Save On Energy Bills With Best LED Bulb India


You can save a lot on your energy bills when you look forward to the best source for LED bulb India. This can definitely help in getting the maximum satisfaction.

Do you know that you can save much on your pocket on energy bills? Well for this you should try to opt for the perfect LED bulb that can definitely serve your purpose in the best manner. In this case you have to ensure of taking good steps in searching for the ultimate online store where it can really make it possible to provide you with the best quality LED bulbs that would definitely make it possible in serving your requirement.

If you manage to find the right one for you it would be possible for you get the maximum amount of satisfaction out of it. Therefore it is important to take good steps as this would help you to get hold of the ultimate quality ones that would add to your fulfillment as well. So with the help of your perfect selection that you make it would be possible for you to find yourself glad of it in the best way.

  • Check their gallery: It is very important in the best way to ensure of having a good look at their gallery that would provide you with a clear picture of the quality of LED bulbs that you can expect from them. By finding the perfect as well as reliable online source for LED bulb India it would never make you find disappointed at all. Thus good steps are needed in which you have to make sure of researching in the right and best way.

LED Bulb India

  • Look for the best offers: The best source for LED bulbs online India would also provide with good and exciting offers that would help you to save quite a lot of money from your pocket as well. So you can expect to get the right one which would really exceed your expectations. It would also help you to feel glad getting good amount of satisfaction out of it as well. If you are not able to get hold of the right one it would only make you find yourself tensed as well. It is also important to have a look at the payment methods available online without fail.
  •  Have a look at their reviews: It is equally important for you to check their reviews that would really help in finding the right idea about their quality of products and services that you can expect out of it. This would also lead to bring a huge sense of satisfaction out of it where you can find that it has been your ultimate selection that has been made by you. You would be able to feel proud of your good selection that would fulfill your requirements as well for you. Thus it all depends on your own best selection that can help in getting the best quality LED bulbs in the right way.

How To Find The Ultimate Led Ceiling Lights?

led ceiling lights

Finding the best quality led lights can help you to save a lot on your energy bills. This is why you should take good and serious steps in finding the right manufacturers for it. If you are able to get hold of the best quality ones it would definitely help in finding that it has been able to serve the right requirement. So you have to make sure of taking good steps which would lead to find the best quality led lights that would make you find that it has helped in serving your purpose. So you have to make sure that ultimate efforts are taken that would never lead to find yourself disappointed at all. So your own important steps can help you a lot to find yourself proud of your choice in selecting the ultimate quality led ceiling lights that can prove to be very useful to you.

Right steps are needed to ensure of looking forward to the gallery. This would really make it possible in finding that it has helped in fulfilling all your expectations. You would also be able to get the right quality led lightings that can help in suiting your requirements without being tensed at all. It would be possible for you to expect the best services once you are able to find all good details about their client appreciation that would never make you stay ignorant at all.

led bulb manufacturing

If you are able to make your perfect selection for led bulb manufacturing then you can really find the ultimate idea that would be possible for you to stay tensed free. So with the best selection that you make it can definitely help in providing you with 100% satisfaction. This would also help you to find that it has exceeded your expectations without any worry at all. So you should definitely try to find the right idea as to how you can select the best led lights that would illuminate your life in the best way. This would definitely help in finding that it has helped in serving the right purpose for your use.


LED Bulbs India- Now Is The Right Time To Make That Switch!


Well, we all would agree to the fact that these LED bulbs and tubes are acting as hybrid fixtures taking away all those harm that traditional lighting fixtures used to do. These not only use less energy, but also give you light that is brighter, cooler and uniformly distributed.

Going by the current day scenario, switching to LED bulbs India is not only economical but environment friendly too, with the world contributing towards making this planet a livable one for the coming generations, it is high time we too act responsibly.

Gone are the days when light bulbs were the CFL bulbs, now the definition has changed for the better and now these are LED bulbs. Going in for LED fixtures gives you the control in your hands, you can decide on the option you want to go with considering energy consumption, brightness of light and the cost attached. CFL’s are all set to phase out and this is why most of the companies out there are coming with LED lamps that not only look good where placed but also help you save big on power.


For the ones who feel that the cost of these LED bulbs India is more than CFL’s need to consider the fact that it is not the upfront money that you need to think of, go with the operational cost too and surely you too will get all convinced to invest in LED lights. LED lamps do not emit heat and thus can be easily installed in the areas where you need minimal lighting and that too soft one. With a LED lasting for a longer time span as compared to CFL’s, it is high time that you bring in these newer ones in your home now.

