When It Comes To Choosing LED Lamps- You Need To Make A Smart Pick

LED Lamps for Office and Home Decoration

LED Lamps for Office Use

Now that LED lighting is becoming a common concept across the globe, there are brands launching their products daily. It is a comprehensible fact that the benefits of choosing LED lamp over any other sources of light are many; it saves energy and gives you a high performance. Although the money that goes into buying an LED light is more than those CFLs and fluorescent lights, still they are in great demand as they come with a long shelf life. Before you start hunting for the best LED lamp, you need to have the expectations right and clear, decide on watts, lumens, color and beam angle as with this you will be able to make the right pick.

It is to be known that the variants are enough and this is why it is not going to take you long to decide on something that would act worth. Whether you are looking for a bright day light or a lamp that looks exceptionally good where installed, compact is a brand that has it all. Some of the LED lamps of Compact that are selling like hot cakes in the market are:

  • LED Lamp B22/E27: Coming to you at a nominal cost, this is the product that is meant for domestic purposes. You can easily install in at your home and the amount of energy that it would give will act up being enough. One of the most interesting traits of this LED lamp is that it comes with two light choices, warm white and cool white, you can go with the one you want.


  • LED Tube: This is the LED lamp meant for the ones who are looking for an environment friendly light source. This lamp does not emit UV rays and tends to give out low heat making it suitable for both home and offices.


  • LED MR16: This LED lamp uses the chip on board mechanism and is known for its high performance. The ceramic substrate of this LED lamp adds to its life and it promises to last long without giving you any troubles.

LED Lamps for Office and Home Decoration

  • LED Night Lamp: If looking for something stylish and sophisticated, an LED night lamp is all that you need.  This is one of the most energy efficient options available out there and comes with a low maintenance cost. High brightness LED’s is fitted in it and this makes it suitable for bedrooms, path lighting and even restaurants.

It is you who has to decide on the variant that you want to go with looking into the lighting needs. The only thing that you have to make sure is that the product needs to come from a well reputed manufacturer such as Compact.


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