LED Lights vs. CFL Lights: What You Need to Know


The range for selecting the best lighting solution for your house is huge. The choices vary from incandescent bulbs, CFLs, fluorescent bulbs, halogen lighting and LED bulbs. However prior to finalizing the lighting, one should look into many factors effecting the same. Whatever money you spend should spend wisely which insures cost savings in long run. A few questions to be answered before buying the bulbs would be What would be the placement of the bulb? What is the brightness one wants?  What is the budget you have for buying the bulbs? What is the operating cost involved? Does it do anything bad to environment? Is it children and pets friendly?

The concerns and priorities of the lighting solutions differs from person to person. Also all the lighting solutions in market are distinct from each other. One of the most commonly used lighting solution are CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) they claim to be environment friendly and efficient. But these CFLs are not that efficient as they claim to be and are poisonous in nature. The LED bulbs stars of today are very efficient and well as can help you increase your carbon credits.

Turn on Time
The LED bulbs ignite faster and brighter as compared to CFL bulbs when they are witched on, reason being CFL blub takes time to heat up and then it provides brightness. Most of the CFL take a minimum of 30 seconds before it lights up. Those 30 seconds are very important when you are climbing a flight of stairs or you hear noise in your backyard and want to check the same immediately to stop any intruder entering your house.

Energy Efficiency
The amount of energy used by a bulb is determined by the consumption of kilowatts by the bulb in an hour. An LED bulb would consume around 6-8 watts where as a CFL would take around 13-15 watts. This clearly shows that if we use LED bulbs we will end up saving upto 50% on the electricity bill.

Whenever you buy a bulb; you look at its usage life span in terms of usage. Buying a cheap quality or wrong type would only add up to the expense. So rather than buying something low cost and keep on changing it again and again it would be rather better to buy something which would last long.  Led bulbs have a very long life.

Proper lightening in the living space is very important for all the people. Places like kitchen, dark corridors, gardens, and staircase and store rooms are the lighted properly. Less light and unclear vision could lead to catastrophe which could cost us more than just a bulb. Led bulbs are very quick to light up along with that they are very efficient, where as CFL takes time to light up and in efficiency they are not up to the mark to led bulbs.

Health and Environmental Concerns
Whenever a person brings product to its home there are many safety pints it has to consider. If you have children and pets at home these concerns increases. The LED bulbs are safer than the CFL. The CFL becomes hot when it is being used whereas LED bulbs don’t have any change in temperature. Because of heath the CFL could break or by touching one could get hurt. These kind of concerns are absent in LED which makes it a safer choice.  One of the biggest concern with CFL is the dangerous Mercury Vapor; this could be life threatening and take almost 84 hours to disperse. On the upside the LED bulbs don’t have any such safety and health haphazard issues.

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