Led Lamps Can Help You Save Money

Led Bulb

LEDs use only about 10% of the energy an incandescent lamp requires. You can buy led bulbs in India from Compact Lighting at affordable prices.

LEDs come to full brightness without needing any time for warm up just like incandescent lamps and unlike most fluorescent lamps. The life of fluorescent lighting is also decreased by frequent switching on and off. The initial cost of LED is usually higher.

An LED lamp packaging shows the lumen output, power consumption in watts, colour temperature or description, operating temperature range. It sometimes shows the equivalent wattage of an incandescent or fluorescent lamp of similar luminous output.

Led Bulbs India

Most LEDs do not emit light in all directions and this characteristic affect the design of lamps. But the directional lamps are becoming more popular as they radiate light over a 360° angle. The light output of a single LED is less than that of incandescent and fluorescent lamps, so multiple LEDs are mostly used to form a lamp.

LED chips need controlled direct current (DC) electrical power. A proper circuit which is known as LED driver is required to convert alternating current from the supply to direct current used by the LEDs. LEDs are seriously affected by high temperature. So LED lamps come with heat dissipation components such as heat sinks and cooling fins.

LED drivers is  an important part of LED lamp. A good LED driver is essential for a long lifetime of LED systems. The LED bulbs at Compact Lighting give your home a modern look and also reduces your electricity bill significantly.

Brighten Your World with LED bulbs

LED Bulbs India

LED lights brings revolution:
In recent years, LED lights are believed to be one of the latest and finest inventions of the scientist because it eradicates the negative effects of the traditional lights. They are the most exciting and ultimate technological advancement in the industry of lighting. LED bulbs are solid and small light bulbs that are truly long lasting and energy efficient. LEDs work in a different way than the conventional luminous light bulbs. This helps in making LEDs far more durable and rugged than conventional light bulbs. Not only this, LED technology provides many other benefits like, low maintenance cost, higher safety, low energy consumption, long lasting feature etc. Well, let’s have a look why LED bulbs have attained huge popularity in decorating house, office, showrooms and hotels.

Durable and workable: In recent years, LED bulbs are being used hugely in decorating house, office and hotels because it is very much durable and workable than the traditional lights. These type of bulbs hardly break as it is made of epoxy case. Apart from this, LEDs never use breakable materials like glass or filaments and that is why they are quite capable enough to bear extreme temperature, vibration and even shock.

Safety: LED bulbs generate no heat so they are really cool to touch and can also be left on for long time without any kind of consequences or incident if touched. LEDs minimize the potential for the safety risks like fires and burns.


Low Maintenance: The long lasting LED decreases the requirement to change the failed lamps which leads you to significant saving. In this way, you can be able to enjoy maximum light in low maintenance charges.

Eco- friendly: Like other traditional bulbs, LEDs never emit any kind of poisonous gas. As these LEDs are completely environment friendly which is why they do not contaminate the environment. They are actually made from the non-toxic components. Apart from this, they are recyclable too.

Cost effective: LEDs are quite cost effective. If you want to make your house or office brighter then LED bulbs price give you the ultimate relief as they are not highly expensive.

Conclusion: If you want to purchase LED lights then you can easily get LED bulbs online in affordable price. You will just have to choose lights according to your needs and affordability and experience the awesomeness of LED bulbs.

Led lighting India

LED Lights vs. CFL Lights: What You Need to Know


The range for selecting the best lighting solution for your house is huge. The choices vary from incandescent bulbs, CFLs, fluorescent bulbs, halogen lighting and LED bulbs. However prior to finalizing the lighting, one should look into many factors effecting the same. Whatever money you spend should spend wisely which insures cost savings in long run. A few questions to be answered before buying the bulbs would be What would be the placement of the bulb? What is the brightness one wants?  What is the budget you have for buying the bulbs? What is the operating cost involved? Does it do anything bad to environment? Is it children and pets friendly?

The concerns and priorities of the lighting solutions differs from person to person. Also all the lighting solutions in market are distinct from each other. One of the most commonly used lighting solution are CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) they claim to be environment friendly and efficient. But these CFLs are not that efficient as they claim to be and are poisonous in nature. The LED bulbs stars of today are very efficient and well as can help you increase your carbon credits.

