When Looking For a Slim & Light Weight Fixture- LED Panel Would be a Great Pick!


The overall concept of LED lighting in India has made buyers go all aware and interested in fixtures that not only look cool, but save on power too. we all would agree to the fact that the LED lighting market in India is in its full bloom days these days and one such product that is in huge demand is a LED panel.This super slim, chic looking fixture is available in round, square and oval shapes giving buyers enough options to compare with. Not only this, they promise a better and uniform light distribution which makes them a perfect lighting fixture for living room or dining area.

Buy LED Panel From Compact Lighting:
Compact Lighting is amongst the first few LED lighting manufacturers in India that contributed towards this ever increasing demand of LED lights and this is why buying a LED panel from it would surely come out as a smart idea. At the site you would found panels in all shapes, sizes and wattage options, giving you ample choices to navigate and pick.

The overall money that goes into buying a LED panel and even running the same is quite less as compared to other fixtures and this is why these are expected to add a new dimension to the concept of LED lighting in India. Some interesting features that would convince you to invest in a high quality LED panel are:

  • No LED glare
  • Uniform and even light distribution
  • Slim design
  • Low running cost

These panel lights are designed in a unique way and this is why they give you uniform illumination. With a stylish looking external casing, these LED panels not only stay durable for long, but help you create a style statement too.

Led lighting India


Lighting Manufacturers Clears the Energy Consumed Beforehand

LED Strip lights WhiteLooking for a trustworthy LED flood light company can be quite an annoying task at times, particularly if you don’t really be familiar with what to search for. Broad research required to done, therefore, if you desire to find the best results. Lighting manufactures understand the need of energy efficiency and manufacture products accordingly. Compact Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturing and marketing companies providing services in India. The wide range of products includes LED Lighting, Solar LED Street light, Outdoor Lights, Shop Lighting, Office Lighting and Home Lighting.

  • Lighting technology has collected huge appreciation in the few years, with LED lighting are considered as extremely energy efficient and long-lasting lighting.
  • The lighting can be used for anything started from landscape lighting to interior lighting; the reasons are ample to switch to LED lights.
  • Additionally, with the increasing demand, the form factor of LED lights has immensely modified to look more similar to the light bulbs that we are presently familiar with.
  • You should give more preference to more efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs. If you are simply changing the bulbs out with your own, you need to follow up a simple process. It is important to replace fixtures; alternatively, it may disburse to have a specialized electrician come provide you a hand.
  • Most LED light manufacturers clearly provide information on their light bulbs with both the real wattage rating and an assessment to the incandescent bulbs that most of us grew up with. This implies that the LED packaging will speak that the 3W LED that you are planning is equivalent to the light productivity of a 45-watt incandescent.


Led Strip Lights India is collecting huge appreciation from the users. At the first time, they are supposed to be expensive but remain pocket friendly after the installation. They ultimately cut the electricity bills to a great extent. Buy quality one now!

Led Bulbs India and Worldwide Influence

Led Light Bulbs is seemingly one single discovery of recent times that has singularly left a wide impact in changing the course of lightening industry. Led bulbs are looked upon as a full proof way to cut down on our consumption costs and save electricity by huge margins. When considering led bulbs, one of the key driving factors for embracing the use of Led Bulb India is that led bulbs consume less electricity as compared to ordinary bulbs and hence, there occurs a lesser amount of energy that is wasteful.

In the past years, we saw how CFL bulbs had replaced the incandescent bulbs and have gained widespread popularity. However, CFL bulbs comes coated with mercury which itself happens to be a toxic material. Moreover, considering the fact that you break a CFL bulb, the clean up process needs to be extremely comprehensive as it readily spills out the toxic material out in the atmosphere. Compared to CFL bulbs, while led bulbs online India is a better choice.

LED bulbs happen to carry a technology that is solid state and promises a life span that is more than 10 years. Here a few advantages to consider:

  • During their lifetime, they can be made to be turned on and off for thousands of time without incurring any problem. Such a state also happens to be an improvement over CFL bulbs as the latter required to be warming up before they can be used over longer duration.
  • LED bulbs have no mercury and hence when not in use or out of use, they can also be disposed off easily.

With the ever increasing trend of LED bulbs and its uses, the market shall witness a low priced inclusion of these bulbs as it caters to one and all people. Also, LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can match up with your room décor too.

Some remarkable LED Panel Lights for Household Optimization

LED Panel Design for Home Lighting


LED panel lights are typically wonderfully made and customized LED light fixtures which are best for surface lighting design and decoration. The LED panel lighting are mostly presented in different types and designs, there shapes also go a long way to varying from themselves. Some of this Panel Lighting is circular in shape and presentation while some others might be Square-like and some Prismatic.

LED Surface lighting is very convenient and available for house lighting and office lighting optimization. Examples of the LED Panel Lighting are those down lights found mostly in Big Hotel bedrooms, sitting rooms and cabinets, As well as banks and several other Finance Homes and workplaces.

LED Panel LightsBelow are some magnificent household and office LED Panel lighting for the utmost experience and comfort.

6W LED DOWNLIGHT PANEL Square: The 6W LED DOWNLIGHT PANEL Square is a typical example of a high density LED panel surface lighting. It has been fully customized and designed to your taste. It is coated with light aluminum housing with heat skin; this helps it to achieve a better and most favorable thermal management level.


This wonderful LED Panel surface lighting is presented in a square-like shape coupled with a purely and visibly sleek appearance, this all combines together to give it an all in one panache and flamboyance.

12w LED PANEL Square: The 12w LED PANEL Square unlike the LED DOWNLIGHT PANEL Square is a very innovate and more advanced Panel lighting Fixture. It has the same shape style and presentation as the as the initially illustrated LED DOWNLIGHT PANEL Square But the only different advantage which it has over the 6W LED down light is its Long lasting and ability. It last very longer and also very flexible and malleable, some of its features includes “Low Power Consumption, sleek and slim design, wonderfully curved edges, stylish structure designed to fritter away heat.

12w LED PANEL Square

6W LED SURFACE PANEL Round: The 6W LED surface Panel is indeed a handsomely crafted Lighting wonder. The shape and look calls for humor but indeed it is an awesome and breathtaking kind of design for the people of fashion and style. It can be optimized for used in the bedroom as well as the sitting rooms and washrooms. It is a perfect surface down light with approximately 5 centimeters of exterior protrusion which gives it the capability to house its Lighting Bulb or bulbs without discomfort. The 6W LED SURFACE PANEL Round is round in shape and also emits a very bright and vivid light.


Some Benefits of the LED Panel Lights

The LED surface Lights have over the years been utilized and patronized by a massive and quite incalculable number of persons and consumers due to its vast benefits and unquantifiable advantages.

Some of which includes:

  • LED panel lights are very Durable
  • They have a Prolonged Lifespan
  • They are very flexible and efficient
  • They are very Cost effective and Cheap
  • They are Very easy to Maintain and Manage