LED and Incandescent Lighting Similarities and Differences


What are LED Bulbs?

The word “L.E.D” might sound more like a real word, but unfortunately what we are trying to discuss here could be quite different and dissimilar. LED is an abbreviation which stands for “LIGHT EMITTING DIODES“. This are solid light producing bulbs which are mostly known to be very energy saving and efficient. The LED bulbs are very famous and popular because of its importance and unquantifiable advantages. Since the introduction of the LED Bulb in the year 1962 by a frontline American professor, the popularity and Market demand for the LED bulb lighting has never ever ceased to grow rapidly.


The Early Days of the LED Bulbs

The LED was said to have been introduced by an American Senior Professor On October 9, 1962 GE.
Scientist Nick Holonyak illuminated the first practical visible LED light. Which productions and development was later nurtured till the very day advanced LED Lightings. The LEDs are also known as semi-conductor devices which would always produces a constant light when electrical current passes through them.
America was the first country to have made maximum utility of the LEDs since after its instigation by the Scientist and Professor  Sir Nick Holonyak Jr, while he was making some test analysis in his laboratory. Research has shown that over 49 million pieces of the LED bulb were reported to have been installed in the United States of America in the year 2012, which America claimed to have saved its economy of about $675 million in the years annual energy cost when compared to the previous years.


The LED’s Dissimilarities from other Common Lighting

The LED lighting has a great dissimilarity from the rest of other lightings and bulbs like the Incandescent, fluorescent compact lighting. The LED lighting emits qualitative lighting, and it is also very flexible, versatile, efficient and durable.

Its uses and importance cannot be overlooked. LED produces it light by having or allowing a current flow through its semi-conducting material, which gradually produces the tiny light chips which are known as the LEDs. In some occasions, the heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink or pan. The type of lighting in which the LED exhibits is often called or known as the Solid state Lighting (SSL).

Whereby the Common Incandescent bulbs produce its own light by having consuming electricity current to heat some metallic filaments until it becomes white hot or incandescent. Due to this procedure by which it produces it light, it releases approximately 90 percent of its energy as heat.

On the other hand, the CFL lighting has a totally different way of producing its own light. In this case, an electric current is made to flow between the electrodes at each end of a tube which has some gas contents. It is the reaction that produces Ultraviolet light rays and heat and furthermore transforming into visible light and when it coincides with phosphorus coatings on the inside of the bulbs.

How the LED Lighting Works


Due to the fact that the LED systems do not radiate excess heat just like the incandescence does, as a result if there is any percentage of heat produced or generated from the power which is going right straight into the product is interrupted and drawn away from the LEDs. This mechanism is often aided through the help of the Heat sink, which is a passive device which usually absorbs any heat that is produced and furthermore disseminating it into the surrounding environment.

This entire process is what keeps LEDs from overheating and burning. This technique or process can also be called “THERMAL MANAGEMENT” this is perhaps the most interesting and essential factor in the excellent performance of the LED bulb products over the years since its introduction. If the Temperature at which the LED bulbs operate is very high, that means there would be a degraded performance in light, coupled with an inexplicable shortage in the lifespan of the bulb.



The Benefits Of LED Lights

LED lights are very useful and beneficial, in fact the uses and advantages of the LED lights can never be underestimated. We shall be taking time out to study the most important uses of the LEDs light, and reasons why everyone needs to employ the services of the LED compact lighting in our various Homes, Offices, Schools and Colleges, Laboratories, Events Halls, Car parks and garages, Door entry’s etc.

Durability: The Led Bulbs are very durable and long lasting. It shines very brighter and produces the best concentration and focus without consuming much electric current. Another good thing about the LEDs is that no matter how often you put or switch it on, it does not have anything to do with the Life Span of the Bulb itself. So switching it on continuously for 30 days and putting it off for the same time period is more like the same thing.

Efficiency: The LED lighting bulbs are very efficient and manageable. And average LED light bulbs use only 2-17 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL). LED bulbs used in fixtures inside the home save electricity, will remain very cool and helps save money on replacement cost since the LED bulbs last longer. The same thing is applied to the smaller LED flashlight bulbs, these small bulbs has an extended battery life which is 13 to 17 times longer than that of the incandescent bulbs etc.

Very Cheap: The reason why I will always insist that the LED bulbs are very cheaper in and cost effective is because of the joint compilation of its advantages and attributes. In situations where an average 26 watts LED bulb will produce high quality brightness and yet last longer for about 12 to 15 times greater than other incandescent and fluorescent bulb lightings, that automatically means that the LED is very much cost effective and cheap. Moreover you will save the money you are supposed to use in buying the bulbs more than 4 times prior before changing one LED bulb.

Very Cool: The LED Bulbs are usually very cool and tepid, regardless of how long it has been working.

How to Purchase an LED BULB

If you are looking forward to purchase or shop for an LED Bulb, it is very advisable to always make meticulous research before further taking more actions. There are so many fake products both on online stores and brick and mortar offline shops. Buying genuine and original LED lighting bulbs would surely mean maximum satisfaction and enjoyment on the part of the owner. You will not have to bother about replacing bulbs every now and then, or being scared of the disgusting discomfort of the heat emitted from incandescent bulbs. compactlighting.net could be one those genuinely accredited online stores where you can place your bulk and retail orders.


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