Save Energy with the LED Bulbs that Are Even the Eco-Friendly Option

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Save Energy with our Eco-friendly LED Bulbs

Getting worried about your electricity bill? Now, you can easily save energy using the LED bulbs without compromising with the quality. You can experience similar light reducing your electricity bill that’s the plus point installing LED bulbs. Using the normal incandescent bulbs you loss 90% of the energy that in turn represents the unnecessary wastage of money. Also incandescent bulbs are not reliable. One cannot guarantee the longevity of incandescent bulbs. LEDs on other hand last long. New LED bulbs are small, effective and cost efficient. Replacing incandescent or CFL bulbs with LEDs will no doubt help people to save lots of money.


LED Bulbs Price in India


When first introduced, LED was a single bulb mainly used in electronic appliances. As technology is advancing rapidly, LED bulbs are replacing CFLs or incandescent bulbs.

Comparing to the traditional bulbs, the energy saving LED bulbs for home have following advantages:

  • Energy consumption of LED bulbs are much less than the incandescent or CFL bulbs.
  • LED bulbs lasts much longer compared to any other bulbs.

A significant feature due to which the LED bulbs differ from other bulbs is the light produced by LED becomes concentrated unlike incandescent bulbs in which light spreads in all direction. LED bulbs costs much higher than other bulbs. But due to its longevity and reliability these bulbs are becoming first preference to the consumers.


  • Cost Efficient – with the increase in demand of LED bulbs all over the world, the cost of these bulbs are considerably reduced. Although initially LEDs were expensive and were not affordable to everyone but now they are easily available in markets at reasonable price.
  • Long Lasting – Since the energy saving LED bulbs for home take only a fraction of second to light up and as these bulbs do not contain filament, they are not prone to get damage. Hence LEDs are considered long lasting as compared to any other bulbs.
  • Efficiency – comparing to incandescent bulbs, which will consume much more wattage, LEDs consumes only one-tenth of what CFL or incandescent bulbs consumes.
  • Lighting in remite Ares – Since LED bulbs has less power requirements, these bulbs can be be in lighting purposes in villages and remote areas. Power generated by a small generator or solar panels can be easily used in power up LEDs.
  • Environment friendly – LED bulbs are also considered eco-friendly, as these bulbs do not produce dangerous gases other than that of CFLs, which results in emission of CO2 gas in atmosphere. LEDs are completely safe to use.

LEDs simply make our life much easier. Hence, it can be considered Energy Saving Bulbs for our homes.

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