Commercial Downlights- If Carefully Chosen Can Offer Better Illumination


Commercial LED Downlights

Replacing those bulbs, LED downlights are becoming a huge hit especially in the commercial zones. Not only these look good where placed, but provide with a better lighting as compared to other options available. For all those who have been on the lookout for a fixture that produces better light and generates less heat, commercial downlights are the ones that are to be considered. Not only these give better light than fluorescent lights, but come with a shelf life that is much longer than the other available options.

Commercial downlights are to be installed into a hole and they would start giving light in the downwards direction. The light that comes out spreads easily and thus covers a good amount of area. One can go in for different color and size options, looking into the amount of money that one wishes to spend. For the ones who are looking for the options that would really end up being effective, the below mentioned ones can be given a try.

  • Recessed D/L GLS Round: This commercial downlight comes with a metalized reflector containing 99% aluminum coating. When used along with an incandescent bulb, this downlight would give amazing results.

  • Recessed D/L CDMT Round: This fixture comes with a die cast housing that adds to the life span and provide with a better lighting. This downlight is heat resistant and contains a toughened semi frosted glass casing that makes it look really appealing.

  • Recessed D/L Metal Halide: This downlight is sand blasted with a high quality reflector that makes it emit a good amount of light. The swivel design is the trait that makes this commercial downlight a great hit.

  • Recessed D/L Halogen: The casing of this fixture is such that the heat of the lamp is absorbed within and is not emitted in the air. Fixing the lamp is quite easy as one just needs to press a button.

  • Surface Downlight: Coming with a CRCA powder coated housing; this is the downlight that would surely stand out. Pure aluminum coating is what adds to the overall life of this fixture.

  • Recessed D/L Horizontal Glass Square Square: With such an impressive design and sturdy casing, this is indeed one of the best commercial downlights. One just need to push the glass top and it would get fixed and more so this is the fixture that does not require much maintenance.

With so many variants of commercial downlights, surely the end pick would be tough, but one just has to go by the budget and the one that seems best has to be chosen. Always make sure that you are buying it from someone that offers complete warranty as a good amount of money goes into the purchase.


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