We are Proficient in Production of High Quality LED Strip Lights

All Types of LED Strip Lights India

The LED products are popular for their flexibility and high brightness

We are the world wide electric appliance producer and seller. Our products are energy saving and an ultimate option for use in office, home, hospital and malls. Our products have highly developed electromagnetic circuit. Our products are developed using LED lighting. We are constantly changing our designing patterns and continuously involved into improving our policy of investment in resources. We are fully committed to provide best product at reasonable prices to our honorable customers. We have some design patents as Wall Light: Patent no.166818, Mini Light: Patent no.185300, Slim Light: Patent no.187135, Universal Led Light: Patent no.215420, Spot Led Light: Patent no.215419. We are among the top strip light manufacturers in India.

The LED strip light fixtures demand is growing every day

The circuit used in strip light is multi-stage circuit. The strip light is also known as fixtures. They are made of line of lamps. One strip light manufactured by wiring three or four circuit. The designer lenses are used to create an effect of colored light. The strip lights area frequently used for coloring cyclorama.  There are different types of strip lights available in our company.

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m

LED Strip lights White

It is developed using high brightness LED chip. The voltage required is 12V for lighting this product. It works on the principle of low working voltage. The light emitted by this instrument is greater than 120 degree viewing angle. It has elastic ribbon with adhesive back. This Led strip is obtainable with or without electronic driver.

LED Strip Light 3528 5 m

LED_Strip_Light_3528_5_m(Yellow Color)

The main features of this product are it is a high brightness Led chip that requires voltage of DC12 V which is again low working voltage. The light is dispersed with a viewing angle i.e. greater than 120 degree. It has stretchy ribbon with self-adhesive back. The electronic driver is not important with this product.

LED strip light 5050

LED Strip Light 5050

It has important features as high brightness Led chip. It is light up with a voltage of 12V which is very low operable voltage. The light is emitted with a viewing angle which is greater than 120 degree. It has flexible ribbon with self-adhesive back. The electronic driver is not necessary for Led strip.

LED strip light 5050 5 m

LED Strip Light 5050 5 m(Blue Color)

It is a flexible SMD led light strip.  SMD Led is the products that consume low energy higher brightness. This product is used in restaurants and bars. The light emitted is produced at an angle greater than 120 degree.  The light dispersed is multicolor in nature.

LED Fixtures

Large Varieties of LED fixtures are available in market that range from simple to unique designs. The fixture can have integral driver or it can have separate driver. The fixtures that have separate driver are more convenient and flexible to use.

To buy our product visit the link http://www.compactlighting.net and place order or contact us on phone for any enquiry for our product +91-9312022588.


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