Find best Lighting solution with LED Bulbs & Lamps equipment for your daily needs

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LED Bulbs and Lamps

We are major lighting product manufacturing and selling company in India. We have established with a vision to provide quality products to our customers with timely delivery of the product. Our client category list is too long which comprise of retail, hospital, healthcare, office and commercial lighting applications. Our aesthetically designed led bulbs and lamps equipment are energy efficient and long life. We have developed electronic circuit for CFL and fluorescent fittings tube. Our Compact electronic ballast has been graded as most energy efficient.

Get sparkling aura with Led Lamps and bulbs

Led is the biggest achievement in light industry by the time it has been invented. It has long life of about 20 years. We have latest products in Led Lamps and bulb category. These LED bulbs & lamps are sustained, smart and functional choice. Some of our lamp and bulbs are specified here.

Deco Led Lamp B-22

Deco LED Lamp B-22
It is energy efficient, environment with extra long life. It has been fitted in to Lamp holder B-22; it is designed to change zero watt bulbs. Deco Led Lamp B-22 has 50 to 100 time’s longer life. It is highly efficient. It has long life 50000 burning hours. It is free from UV and IR. It is applied in night lamps, domestic interiors, decorative lighting, and restaurants.

5W Led Lamp B22

It is also energy efficient. It is available in three categories 3W, 5W, and 7W. It emits cool white and warm light. It has average life of 17 years. It is applied in hotels homes showroom, kitchen office. 5W Led Lamp B22 has been designed by taking care for International standards of quality. These bulbs are available in different prices.


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