Turn on Time
The LED bulbs ignite faster and brighter as compared to CFL bulbs when they are witched on, reason being CFL blub takes time to heat up and then it provides brightness. Most of the CFL take a minimum of 30 seconds before it lights up. Those 30 seconds are very important when you are climbing a flight of stairs or you hear noise in your backyard and want to check the same immediately to stop any intruder entering your house.

Energy Efficiency
The amount of energy used by a bulb is determined by the consumption of kilowatts by the bulb in an hour. An LED bulb would consume around 6-8 watts where as a CFL would take around 13-15 watts. This clearly shows that if we use LED bulbs we will end up saving upto 50% on the electricity bill.

Whenever you buy a bulb; you look at its usage life span in terms of usage. Buying a cheap quality or wrong type would only add up to the expense. So rather than buying something low cost and keep on changing it again and again it would be rather better to buy something which would last long.  Led bulbs have a very long life.

Proper lightening in the living space is very important for all the people. Places like kitchen, dark corridors, gardens, and staircase and store rooms are the lighted properly. Less light and unclear vision could lead to catastrophe which could cost us more than just a bulb. Led bulbs are very quick to light up along with that they are very efficient, where as CFL takes time to light up and in efficiency they are not up to the mark to led bulbs.

Health and Environmental Concerns
Whenever a person brings product to its home there are many safety pints it has to consider. If you have children and pets at home these concerns increases. The LED bulbs are safer than the CFL. The CFL becomes hot when it is being used whereas LED bulbs don’t have any change in temperature. Because of heath the CFL could break or by touching one could get hurt. These kind of concerns are absent in LED which makes it a safer choice.  One of the biggest concern with CFL is the dangerous Mercury Vapor; this could be life threatening and take almost 84 hours to disperse. On the upside the LED bulbs don’t have any such safety and health haphazard issues.

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Led Bulbs India and Worldwide Influence

Led Light Bulbs is seemingly one single discovery of recent times that has singularly left a wide impact in changing the course of lightening industry. Led bulbs are looked upon as a full proof way to cut down on our consumption costs and save electricity by huge margins. When considering led bulbs, one of the key driving factors for embracing the use of Led Bulb India is that led bulbs consume less electricity as compared to ordinary bulbs and hence, there occurs a lesser amount of energy that is wasteful.

In the past years, we saw how CFL bulbs had replaced the incandescent bulbs and have gained widespread popularity. However, CFL bulbs comes coated with mercury which itself happens to be a toxic material. Moreover, considering the fact that you break a CFL bulb, the clean up process needs to be extremely comprehensive as it readily spills out the toxic material out in the atmosphere. Compared to CFL bulbs, while led bulbs online India is a better choice.

LED bulbs happen to carry a technology that is solid state and promises a life span that is more than 10 years. Here a few advantages to consider:

  • During their lifetime, they can be made to be turned on and off for thousands of time without incurring any problem. Such a state also happens to be an improvement over CFL bulbs as the latter required to be warming up before they can be used over longer duration.
  • LED bulbs have no mercury and hence when not in use or out of use, they can also be disposed off easily.

With the ever increasing trend of LED bulbs and its uses, the market shall witness a low priced inclusion of these bulbs as it caters to one and all people. Also, LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can match up with your room décor too.

Save Energy with the LED Bulbs that Are Even the Eco-Friendly Option

LED Bulbs Online India

Save Energy with our Eco-friendly LED Bulbs

Getting worried about your electricity bill? Now, you can easily save energy using the LED bulbs without compromising with the quality. You can experience similar light reducing your electricity bill that’s the plus point installing LED bulbs. Using the normal incandescent bulbs you loss 90% of the energy that in turn represents the unnecessary wastage of money. Also incandescent bulbs are not reliable. One cannot guarantee the longevity of incandescent bulbs. LEDs on other hand last long. New LED bulbs are small, effective and cost efficient. Replacing incandescent or CFL bulbs with LEDs will no doubt help people to save lots of money.


LED Bulbs Price in India


When first introduced, LED was a single bulb mainly used in electronic appliances. As technology is advancing rapidly, LED bulbs are replacing CFLs or incandescent bulbs.

Comparing to the traditional bulbs, the energy saving LED bulbs for home have following advantages:

  • Energy consumption of LED bulbs are much less than the incandescent or CFL bulbs.
  • LED bulbs lasts much longer compared to any other bulbs.

