electricity current.


Examples of these LED Fixtures may include:

  • 50W TOPAZ LED FLOOD LIGHT: The “50W topaz led flood light” is a powerful Door post lighting which has the tendency to capture a very wide range of area. There are no limits to the number of places where the 50W topaz led flood light can be mounted or located at, you may choose to mount it at the office door entrance and exit, or perhaps outside the office balcony or patio. It all depends on the choice of the owner.


  • 18W Element LED deep diffuser: This LED Deep diffuser lighting is presented in the form of a downlight; it is a grand office lighting fixture to use if you are indeed cautious about your electricity consumption. It is better when positioned inside the office or possibly the inner resting room of the office.

18W Element LED deep diffuser

  • Junction Box: When discussing the issue of Power or energy conservation, there is every need to remember the Junction Box lighting fixture. Because it is more like the paramount energy saver amongst all the LED lights. The Junction Box does not really emit so much light, but it gently emanates it easy flowing light towards a project direction or surface when fully organized and channeled.

Junction Box

  • 18 Watts LED Sparkle: The sparkle apparently looks like the fluorescent lighting fixture; it is frequently presented in a long tube-like shape. The 18 Watts LED Sparkle is an ideal lighting fixture for office receptions and dining halls.


  • 16 Watts LED marina: The wonderful and unique thing about the 16 Watts LED marina fixture is its appalling sleek shape and appearance. Though quite looks like a long fluorescent tube, but it has some unique features which really made it look very pleasing and superb to the eyes.


Decorative office lighting fixtures

Office Lighting Fixtures

Photo credit: roseateinteriors.com

Are you tired of the rickety and worn-out lighting fixtures and fittings in your office? You might perhaps again be worried about the cost of changing and maintaining your lighting monthly or every short time interval due to unavailability of better and durable lighting materials.

In this article, we would be discussing the importance of modernized office and Showroom lighting and fixtures. And why it is better to often invest once in employing the services of this modern day light bulbs and fixtures.

A good example of a modern lighting bulb is the Light Emitting Diode “LED“. The LED bulb lighting is the most renowned means of getting better value for every dime you invest on powering your offices, homes, showrooms and workshops with efficient lighting, and also maintain minimized expended electricity.

showroom Lighting Fixtures

Office and Showroom Lighting fixtures category include the step/staircase lighting, Picture and display lighting, the wall lighting, Top/Ceiling recessed lighting, table lighting etc.  Exclusively researched modernized and sophisticated lighting like the LED lighting bulbs are often very durable and efficient in terms of productivity, conservation and management. This is the more reason why world class companies and various other renowned interior and exterior decoration and fittings agents would never hesitate to recommend and suggest it to their amicable clients and prospects.

If you are in search of a better comfort and experience in lighting up your office or home, then it is very advisable to make authenticated prior research on the lighting and fixtures in order to get efficient and easily managed lighting bulbs.

The Importance of LED Bulbs and the rest

LED Bulbs

Unlike the rest of other similar and related bulbs, the LED bulbs are the best and easier way to lighten up your home and offices. The LED bulbs unlike most effervescent and florescent bulbs are extensively managed with little or no efforts. And moreover, they are very durable and efficient. Some of the importance include:

Cost Effective and Coherent: The led bulbs are very cheap in both cost and supervision when compared to the kind of service which it will be offering to you the consumer.

Cheap Maintenance: the LED bulbs are very easy to manage and maintain, you do not have to invest so much time and money replacing them or its fixtures over time. The LED bulb lighting is strongly crafted from the highest quality materials.

Variegated Shapes: the LED and some other modern lighting like the Compact Fluorescent bulbs are presented in several and miscellaneous shapes and fashion. Making it possible for you to fix them anywhere that pleases you in your homes or offices.

Beautification: these bulbs also are sources of beautification, when they are customized in fashionably assembled fixtures and fittings, some of them are pleasantly conformed in a chandelier while some others may appear in other nice ornaments giving it an ever irresistible presentation and appearance. it can also be used in the dining area of the home or conference hall.

Office Lighting Fixtures You Buy Should Add To Productivity & Look Good Too

Office Lighting Fixtures

Office Lighting Fixtures


Buying office lighting fixtures is not that tough, it is just that you need to get your requisites right. There is nothing to get confused about, there are more than enough variants in the market and you just need to put hands over something that would add to the productivity. Another important thing to be considered is that you have to go in for something that goes well with the office set up and is not too awkward to look at. Don’t consider anything that is too fragile as you need to make sure that once placed the fixture would last long.

