We have vast range of Low energy consuming LED Bulbs with high brightness

LED Bulbs LED Lights Bulbs

Energy Saving LED Bulbs


We have wide network of dealers spread across 500 cities in the country.  Our product category consist of LED lighting, Solar Led street Light, shop lighting, office lighting and home lighting. We have 25 years of experience in developing & manufacturing lighting products. Our motive is to place ourselves at the forefront of lighting technology products. We are approved & accredited lighting manufacturing Industry. We are expert in manufacturing & designing products like Led Bulbs, Led Downlight, Led Tube, Led outdoor and led interior. We have very large production capacity of about 2500,000 pieces.


High Lumen LED Bulb

We do lot of research to design our LED bulb. We manufacture LED products with a vision to provide high luminosity at low glare. Some Led bulbs are specified here.


5W LED Lamp B22


It has input voltage AC between 90 to 300V. It uses 5W power. It has average life of about 50,000 hours. It has high luminous intensity. It is a certified product. It is a product of world popular compact lighting brand. It is used for high brightness. It works on the principle of low energy consumption. It reduces the electricity bill. It has patent heat dissipation design. It does not emit UV and IR rays on light up.


10W Led Lamp E27


It comes in the category of Led bulbs which uses 10 watts of power to light up. It is an Eco-friendly product. It is a high class energy rated. It has very high luminosity. It emits UV free light. It has average life of 25000 hours. It is energy saving product. All standards are maintained in manufacturing this product.  It works on the low energy consumption. It is white in color. It gets easily fitted in the holders. It is used to create high brightness.

3W Led Lamp E27


It is an LED Bulb uses 3w watt power.  It is used for high brightness in home and office. It is highly energy rated product.  It emits UV free Light. It is available in white color. It is a certified lighting product. It best suites your lighting need of low energy. It has long life as compared to common bulb in homes. It is a brand product.



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