A significant feature due to which the LED bulbs differ from other bulbs is the light produced by LED becomes concentrated unlike incandescent bulbs in which light spreads in all direction. LED bulbs costs much higher than other bulbs. But due to its longevity and reliability these bulbs are becoming first preference to the consumers.


  • Cost Efficient – with the increase in demand of LED bulbs all over the world, the cost of these bulbs are considerably reduced. Although initially LEDs were expensive and were not affordable to everyone but now they are easily available in markets at reasonable price.
  • Long Lasting – Since the energy saving LED bulbs for home take only a fraction of second to light up and as these bulbs do not contain filament, they are not prone to get damage. Hence LEDs are considered long lasting as compared to any other bulbs.
  • Efficiency – comparing to incandescent bulbs, which will consume much more wattage, LEDs consumes only one-tenth of what CFL or incandescent bulbs consumes.
  • Lighting in remite Ares – Since LED bulbs has less power requirements, these bulbs can be be in lighting purposes in villages and remote areas. Power generated by a small generator or solar panels can be easily used in power up LEDs.
  • Environment friendly – LED bulbs are also considered eco-friendly, as these bulbs do not produce dangerous gases other than that of CFLs, which results in emission of CO2 gas in atmosphere. LEDs are completely safe to use.

LEDs simply make our life much easier. Hence, it can be considered Energy Saving Bulbs for our homes.

If you are looking for energy saving LED Bulbs then call us on the given no.: +91-9312022588, or you can mail us your enquiry here:

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LED and Incandescent Lighting Similarities and Differences


What are LED Bulbs?

The word “L.E.D” might sound more like a real word, but unfortunately what we are trying to discuss here could be quite different and dissimilar. LED is an abbreviation which stands for “LIGHT EMITTING DIODES“. This are solid light producing bulbs which are mostly known to be very energy saving and efficient. The LED bulbs are very famous and popular because of its importance and unquantifiable advantages. Since the introduction of the LED Bulb in the year 1962 by a frontline American professor, the popularity and Market demand for the LED bulb lighting has never ever ceased to grow rapidly.


The Early Days of the LED Bulbs

The LED was said to have been introduced by an American Senior Professor On October 9, 1962 GE.
Scientist Nick Holonyak illuminated the first practical visible LED light. Which productions and development was later nurtured till the very day advanced LED Lightings. The LEDs are also known as semi-conductor devices which would always produces a constant light when electrical current passes through them.
America was the first country to have made maximum utility of the LEDs since after its instigation by the Scientist and Professor  Sir Nick Holonyak Jr, while he was making some test analysis in his laboratory. Research has shown that over 49 million pieces of the LED bulb were reported to have been installed in the United States of America in the year 2012, which America claimed to have saved its economy of about $675 million in the years annual energy cost when compared to the previous years.


The LED’s Dissimilarities from other Common Lighting

The LED lighting has a great dissimilarity from the rest of other lightings and bulbs like the Incandescent, fluorescent compact lighting. The LED lighting emits qualitative lighting, and it is also very flexible, versatile, efficient and durable.

Its uses and importance cannot be overlooked. LED produces it light by having or allowing a current flow through its semi-conducting material, which gradually produces the tiny light chips which are known as the LEDs. In some occasions, the heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink or pan. The type of lighting in which the LED exhibits is often called or known as the Solid state Lighting (SSL).

Whereby the Common Incandescent bulbs produce its own light by having consuming electricity current to heat some metallic filaments until it becomes white hot or incandescent. Due to this procedure by which it produces it light, it releases approximately 90 percent of its energy as heat.

On the other hand, the CFL lighting has a totally different way of producing its own light. In this case, an electric current is made to flow between the electrodes at each end of a tube which has some gas contents. It is the reaction that produces Ultraviolet light rays and heat and furthermore transforming into visible light and when it coincides with phosphorus coatings on the inside of the bulbs.

How the LED Lighting Works


Due to the fact that the LED systems do not radiate excess heat just like the incandescence does, as a result if there is any percentage of heat produced or generated from the power which is going right straight into the product is interrupted and drawn away from the LEDs. This mechanism is often aided through the help of the Heat sink, which is a passive device which usually absorbs any heat that is produced and furthermore disseminating it into the surrounding environment.

This entire process is what keeps LEDs from overheating and burning. This technique or process can also be called “THERMAL MANAGEMENT” this is perhaps the most interesting and essential factor in the excellent performance of the LED bulb products over the years since its introduction. If the Temperature at which the LED bulbs operate is very high, that means there would be a degraded performance in light, coupled with an inexplicable shortage in the lifespan of the bulb.