Office Lighting Fixtures

Office lighting fixtures when strategically placed promise to give you good amount of light and at the same time make the ambience look much professional. Although there is a trend of accent lights ruling minds these days, it would be great it you could find these with the option of LED as with this both looks and efficacy would arrive. Over head lights are yet another interesting option to go with, not only these give enough light but at the same time act safe as these do not give away any glare or make any emissions.

It is a known fact that well lit workplaces tend to give away better productivity and thus it is always advisable to consider low luminance LED lights as they would give away better results as compared to other alternatives. Yet another reason to consider the option of LEDs as office lighting fixtures is that they do not add much to the electricity bills as thus the office budget would stay within the stipulated limits. One last thing, do not act in haste, explore some good options and then finally consider something that would pay you back in form of savings.


Check Out 3 Most Demanded Office Lighting Products

Demanded Office Lighting Fixtures

Our Demanded Office Lighting Fixtures

We offer cost effective solution for lighting needs of your home and office. We offer state of the art lighting products. We have 5 designing patent in which two are in LED. We have successfully developed open type electromagnetic ballast which is known as COMPACT Choke. We are the first company to develop LED based Lighting through In-house developed Electronic circuitry. We are constantly serving our customers since 25 years. We are renowned lighting product manufacturing company with high customer satisfaction. We relentlessly believe in investment in our resources to get high value output. We offer best office lighting solutions.

12W Delta LED Round

12W DELTA LED Round It has electronic LED driver with input voltage 240V and output voltage 18V-24V. It has high brightness LED Source. It is used in house and office lighting. It has very high Lumen maintenance. It is aluminum housing with heat sink for optimal thermal management of LED source. It is installed with the help of 2 no.s spring loaded by clamps in false ceiling. It is energy efficient.

60W LED LUMINO-Armstrong (2’ x 2’)

60W LED LUMINO-Armstrong ( 2' X 2' ) It is low energy consuming product with cost efficiency. It is a SMD LED with high power. It is a source of high Lumen Maintenance. It has powder coated housing which is made from CRCA Sheet. It has an electronic driver with output voltage 28-44DC.  It is recessed mounted in false ceiling.

LED Strip Light 3528 5m

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m It has high brightness LED chip. It uses DC12 V power supply to light up. It needs low input voltage to operate. It emit even light with viewing angle greater than 120 degree. It has flexible ribbon with adhesive back. It has LED strip available with or without electronic driver. It is used in office Lighting and mall Lighting etc.

6W Omega COB LED Round

6W_OMEGA_COB_LED_Round It emit even light. It has Aluminum reflector with reflection efficiency greater than 95%. It is has die cast Aluminum housing with heat sink for optimum thermal management of Led source. It is a 5W LED source with high Lumen maintenance. It is also applied as a solution for office lighting need.   Originally Posted on: http://compactlightingstore.blogspot.in/2015/02/check-out-3-most-demanded-office-lighting-products.html

Illuminate Interior with High Quality Office LED Fixtures that Consume Low Energy


Office Lighting Fixtures


LED Lighting Technology

LED is Light Emitting Diode which is a two lead semiconductor lighting device. It is similar to P-N Junction diode. After applying certain amount of Voltage the electron integrate with the holes in the device that in turn discharge energy as photons.  This process of releasing photons from the metal surface is known as electro-luminescence. The energy band gap specifies the color of the light produced. We are renowned manufacturer of LED lighting products.
Our vast range of products comprise of Solar LED street light, Outdoor lights, Shop lighting, office Led fixtures, Home Lighting.  We are approved and accredited by ISO 9001:2008. We aspire to provide you high quality lighting products at affordable prices with low energy consumption.


Our Office LED Fixture product category has many options for the consumer

Our Office LED fixture product provides excellent protection from eye strain. They are low glare rating, low light pollution. They are best used in office, malls and hospitals.

15 Watt Element LED Deep Diffuser

It is a high brightness LED with 3 watt each with high Lumen maintenance. It is an electronic LED driver with input voltage 240V and output voltage 12N- 22V. This product is available in white color with cost price RS 2400.  The white color of the LED gives a cooling effect to hanged place. The process of installation is very simple. It should be mounted at a height with the help of spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is recessed down light with high-brightness and energy efficiency. This product come in to this category of office LED Fixture you can buy online from our store.

