LED Lighting: The Best Way to Spread Light

Led lighting India

LEDs are nowadays most advance solution for power consuming standard lighting systems. LEDs have record breaking energy efficiency and durability compared to anything else. So as to save more and more power for the country, we are encouraging people to adapt LED lighting, LED Lamps, especially in India.

Advantages for using LED lighting India:

  1.  Efficiency: The standard bulbs that we are using, have an efficiency of 20% only. That means, the electricity that is entering the bulb, only 20% of it is being used to illuminate the bulb and the rest 80% is being used to produce other forms of energy such as heat. We can even say that the electricity bills we are paying, only 20% of it is being spent to produce light and 80% is to heat the room. But using LEDs gives us, 80% efficiency constantly. So if we were paying ₹100 a year for a standard bulb then we will be paying only ₹20 for the LED ones.
  2. Durability: LED bulbs have a tremendous durability as they have a duty cycle of 100,000 hours. Which means average 11 years of constant operation or as good as 22 years at 50% operation. So if you willing to light a LED bulb for 8 hours a day then you have to change it after 20 years. So investing for LED bulbs are very worthy in that case.
  3. Works fine at low voltage: There are places in India where electricity supply is limited and unfortunately when it is available the incoming voltage being very low which makes no use for the traditional light bulbs. But in case of LED bulbs, they are able to run at very little voltage as they have a low output range. So we can use the LED bulbs where the voltage comes very low or if we can attach solar panels, then LED street lights are the perfect match for them.

Having all these significant abilities, LED lighting in India are the best solution for the recent extremely power consuming Indian Community as the 70-80% of total generated electricity is being wasted by producing pure heat but no light. So to build a better India tomorrow we have to start from today by replacing all those older world’s light fixtures with the LED ones, as they are the ruling ones and they really worth the pride.


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