The Benefits Of LED Lights

LED lights are very useful and beneficial, in fact the uses and advantages of the LED lights can never be underestimated. We shall be taking time out to study the most important uses of the LEDs light, and reasons why everyone needs to employ the services of the LED compact lighting in our various Homes, Offices, Schools and Colleges, Laboratories, Events Halls, Car parks and garages, Door entry’s etc.

Durability: The Led Bulbs are very durable and long lasting. It shines very brighter and produces the best concentration and focus without consuming much electric current. Another good thing about the LEDs is that no matter how often you put or switch it on, it does not have anything to do with the Life Span of the Bulb itself. So switching it on continuously for 30 days and putting it off for the same time period is more like the same thing.

Efficiency: The LED lighting bulbs are very efficient and manageable. And average LED light bulbs use only 2-17 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL). LED bulbs used in fixtures inside the home save electricity, will remain very cool and helps save money on replacement cost since the LED bulbs last longer. The same thing is applied to the smaller LED flashlight bulbs, these small bulbs has an extended battery life which is 13 to 17 times longer than that of the incandescent bulbs etc.

Very Cheap: The reason why I will always insist that the LED bulbs are very cheaper in and cost effective is because of the joint compilation of its advantages and attributes. In situations where an average 26 watts LED bulb will produce high quality brightness and yet last longer for about 12 to 15 times greater than other incandescent and fluorescent bulb lightings, that automatically means that the LED is very much cost effective and cheap. Moreover you will save the money you are supposed to use in buying the bulbs more than 4 times prior before changing one LED bulb.

Very Cool: The LED Bulbs are usually very cool and tepid, regardless of how long it has been working.

How to Purchase an LED BULB

If you are looking forward to purchase or shop for an LED Bulb, it is very advisable to always make meticulous research before further taking more actions. There are so many fake products both on online stores and brick and mortar offline shops. Buying genuine and original LED lighting bulbs would surely mean maximum satisfaction and enjoyment on the part of the owner. You will not have to bother about replacing bulbs every now and then, or being scared of the disgusting discomfort of the heat emitted from incandescent bulbs. could be one those genuinely accredited online stores where you can place your bulk and retail orders.

Compact-A Manufacturer That Offers Best Energy Efficient LED Bulbs For Home

LED Bulbs for Home

LED Bulbs for Home

The market of bulbs has gone through some good changes in the past and an evident result is the arrival of energy efficient LED bulbs. When it comes to making the right pick, the focus should always be on a fixture that gives enough light in correct brightness and that too at an affordable cost. Compact is a manufacturer that has been making LED bulbs for home keeping these basic factors in mind and has indeed made simple for buyers to make a right pick. Even the standard bulbs from Compact promise to save at least 35% to 40% of power and this show how efficient the products are.

Even if you are a buyer who wants to purchase stylish looking LED bulbs for home, Compact has enough in its kitty to offer. With this manufacturer you will be buying bulbs that would stay long, give good illumination and save you big bucks. The options to consider are:

  • 5W LED Lamp B22: This is the bulb that works in all those area where light requirement is not big. It gives away cool white and warm white light in accordance to the model that you pick.


  • 5W LED Lamp B27: Your hunt for the best LED bulbs for home ends on this one. This is a fixture that would easily fit into your budget and provide a good amount of light.


  • 10W LED Lamp B27: Coming back to those who want to buy something that acts a wise purchase in the prospect; this is the option to consider. Taking away 10w of power, this bulb gives enough light and come with an incredibly long life span justifying the purchase.

There is no dearth of choices with Compact for all those willing to invest in high quality LED bulbs for home. Installing and maintaining these bulbs is incredibly effortless and this is the reason that these are in huge demand all across the globe. With great looks and impressive energy efficient properties LED bulbs for home purchased from compact are going to end up being a smart decision at the end.

Compact is the manufacturer that has been working toward producing high efficiency fixtures for long and with LED bulbs that mission has been accomplished in the real sense. Irrespective of your budget and lighting requirements, settling in for the LED bulbs makes it easy for you to bring down the power bills. One last thing, before you begin comparing different led bulbs from this manufacturer, get your expectations right by knowing what you really want as the only you will be making a wise purchase. These bulbs would not only save you on bills but would cut on the maintenance hassles too, making the decision go right.