22 Watt LED Down Light Panel Square

It is a high brightness SMD with high Lumen maintenance. It is an office LED fixture and can be purchased online from out outlets and can be used at any place home and office. It is available in white color with cost price Rs 3500. Main features of this product are slim, compact, smart design, low power consumption, stylish structure design to disperse heat, soft continuous light, consume less power. It has electronic LED driver that has input voltage 240 V and output 28 to 44V. The installation takes very less time. It can be recessed mounting with the help of two spring loaded clamps with false ceiling.

11W LED Down Light Round Panel

It is a high brightness SMD LED with high Lumen maintenance. It is available in cool white color with cost price Rs 1900. The dimension height is 22, CO is 134, and OD is 140. The electronic LED driver has input 240V and output18-24 W. Best qualities of this product are slim, compact fashionable design, consume lower energy, elegant structure design to dissipate energy, Soft and uniform light. It is mounted with two spring loaded clamps in false ceiling. It is safe and easy to install with long lasting nature. It is an office LED fixture.

You can buy online LED light Fixture from our website compactlighting.net and contact on phone no. 09312022588

Go With Office Ceiling Lights From Compact To Save On Electricity Bills

12W LUNA LED Ceiling Light Round

Office Ceiling Lights

Whether we talk about a home or an office, illumination is a need that cannot be ignored and one need to make sure that the fixture being chosen is an energy efficient one. With the concept of LED office ceiling lights gaining popularity across the globe, more and more people are going with the products coming from Compact. It is to be known that this is the brand known to product LED fixtures that are of high quality, offer great illumination and cost you less than others. Now that drop ceiling has become a thing of the past, you need to go with the ceiling lights as they would light up your office and make it look great.

In order to choose the best office ceiling lights, you need to learn about your needs as then only you will be able to make the right pick. Another important thing that you need to know is that the variants are many and you are to pick the one that suits your pocket.

Features of LUNA LED Ceiling Lights


Some of the products sold by Compact that are a huge hit in the market include:

  • 15W ZEN COB LED Deep Oval Wall Washer: This is one of the most amazing ceiling light options at Compact. If you are looking for something that is sturdy and big sized, then going for this would be a nice idea. This ceiling light is going to spread out light in an even way, giving required illumination to your office.

  • 12W Element LED Deep Diffuser: For the ones looking for office ceiling lights that look stylish and give great results, this is the option to go with. Thermal management property of this fixture ensures that the light is dissipated in a fine way without any heat emissions.

  • 3W LED Panel Round: This is a sleek looking and highly attractive fixture that is more or less appear as a decor item in the office yet give away great illumination. The power consumption of this light is too low and this is why it would not add to the electricity bills in any way.

  • 6W Solitaire COB LED Downlight Round With Lens: This is the option meant for all those who are looking for a ceiling light that looks great where placed and at the same time light up the premise in a fine way.

As the choices of office ceiling lights at Compact are many, you are requested to go by your requirements. Make sure that you know how much light is required and how much money you wish to spend as then the end pick would be easy, quick and affordable.

Illuminate worriless with best Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures

Office Lighting

Office Lighting Fixtures


With offices and workplaces getting innovative and modernized every day, lighting are indeed a significant part of designing that not only decorates the ambiences but also enables the companies to benefit in a lot ways. Some of the luring features of the Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures from Compact Lighting are that these lighting options they are very reliable in services, heart luring in aesthetics and immensely saves energy.

Some of the product ranges in their interior lighting fixtures are as follows:

  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • LED Sparkle Lights
  • CFL based interior Lights
  • FTL based lights, etc.

The best part about these Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures is they play a significant role in cost reduction in electricity bills by deliberately energy saving. Besides the price tags are completely reasonable when compared to the benefits they extend towards the users.

Lighten up interiors with best lighting fixtures

Interior Lights and Office Lighting Fixtures from Compact Lighting Groups has been a boon to the users as these products have deliberately commenced solving a lot of issues. As compared to conventional lightings, these lighting solutions are better in every possible way. From longevity tenure, aesthetics to illumination and energy saving, these products are simply the best.

LED Office Lighting Fixtures

Being solely dedicated to better the lives of their end-users, every product from Compact Lighting Groups are results of rigorous researches top ensure immense product quality. Besides the materials utilized in the making of the same are even accepted from trusted vendors and suppliers. In order to cope with the technological advancements, their products are always incorporated with latest technologies to ensure that energy is always saved without compromising on the illumination and performance of the products. In addition to it, the after sales services and warranties from them are also up to the mark.


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