What to look before purchasing LED Light Fixtures

LED Lights India

LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lighting is gaining popularity and the lighting technology has become the first choice for homes and businesses. They are safe, cheaper and energy efficient than any other lighting source. Some common LED fixtures include LED light panels, garden lighting, office lighting and rope lighting. Some other examples include LED scanner, tube lighting, spotlight and displays.

Choosing Right LED Light Fixtures

There are so many options available in light fixtures that can light up your home colorfully. The first thing you must consider is to match a light bulb for lighting fixture with right wattage amount. The wattage amount range from 40watts of 120 watts. You can choose a light bulb with wattage less than what your fixture ask for. You must then give attention to the lumens and higher the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb is. You must first check the fixture and purchase LED bulb that fits perfectly in it. Some light fixtures require specifically shaped bulb.

LED Fixtures for Outdoor Light and Indoor Light

A few LED fixtures for indoor area includes junction box, 12W LUNA LED ceiling light round, 12W crystal LED mirror light, 18W LED sparkle and 12W LUNA LED ceiling light square. The ABS base designed junction box has a long life span and can burn 50,000 hours. It is fitted with high brightness LED and apply them in bedrooms, restaurant and path lighting. Few outdoor lighting fixtures include 20W LED sapphire flood light, 25W LED Stellar street light, LED flood light color changing and 50W Topaz LED flood light. The LED fixtures can benefit both exterior and interior of the home.


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